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March 18th, 2013 - New Additions

-  FSX Conversion Beta 3 - HMS Ocean Task Force Korea at CG's Shipyard

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RED STAR (Campaign #4) by Tom Sanford

Fly the MiG-15bis as a Soviet PVO pilot operating from bases in Manchuria just north of the Yalu River in 1950-51. You will face opponents such as the B-29, B-26B, F-80, F-82, F-84, F-86, F-51D, F4U, AD2, T-6 and more.
Features La-11, Yak-9, Tu-2 and Li2T AIs and the new CVE118 USS Sicily.

OCEAN FURY (Campaign #3) by Tom Sanford

Carrier based campaign commemorating the much overlooked contribution of Commonwealth forces to the Korean conflict.

Features the Hawker Sea Fury - the ultimate piston engined fighter - operating from HMS Ocean.

BUNKER HILL (Campaign #2) by Tom Sanford

Features our version of the JWB Grumman F9F-2 Panther operating from USS Bunker Hill (CV-17)

THE HUNTERS (Campaign #1) by Tom Sanford

Our original highly successful campaign in the Korean war series
Features the USAAF F-86F or SAAF F-86E Sabre

The campaign is inspired by THE HUNTERS, a novel by James Salter: "... and they had followed all the way, firing as they did, with that contagious passion peculiar to hunters."

From the amount of feedback we've received so far, both existing campaigns are still very popular with few problems.
The bugs that were reported were soon fixed with the patches posted here.
We don't have time to visit all the CFS2 forums so if you do have a problem please contact one of us direct from the Contacts page.

Please visit the new Extras section from the menu at the bottom of this page. This is where we intend posting various files created by individual members of the team.

Mike Eustace has developed a new panel for any F-86 Sabre including the Player aircraft in the Hunters campaign.

Collin Glendinning & Pat Sullivan, our nautical advisers, have created some fine new ships for use in future campaigns. These will be of interest to anyone wishing to create their own missions & can be downloaded separately from CG's Shipyard and Sully's Ships (links at bottom of page).

I intend updating this main page as time allows. Existing campaigns can be downloaded by clicking on the images above.

Thanks for your support.

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