The Fox Four group is proud to present

Based on the Korean conflict of 1950 -1953

This project has been a long time in the making.
All files posted here are strictly Freeware & subject to the usual conditions.

Please respect our wishes NOT to redistribute the files (in whole or in part) or upload them to other sites.
This will enable us to support it properly & avoid piracy

The CFS2 Korean War series is produced by "Fox Four", who are (in alphabetical order)
Doug Attrell, Mike Eustace, Collin Glendinning, Tom Sanford and Hayden Scott-Williams.


Fly the MiG-15bis as a Soviet PVO pilot operating from bases in Manchuria just north of the Yalu River in 1950-51. You will face opponents such as the B-29, B-26B, F-80, F-82, F-84, F-86, F-51D, F4U, AD2, T-6 and more.
Features La-11, Yak-9, Tu-2 and Li2T AIs and the new CVE118 USS Sicily.

The campaign is posted in five parts. All files are auto-install - configured to extract to the CFS2 default location.
Redirect the install path to your main CFS2 folder if necessary. Experienced users can extract to a Temp folder for manual installation if they wish.

To avoid problems install the files in the correct order as posted below.

Please read the install instructions, Pilot's Notes & Tips carefully.

Detailed instructions & tips for getting the best ouf of the aircraft, panel & campaign are also included with the files.
Please read them.

NOTE: PACK 1 & PACK 2 below are common to all our Korean War campaigns
PACK 3 was introduced with Ocean Fury

Please make sure you have all 3 base packs installed to CFS2 before installing the campaign

KW_PACK 1: 3.8 Mb

This package contains the AI aircraft essential for playing all campaigns in this Korean War series.

These are specially created unflyable AI Only drones with animation & full breaking parts models.
Includes B-29, B-26B, Tu-2, MiG-15, La-11, Yak-9P & S-51.

KW_PACK 2 (3.8 Mb)

This package contains the FarEast Scenery by Steve McClelland plus all common elements essential for playing all campaigns in this Korean War series.

Please note: The FarEast scenery will be automatically placed in your CFS2\SCENEDB folder
It MUST be activated from the CFS2 Scenery Library for the scenery to display

Steve's FarEast scenery is available separately so you might already have it. It only needs activating once.

KW_PACK 3 (1.4 Mb) Includes additonal aircraft for this campaign (5.6 Mb) RED STAR CAMPAIGN Part 1
A campaign by Tom Sanford

New MiG 15 by Hayden Scott-Wlliams
Panel & AIR file by Mike Eustace

USS Sicily CVE118 carrier by Collin Glendinning & Tom Sanford (5.6 Mb) Red Star Part 2 Includes additonal aircraft, scenery & extra files for this campaign

Please note: This package contains splash screens & modified Country.cfg, Airbases.dat and Scuttlebutt.dat files. These are necessary for the campaign to work properly & will do no harm to your CFS2. The new files are the stock ones with additions made, so they will not interfere with normal CFS2 play. We strongly suggest you install the campaign to a duplicate install of CFS2 specifically for Korea. If you have any custom files installed, you might want to back these up first.


IMPORTANT: Check here for latest patches & fixes - None yet

Pilot's Notes
The Crew

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