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  General Tools & Utilities page 2
AirEd is the original configurable '.AIR' file Flight dynamics editor. For FS2004, FS2002, FS98, CFS and FS2k. This new version (1.42) adds a couple of handy features for program startup, as well as an FS2k specific data type and ini file entries. By William Roth. 225K
Voice Master 2.3 (build 5) Lite NEW AND IMPROVED << Needs Voice Master Speech engine >>. This is a voice recognition and application control program for the flight simulator. Provides optional speech synthesized responses that can be used to simulate an inflight multi-voice co-pilot. Tested under Windows95/98/NT and 2000 (excellent OS). CPU bandwidth comsumption can be adjusted (for any machine running under Windows 98,2000,NT @ CPU>266Mhz) for realistic response times. PRO Version with larger feature set is available. By Manuel Santos. 3.1MB

AdAlert: Cleans your system of 'Spyware' that some Internet Advertising banners place on your computer. (We try to make sure non of our advertisers use spyware at Simviation but we cannot always keep track because ads are run from an outside source.) 225K. From www.lavasoft.de
SET CAMERA VIEWS in tutorial *FOR FS98/CFS/CFS2/FS2K. Change the way your FS displays the aircaft in Select Aircraft. by JESSY CORRALES. 222K
Real Pilot is a program that lets you add up your flight hours in any Flight Simulator. It is very important to have this if you want to keep track of how long you've flown in a Flight Simulator. It has a nice, user-friendly interface and you can store your flight hours in a special flight hours list. If you want to have a REAL flight simulator expierience, get Real Pilot today! This program was made in The Games Factory. More info on The Games Factory is in the game. 284K

A Order: Description: If you’re like me you might have built up quite a list of aircraft that you have added on to FS2002. Every time I went to FS EDIT or used a program that exported my aircraft files from my \\FS2002\Aircraft folder, it would bring up my aircraft list completely out of order. Well here is what I found out and how to fix it so that they appear in alphabetical order. Josh Liste. 41K
Force Feedback Utility - Version 2.2 FS98/FS2000/FS2002/CFS/CFS2 If your FF Joystick shakes violently on taxi the Aircraft is probably not configured for Force Feedback. This utility will add the FF code to your Aircraft.cfg file eliminating the problem. Requires VB6 Runtime (vbrun60.exe) files. Previous Versions had 4279 downloads Freeware - Dave Westbury. 16K
FS2000/FS2002 - FSChatter Version 2.5.0 Play real recordings of ATC Chatter as you fly. Now uses Com1 or Com2 (FS2002 only) frequencies to select each Chatter set. Put a Reception Range around each Airport. Chatter plays only within that range. Compatible with wave files used by BSATC or EarCandy. All features except the Reception Range remain available after a 30 day trial. (Requires Ver 2.842 (or higher) of Peter Dowson's FSUIPC.dll Module) Shareware $2.00 By Dave Westbury. 3.3MB

FS2002 Aircraft & Gauges Uninstaller v4.1 This program will allow you to remove and delete any aircraft (including the gauges files used by it) installed in your Microsoft Flight Simulator's folder. Note: This program will not delete shared-gauges files. Also it will remove the unused gauges files. This program is compatible with FS2002/FS2000/CFS2/FS98. By: Manuel Ambulo. 36.9MB