Fox Four/Credits
Original Aircraft
- F-86 Sabres, La-11 AI, B-26B AI & Sea Fury AI - Hayden Scott-Williams (Fang)
- Yak-9P AI - Doug Attrell (Grumpy1)

- Doug Attrell(Grumpy1)

Panels, Gauges, AIR files & CFGs
- Mike Eustace

DP files
- Doug Attrell
- Tom Sanford

Campaigns & Missions
- Tom Sanford

- Tom Sanford

We would like to thank the following people for their generous help without which this project would not have been possible

- Far East Scenery
- Steve McClelland

CFS2 Korean Map
- Jeffery Hendricks, modified for GPS by Tom Sanford

Soviet Vehicles & Objects
- James Elwood, modified for CFS2 by Tom Sanford

Bridges & Viaducts
- James Elwood, modified for CFS2 by Tom Sanford

Aircraft source files
B-29 - Graham (VB Planes)
MiG 15 - Nick Zelazeck
Tu 2 - Chris Benson & Dakota93
S-51 - Mike Hill

Weapons packages
Fightertown Design Group
Tim Perry

Beta Testing
- Collin Glendinning, England
- Peter Spears, South Africa
- Andy Shaffer, USA
- George Cox, England
- Jerry Brown, USA

Special Thanks
- J. W. Beckwith for allowing us to modify his CFS2 F9F-2 Panther for use in our campaigns. JWB's Mudpond
- Dakota93 for his ongoing generous help with this project. Check out his own site here
- Collin Glendinning for his help with the USS Bunker Hill textures & all matters nautical. Look out for Collin's ships in future campaigns. ;)

- Ignacio Alfredo Mendives for permission to use his S-51.
- Ed Wilson & J - P Demmerle for permission to use their MiG 15 Fagot
Although we did not use their aircraft in the campaign, we used them as a reference for our own original FSDS2 versions

- "Wags" for his help with flight dynamics

Future Campaigns
The Crew

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