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CfgEdit. WSYISYG panel editor for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000, 98 and Combat Flight Simulator with many unique features. Latest fully functional Beta version 1.0 posted by kind permission of the author, Ed Struzynski. Visit his site for online help & future upgrades: 2.6MB

Gauge Copier 5 for CFS 1&2, FS98 and FS2000 & FS2002 Extracts all gauges for a given panel to a directory of your choice. Remembers all previous paths and allows selection and deletion of individual gauges. This version corrects misleading error messages and a path creation bug. Executable file only so you must already have VB4 32-bit runtime files on your PC. Dai Griffiths, Dragonflight Design 40K
Gauge Copier - lite version v2.0 By request a version without the VB runtime files - VB 4 runtime files available here . Extracts all gauges for a given panel to a directory of your choice. Remembers all previous paths. Now tested working with FS98 and FS2000. Dai Griffiths, Dragonflight Design. 24K

So You Want to Build a Dynamic Virtual Cockpit! A tutorial for Abacus FS Design Studio Pro by J.P. Amodea A step-by-step tutorial aimed at the experienced 3D modeller and wouldbe modeller alike. Anyone who has built a virtual aircraft with DS Pro may add a spectacular active instruments 3D cockpit with a little extra effort. No arcane knowledge required. Enjoy! Joe Amodea. 1.6MB

FS98/CFS Gauges and Panel.cfg Uninstaller This an application that allow you to delete a "Panel.cfg" file with the gauges files used by it. Will not delete gauges used by other panels. This application was developed in Visual Basic. It doesnt require any file. By Manuel Ambulo . 2.9MB
FS98/CFS/FS2000 GAU to BMP utility. Extracts bitmaps from gauge files and reinserts them after repainting. Requires Visual Basic 5.0 drivers (SP3 version). By Chuck Dome. 145K
FS2000 gauge hacking utility. Displays raw numbers so that gauge designers may discover new variables in the absence of a new SDK. By Chuck Dome. 68K
Scalemaker: A utility for FS98\2000 panel designers. This program makes it easy to create scales for round dial gauges for FS98/2000. The user only has to enter six parameters into the program for it to draw and display the scale on screen. The scale can be saved as a bitmap and edited using any paint program. FREEWARE by Scott Macmillan. 150K
FS2000 gauge lighting utility.(makepink11.zip) FS2000 gauge lighting utility. Adds the soft pink night lighting to FS98/CFS gauges. Version 1.1 works with more gauges, including the large CFS "clustered" GAU files. A new option adds FS98-style night lighting to unlit gauges. An added utility changes the FS2000 GPS gauge background lighting. Requires Visual Basic 4.0 driver files. By Chuck Dome.
Find GAU! Version 1.0.0 by Bill Yiannakos,Copyright (c) 2002,ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.THIS PROGRAM IS FREEWARE. Find GAU! searches MSFS panel.cfg files and finds which gauges are mentioned in them and so, which gauges are included in the linked panel. Very useful for panel disigners. 35K
Panel Design Tutorial. The purpose of this tutorial is to give people a BASIC idea on how to design panels in Paint Shop Pro 7.You must have Paint Shop Pro before starting to read the tutorial and making panels. Download a trial version at jasc.com. This tutorial gives you a better undertanding of how panel designing is done. It does not deal with the addition of gauges, only design. (I plan to make another tutorial specifically on Gauges) Also included in the .zip is a 'template' panel.cfg that must be modified depending on the panel. The tutorial is in Rich text format (Word). Tutorial by Havoc Wreaker (Zone). 718K
Gauge Creation Tutorial Rev. 14. Not for non-programmers but can be used by non-C programmers. Addition of info on how to avoid the "Flight Simulator is unable to load...." message. For programming C-language gauges only. By Dai Griffiths, Dragonflight Design. 3.3MB
Honeywell Corporation MFD Display FSC's for use in Virtual Panels/Cockpits. The 4x4 " MFd is used in the F-16, Etc. The 6x6 " is used in AH-64 Apache, but may be suitable for many other projects. FDFS FSC & BMP formats. . By Pedro Caldeira. 582K
Honeywell Radio Management Unit RM-85 FSC's for use in Virtual Panels/Cockpits. Used in Primus 1000 Avionics Suite Learjet 45. FSDS FSC & BMP format. By Pedro Caldeira. 314K
Simple Panel Design. This browser-based, Internet style, ten lesson tutorial on panel and gauge design covers FS98 through FS2004. The only software tools required design panels are the Windows accessory programs "Notepad" and "Paint". The tutorial explains in detail what's in an aircraft's panel configuration file (PANEL.CFG), how to edit that file and other Flight Simulator configuration files. It explains the difference between GAU and XML gauges, how to extract,edit,and create your own XML gauges, how to use Windows "Notepad" to add, change, and reposition gauges on an instrument panel, and how to use Windows "Paint" to change the look, color, and size of instrument panels. The tutorial lessons are linked to hands on, step-by-step exercises. Screen captures illustrate examples in the lessons and exercises. Requires Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher, or other equivalent XML-enhanced web browser. For beginner through advanced intermediate users. Ken Smith. 4.6MB Filename: PDToot.zip
C++ source code for FS2004 Boeing 707-420 panel (b707-436.zip here).By George Carty. 4.8MB
FS2004 Alphasim Freeware Panels Bitmaps. Here are 160 panel bitmaps I have created between 1999 and 2005, please use them any way you like - but please don't try to sell them! The high quality panel bmp's range from WW1 to the present era and cover USA/Britain/ Luftwaffe/Soviet/Japanese air forces and others. They do not include any gauges or panel.cfg's. By Phil Perrott of AlphaSim. 40.6MB
FSX/FS2004 VDO & Isspro instruments set. Xml compatible with FS-X and FS9. 49 XML engine and other gauges based on photographs of real VDO and Isspro instruments. Real diameter = 52mm except Tachometers : 85mm See full list in VDO&Isspro doc. Pierre FASSEAUX. 1.6MB
FS2004/FSX BlackBox XML Gauge Debugging Utility. BlackBox constructs an xml diagnostic gauge that can be used to display in readout form the numerical or string values of all or selected A:, E:, P:, L:, C:, G:*, and @c and @g macro (related to the FS9 or FSX gps module) variables of the gauge you are editing/building. It can display important parameters such as boolean, L: and A: variables that are not often displayed directly by the gauge you are building. As such, it is very useful for debugging xml gauge logic; you can see what the variables are actually doing as MS Flight Simulator flies.Author:Robbie McElrath. 74K

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