The Crew At Fox Four

Here's a brief description of each member of the Fox Four team. We're a team in the best sense of the word & work well together.

We all have various talents not described here but generally concentrate on our own "bit of boat".
Each member is a vital part of the team without whom this project would not have been possible.

Mike Eustace, Yorkshire, England. Discovered Korean War thanks to much-maligned Flight Simulator SABRE ACE, which inspired him to re-create Korean War in several CFS1 packages in partnership with Doug Attrell. Has now been conned into doing it all again for CFS2. Big fan of Gladiator movies and Spaghetti Westerns. Favourite line when pumping bullets into the bad guys is a toss-up between "Say goodnight Gracie!" and "Eat lead, suckers!" Major role in FOX FOUR is getting on everyone's tits.

Tom Sanford, Tennessee, United States. A confirmed, official "Grumpy". "Discovered" CFS2 Mission Builder in late 2002. Several “stock” campaigns posted on SimV for Pacific War. There had to be more.

Major role at Fox Four is keeping the rest of the sedentary group moving, acting as Webmaster, and doing the 'grunt work' so the talented members of the team can get on with the important stuff.

VISUAL MODELS/DVC/TEXTURES: Hayden "Fang" Scott-Williams. Lives in South Africa. A software developer by profession. Has, to date, only released one aircraft for FS/CFS (The F-86 which has been updated for this project) despite having started at least 15 projects.   AI VISUAL MODELS/SCENERY/DP & CFG FILES:
Doug “Grumpy1” Attrell, Sussex, England. Confirmed CFS fan & tweaker - likes nothing better than messing around in general. Role in Fox Four - General factotum & oily rag. Started out as CFS2 adviser, bringing this lot up to scratch - ended up doing the stuff the others can't be bothered with.

Nautical Advisors:  Collin Glendinning, master shipwright, of the UK and Pat Sullivan, Florida, USA

Don't blame the webmaster if it looks a tad lopsided. I asked for contributions & this is what I got. I do my best with what I have. You get used to it. ;)

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