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You may download the ships used for the Fox Four campaigns separately here

Other models of differing periods will be made available as & when they're created

All files are for CFS2 only unless otherwise stated

Visual models by Collin Glendinning
DP files by Tom Sanford


4 types available

Crewed sampan
Motorised sampan
Moored sampan
Basic sampan

The following ships have all been completely updated with multi-LOD models for improved frame rates
If you downloaded any of these files prior to January 17th 2005 please download & install again
(Some of these ships are included with the Fox Four campaigns)

File names in blue are not yet complete or ready for download

Colossus Class


HMS Furious

HMS Furious17

HMS Furious42
(Pedestal convoy)


HMS Vanguard

HMS Vanguard45


Colony Class

HMS Kenya42
(Pedestal Convoy)

Town Class

Group 1
Group 2
Group 3
HMS Manchester42
(Pedestal convoy)

HMS Belfast43
(North Cape)


C Type Destroyer


V class Destroyer


RMS Partenope


Hospital Ship

USS Repose50 Moored/Stationary

USS Sicily CVE118

(for CFS2 catapult only)


USS Kadashan Bay CVE76


Allen Sumner class Destroyer


Gearing class Destroyer

Version 2.0 , 1/30/10


Essex class Carrier (Korea)

Essex class Carrier (WWII)


USS Yorktown 43

USS Hornet 43

USS Franklin









Flagged Transports (US, Brit & Italian)





Generic Fast Transports (Armed & Unarmed)
by Tom Sanford


Generic Fast Transports - Helipad (Korea)
by Tom Sanford


Royal Navy Auxiliary Tanker 1944 (ver 2)


US Navy Auxiliary Tanker 1944 (ver 2)


SS Ohio

SS Ohio Damaged

British-Flagged Merchantmen Pack, 1941

Contains Freighter, Collier and Tanker



Japanese Maru Pack

Contains 2 Troop Transports & A Freighter



Japanese Landing Craft Pack

Contains Standard, Ramp Down & Covered Versions



HMS Ruler, 1945

USN CVE Served in Brit Pacific Fleet, 2 Versions: Standard & Catapult Takeoff Positions



Decknumbers BMP
This file is for use with the Short Hull USS_Yorktown43 only

This is a single BMP file containing the decknumbers of the various Short Hulls. Using this BMP you can cut and paste any set of deck numbers you wish into the deck texture of the USS_Yorktown43, thus creating any carrier in the class from the original Yorktown43. The Yorktown's deck texture file is CV1243.BMP in the ship's texture folder.

Ship CFG tweak

To optimize the takeoff and landing positions on the decks of all Essex Class Carriers by Collin Glenndining


Maunsell Naval Fort

RN AEW 1 Skyraider (Guppy)

Model and textures by Hayden Scott Williams
Panels by Mike Eustace
Insignia, textures and some research by Collin Glendinning

RN/USN AEW-1/AD-4 Upgrade Kit

Contains RN and USN Skins & Updated AIR File

Textures by James Peach
AIR file by Tom Sanford



New bow wave fx file for cruisers


Ship Manager

by special permission of Martin Wright MW Graphics

This is a program to provide a dock for ships you are not using in CFS2

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