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CFS2 Stronger Buildings. Building Type A Medium and Factories A, B and C can take more bomb hits. The stock dp is totally unrealistic. Have fun. By Bombardier. 5K
CFS2 Shadow Bases Update: These are additional bases to the ones in the earlier CFS2 Shadow Bases GSL Scenery and Missions download packet above. Follow the README and insall as any GSL scenery. This adds 3 more bases in the Papua New Guinea area. Morobe Is a PT boat Base, about halfway between Buna and Lae with an airbase nearby and a ramp for seaplanes. Awar-Bogia is a base complex, halfway between Alexishafen and Wewak. The airfield in the flattened top of the island at 2900 ft elevation. A seaplane base is located below on a coastal inlet. All Airstrips are lighted and have NDB for navigation, refuel and loghted buoys for the seaplane strips. Greg Baskin. 407K

CFS2 Giuseppe Sisinni (ITA) Madrid. Cfs2 scenery depicting 1938 Madrid during the Civil War Giuseppe Sisinni. 2.1MB

Fix for the missing textures for my SCW Madrid scenery. 168K

CFS2 Arnhem 1940 This is an adaptation of the beautiful Ralf Triebel's Arnhem for cfs1. Note that the airfield is not in correspondance of the real city of Arnhem - this will be posted later. However i've included a little dutch village made with the beautiful macros of Roelof Krijber, i hope you enjoy it...Giuseppe Sisinni. 2.4MB
CFS2 Japan Mainland Airfields Scenery. : 93 new airfields and seaplane bases and some new infraestructure objects in Japanese mainland, including Kuriles island and Kiska airfield in the Aleutians. By Xavier Berdaguer. 7.9MB
CFS2 Scenery RCAF European Airbases From 1953 to 1967 the RCAF had an Air Division of 4 fighter wings in Europe based at 2 airfields in France and 2 in Germany. This scenery recreates these 4 airfields plus a supply base in England and a gunnery range in Sardinia. by Kelvin (Canada_flyer0) Stonehouse stonhouse14@netscape.net & Tony Pleasants. 4.1MB
CFS2 Mount Fuji Airfields & Lakes Scenery. This add-on for Combat Flight Simulator 2 includes two fictional airbases: one airfield (Fujiyoshida) and one seaplane base (Yamanaka-ko) and a series of flattened lakes around the Fujiyama (Mount Fuji) mountain in Japan. Airbases have been created by Xavier Berdaguer (aka xavierb) with GSL techniques, which means the objects are destroyable. Flattened areas for the lakes have been created by Wolfgang Faber (aka Wolfi): his idea of building them and a suggestion by Bearcat241 at CFS2 forum at Sim-outhouse led to the creation of this scenery. Wolfgang Faber & Xavier Berdaguer. 313K
CFS2 Spanish Civil War Central Madrid. This is an attempt to create a large, fictional airfield near Madrid during the Civil War. i've intented it as an international airport, temporarily used as military station for bellical purposes. this addon doesn't interfere with the beautiful Xavier's airfields, depicting the same period, so you can use them both together, i hope you enjoy...Giuseppe Sisinni (gius). 1.4MB
CFS2 Arnhem Main Airfield. Dear users, here is a depiction of the main airfield of Arnhem which - i believe - is historically likely although fictional. It is dated perhaps at 1944, the era of Market Garden operation, when the allied raids were much intensive. I hope you enjoy... . by Giuseppe Sisinni(Gius) 3.3MB
CFS2 Eastern Canada Static Airplanes. These static airplanes cover the Eastern Canada scenery that I released, placing airplanes that would have been used by each particular base at that base. This is an attempt to add a little more realism to the bases and the game, and in turn making it more enjoyable to play. Canada_flyer0. 15.6MB
CFS2 Rock of Gibraltar Scenery, with Airport Scenedb and Object_dp, by Jim Jacobson. 2.2MB
CFS2 East Asia World War II scenery - Full package 2006 edition. New release of this CFS2 add-on with more than 360 new airfields, seaplane bases and other sceneries to Combat Flight Simulator 2. By Xavier Berdaguer. 6.9MB
CFS2 Japan Mainland Airfields Scenery Package 2006 Edition: Enhanced release of these airfields and seaplane bases in Japan and Kuriles islands. By Xavier Berdaguer. 8.2MB
CFS2 Western Front 1916-1918. Contains ground texture and landclass files intended to recreate the war torn landscape of Belgium and France. Created with DXTBmp by Martin Wright, LWM viewer by Jim Kier and EZ landclass by Russel Dirks. By Simon Underwood. 5.8MB

CFS2 Eastern Canada Scenery. This is my second release of Canadian airports for CFS2.These airports are in the eastern part of the country and cover the provinces Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland, and Labrador. All of these airports were active in WW2. Kelvin (Canada_flyer0) Stonehouse. 14.7MB

Update: This is an update to my Eastern Canada and Eastern Canada Static Airplanes scenery releases. This will fix the errors, missing buildings, airplanes, etc, that were pointed out to me and the few that I found on my own. Kelvin Stonehouse. 3.6MB

CFS2 Western Canada Scenery (Revised) I have revised my Western Canada scenery, with the help of Tony Pleasants, so that the airports are set up more like they were in real life. These airports are in the western part of the country and cover the provinces British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Kelvin (Canada_flyer0) Stonehouse. 18.1MB
CFS2 RAAF Williamtown Base, Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia Scenery. This was the homebase of the Australian CA-27 Avon Sabre, but can be used for all sorts of activity. The base is complete with infrastructure, including night lighting, NDB beacon and refueling points. By Tom Sanford, Fox Four. http://www.simviation.com/lair/cfs2korea.htm. 105K
CFS2 New Grass Textures. Translucent and Transparent Grass Textures for Steve McClelland's Far East Scenery Package and Williamtown RAAF Scenery, but they can be used in any scenery package by simply renaming the files appropriately. These were created by Kelticheart for the purpose of 'blending' the airfields in older non-GSL scenery into the parent scenery more effectively. I am just doing the posting on these with Kelti's blessing. Tom Sanford. 431K
CFS2 AI Bell UH1-D Gunship helicopter. This is a special AI ONLY version of the Bell UH1-D Gunship helicopter of the 1st Air Cav created for CFS2 Vietnam War missions & campaigns. Tom Sanford, Tango_Romeo, Fox Four Design Group. 518K
CFS2 AI Bell UH1-C Gunship helicopter. This is a special AI ONLY version of the Bell UH1-C Gunship helicopter of the 1st Air Cav created for CFS2 Vietnam War missions & campaigns. Tom Sanford, Tango_Romeo, Fox Four Design Group. 416K
CFS2 SeaKing M48 - AI only. This is a SeaKing AI for use in CFS2 MB for the Vietnam period.. To install simply unzip the download file and place the SeaKing_AI folder in your CFS2/Aircraft folder. The AI has a minimum speed of 60, should be set to cruise at 65 and max speed is 70. Below 60 she will stallout. This project was developed from the original source file by Frans Vranken , textures by Jim Jacobson and flight dynamics on the original concept by Doug Attrell. This is freeware and subject to all the normal conditions. Tom Sanford, Tango_RomeoFox Four Design Group. 275K
CFS2 UH-1C AI Upgrade Pack For UH-1C AI This upgrade pack for the UH-1C AI Huey removes the lower two of the four MA-2 machineguns from the MDL file to facilitate the adding of the wep-rocket_25 and wep_rocket_pod to the lower side of the pylons via the new DP file. The result is the UH-1C AI with selectable payloads of either GUNS ONLY or ROCKET PODS. These rocket pods enable the AI to deliver multiple rockets to the target on a single pass, while retaining two MA-2 machineguns. By Tom Sanford, Tango_Romeo Tom Sanford, Fox Four Design Group. 163K
CFS2 / FS2002 RAF Marham Coldwar Era Scenery. Post World War II the airfield was home to RAF units operating the Boeing Washington aircraft, the Vickers Valiant and Handley Page Victor. The station is also one of the few large enough for the operation of the Boeing B-52 and a number of these aircraft visited on exercise in the 1970s and 1980s. During 1977 24 Hardened Aircraft Shelters were constructed to house future strike aircraft, which would eventually see the arrival of the Panavia Tornado in 1982. No. 138 Expeditionary Air Wing (EAW) formed at Marham on 1 April 2006 encompassing most of the non-formed unit personnel on station. The EAW does not include the flying units at the station. The current Station Commander is dual-hatted; as the commander of the Wing and Station.By Mike Dews for ALPHA SIMULATIONS. 1.9MB
CFS2/FS2002 RAF Waddington 1939 Era scenery. By Mike Dews for ALPHA SIMULATIONS. 2.9MB
CFS2/FS2002 RAF St Mawgan circ. 1978(ish) Scenery. The scenery represents St Mawgan as it was around 1978 when 42 Sqn were resident with their Nimrods and myself and family took our first holiday at Trevarrian. A little license has had to be used as photos and info about the base are virtually non-existent ( due to the US presence no doubt), much came from my own photos. For instance the Air Ambulance probably came a little later but I like it and the Nimrod hangar is where I think it is but may not be exact. Most of the buildings are MoD type but not necessarily to be found at St Mawgan. By Mike Dews for ALPHA SIMULATIONS. 3.9MB
FS2002/ CFS2 RNAS Yeovilton scenery. HMS Heron is located near Yeovil, Somerset consisting of 1,000 acres of airfield sites plus ranges and minor estates. Royal Naval Air Station (RNAS It is home to Royal Navy (RN) Lynx Helicopters and RN Commando Helicopter Force. RNAS Yeovilton operates over 100 aircraft in four different categories and is manned by around 1675 service and 2000 civilian personnel including MoD employees and permanent contractors. By Mike Dews for ALPHA SIMULATIONS. 1.7MB
CFS2 RAF Chivenor Scenery. - A Potted History. RAF chivenor is situated 4.5 miles west of Barnstaple, N.Devon, England. The station opened in 1935 as a civil field. In 1940 it was aquired by the WD and was used by Coastal Command during WW2 and after. In 1980 63 Squadron No. 2 TWU with the Hawk T Mk 1a moved to Chivenor. Towards the end of 1991 No. 2 TWU Hawks were repainted black before moving to RAF Valley. Fixed wing flying ceased at Chivenor in 1994. As the Hawks in this version are painted grey it places the date as pre-1991 but no specific year. There must be an excersise in progress in the Western Approaches as the resident Hawks have been joined by a few 'visitors'. By Mike Dews for Alpha Simulations. 2.7MB
CFS2 'Ice Station Alpha' Antarctic Bases set scenery. Set scenery density to at least 'normal' to get static aircraft to appear. With scenery at 'very dense' you might be able to find an 'Easter Egg' ....To find the scenery in your list, search for 'ice'. By Mike Dews for ALPHA Simulations. By Mike Dews for Alpha Simulations. 500K