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New patch added 10 December 2003

Fix 1. The Hunters campaign

Some people have reported gear & flap failure on the Sabre aircraft after a few minutes flight. Certain gauges might also stop functioning by the end of the mission.
We've discovered this only happens in MEDIUM and HARD flight model (CFS2 Realism settings).
It's NOT a problem with EASY flight model settings.

Download the auto-install patch here (28 Kb)
This also updates the DP file in both Sabres, another result of positive feedback.

Fix 2. General. All campaigns

German users have reported a problem with the S-51 rescue helo not being recognised. This will cause errors with mission #2 & others featuring the S-51.

The bug has been traced thanks to the efforts of a German tester. The DP file in the KWCFS2_S51_AI folder is incorrectly named S-51 AI.dp. To fix it rename the file to KW S-51 AI.dp OR download the correctly named DP here. Paste into the KWCFS2_S51_AI folder to fix the problem. Thanks to Otto for finding this bug.

NOTE: This seems to be a bug with the German version of CFS2 only. Aircraft without their own DP files should use the default DP.
Non-German users having this problem might have deleted the default DP file by mistake. This is not uncommon.
Look in the CFS2\AIRCRAFT folder for a file named default.dp. If it's missing you found the problem.
Renaming the S-51 DP file as above should fix it for our campaign.

Fix 3. Bunker Hill campaign

A problem has been reported starting mission KWP05 Wonson Choo-Choo on Medium or Hard realism settings.
The mission has been updated to fix the problem. Download the self-install patch here. (22 Kb)

Fix 4. Bunker Hill campaign (Posted 29 September 2003)

Three gauges are missing from the panel in the Panther. Download the self-install patch here. (66.5 Kb)

Fix 5. Bunker Hill campaign (Posted 10 Decemberr 2003)

Fixes a reported error message with Mission KWP8. Download the self-install patch here. (21 Kb)
This patch is not required if you already have The Hunters installed.

We want everone to enjoy our work & rely on feedback for potential bugs & problems so keep it coming. Contact one of the team from the Contact page link below. We'll be delighted to hear from you & will do our best to fix any problems. ;)

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