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Carrier Operation Package for FS2004 Military Jets. This archive contains a set of gauges, effects and sounds which you can add to your existing military jets in FS2004, and enables you to perform takeoff's and approaches/landings on aircraft carriers. By Rob Barendregt and Doug Dawson: File name: RCBco-11.zip
FS2004 Sound Gauge This gauge will play most of the sound files [NOT INCLUDED] from Dave March's S-Combo (here). Should fit any panel. by Chris Hutchings 1.7MB
FS2004 Fuel dump & refuel gauge Three colors red, black and gray. This is a variation of the FSUIPC_DUMPv2004.gau that is originally transparent but now visible to install on any panel. Copyright by Arne Bartels. The gauges will dump fuel up to 20% if tanks full and refill up to 70% if empty. FSUIPC Shareware version required. Modication to make the gauge visible By Alejandro Villa. 16K
FS2004 Modified default Kingair Radio gauge. This is the gauge file which contains the six separate Nav 1, 2; Comm 1, 2; Transponder; and ADF radios, as well as the metallic toggle switches. All except the ADF have transparent bitmaps, so that only the numerical frequency display is visible. The separate numerical displays can be placed in any customized radio image with any typical panel-maker program. The black, or grey, rectangular base of the toggle switches have also been made transparent, so that the metallic ring at the base of the switch blends better with a panel background. It should also work in FS2002. This gauge is Freeware. By Will Fisher. 28K
Wind-Information gauges for FS2004 aircraft. These gauge was written after a VFR ferryflight from Key West (Florida) to St. Johann (Austria). Often I missed wind-informations for higher or lower altitudes. Sometimes I have noticed, that if I will fly at an other altitude I will have tail wind instead of head wind. But this informations i could only got flying to this altitude and test it. By Andreas Widmann. 42K
FS2004 Simulated Aircraft Bubble Sextant As travel by air developed and matured, navigation over long distances also developed and improved. In the early days, however, air navigation essentially used ship navigation techniques adapted for aircraft. Without "landmarks", the navigators used Ded Reckoning (DR) and the stars. Celestial or Astronomical Navigation provides a means of obtaining Lines of Position (LOPs) from the stars. Crossing LOPs will fix a position. It requires a chart, and a planned course on that chart, with waypoints specified by Latitude and Longitude, an assumed time of arrival at each waypoint, and stars (including the Sun, Moon, or planets) in view. In the 1940s, extensive tables of star positions were made available to air navigators to be used with sextants to obtain these LOPs. In the tables, all times involved are GMT. This data is available from the Internet in "ready to use" form. This gauge simulates the sextant, and the process by which one obtains a LOP, or crossing LOPs to obtain a position, or fix. Can be used with any FS2004 aircraft. Includes comprehensive browser-based manual and references. By Dave Bitzer and Mark Beaumont. File name: DC3_BBSX.ZIP. 991K
FS2004 Wind Drift Meter Gauge. Dave Bitzer. 62K
XML Sound Gauges v2.1 Two gauges which will play sounds based on commands received from xml gauges. Both of these gauges are configurable via text based configuration files. Doug Dawson. 74K
FS2004 Working wipers in xml-gauge format. Guy De Smet. 10K
FS2004 SRCsim Icom IC-A200 Communications Transceiver. Introduction This radio gauge consists of two Icom IC-A200 communications radios, configured as COM 1 and COM 2. The operation of these gauges is modeled on the real-world Icom radios. They feature standby frequencies, selectable by switch. They keep one frequency ready at all times as the standby frequency and this can be changed at any time; when the standby frequency is called into use, the currently active frequency then becomes the standby. Ric Ryburn. 171K
FS2004 Gauges: GPWS gauge V3.3 This freeware GroundProximityWarningSystem gauge for FS2004 can be added to any aircraft that has retractable gear and flaps, and offers the following features: - Clickable switch, with Test/Inhibit function and warning light. - 8 different warning modes, with all the usual aural warnings, like "Pullup", "Sinkrate", "TerrainTerrain", "Windshear" and normal Altitude callouts. - Fully customiseable per aircraft type, by just editing the gauge parameters with Notepad. See README for extensive description. By Rob Barendregt. 251K
FS2004 GPS Map View v2.0 The ultimate gauge. The Map will show: Airports details (Runways ID's, length & ILS), VOR's and NDB's frequencies, Intersections and waypoints, Airspaces, Approaches and flight routes. You can toggle the view you require for your flight. Also you can zoom in/out to see the nearest airports, vor's and ndb's. The map will indicate A/C heading flightplan title and waypoints ID's. Version 2 includes more enhancements such as the ability to input the ICAO code of any airport and the map will show all the frequencies of that airport including ATIS, ILS, AND COM. In addition, the map will show the active runway designations, length and width. The Desert Jockey Copyright 2005, Talal A Alhaj. 249K
FS2004 KillDrift gauge v1. The video screen graphically displays the effect of wind on the track of an aircraft. This allows the drift error to be eliminated. Wind speed and wind direction are also shown. Two separate course headings can be stored into this gauge. Included is an icon gauge for installing KillDrift into separate window, but can also be placed on a panel. The gauge can be helpful for hovering/landing helicopters because of its 360-degree display capability. By Glenn Copeland. 827K
FS2004 SuperTimer2. This gauge has a dual timer and a clock that displays both Zulu or Local time in a 24-hour format. Each timer operates independently with reset, start, and stop features. Both record to 9:59:59. All eight buttons give a positive visual feedback when pressed. You can record total flight time on one timer and use the other timer for all other timing needs, plus keep the Zulu or Local time visible continously. Two installation options, panel or window. By Glenn Copeland. 268K
FS2004 Gauge: VTOL/Hover for Adam Preece' GR7 Harrier (here) This freeware gauge adds a whole new flightmodel and new VTOL & Hover features to Adam Preece' freeware Harrier. Besides true vertical takeoff&landing, it allows you to fly forward, backward, sideways and turn, while in a hover. This solution is based on overriding the normal FS flightdynamics while in a hover, simular to the implementation of catapult launch / cable arrest in my Carrier Operation Package; in short, it's a VTOL&Hover FDE coded in a gauge. Special thanks to Doug Dawson, who created a gauge that provides for overriding FS2004 variables from an XML gauge. Besides a VTOL controller, it also contains an effects controller plus visual effects, for things like wingtip vortex, directional engine smoke and a cannon. Requires FSUIPC (registered or unregistered). The README includes extensive installation and flying instructions. By Rob Barendregt. 89K
FS2004 Bendix/King KY196/197 TSO Gauge. By Aleksandr N. Petrochenko (SibWings lab). 583K
FS2004 Mouse Throttle Gauge v1.0 This is a throttle gauge controled by your mouse wheel, alowing users to change the thrust settings with more ease. Especially designed for Boeing 737-400. Ending of the colored scale correspondes to the 95% N1 power setting. By asasino. 627K

FSX Gauges: Pushback, Taxispeed control, etc. This archive contains version 5.0 of my "groundhandling" gauges, like automated pushback with conversation sounds, a Taxispeed controller using throttle AND brake settings, and more; it can added to any aircraft.
New in V5.0: 1. Only for FSX !! 2. Accurate interworking with the new FSX pushback tugs. YES, finally :-) !!! 3. Reworked Brakes gauge. 4. Taxispeed gauge now has a built-in ARM function.
Easy to install, and fully documented. By Rob Barendregt. 447K

FSX Gauges: Pushback, Taxispeed control, etc Optional Addon. This package is an optional addon to archive rcbgh-50.zip, and contains a solution to Open/Close the Groundhandling window via a permanently visible Icon. Prior installation of rcbgh-50.zip is required ! By Rob Barendregt. 70K

FS2004 Helicopter Torque Induced Yaw Gauge. This gauge can be used in any FS2004 helicopter. It allows the user to introduce some Torque Induced Yaw whenever the collective lever is raised (and opposite yaw when it is lowered). Yaw can be introduced in either direction, and the amount of yaw can be varied from zero to Max. Jim Cooper. 65K
FS2004 Exit Gauge This exit gauge is designed to take the following various keystrokes out of FS and replaces them with a mouse click; Exits 1 + 2, Tailhook, Wingfold and the Water Rudder. You can still use the keystrokes via the keyboard. Designed by Chris Sykes. 286K
FSX Carrier Operation Package v3.0. This freeware archive contains a set of gauges, effects and sounds which you can add to tailhook-equiped aircraft in FSX, and enables you to perform takeoffs and approaches/landings on aircraft carriers (static and moving). It features (1) A catapult gauge, enabling a catapult-launch takeoff. (2) An arrester gauge, enabling a cable-arrested landing. (3) A IFLOLS gauge, enabling accurate approaches and landings. (4) A SonicBoom effect (visual and audible) plus controller gauge. Includes extensive installation/usage documentation. Requires prior installation of FSUIPC. Special credit goes to Doug Dawson; without his (included) interface gauges (a.o. for speedcontrol, launch/arrest zone definitions and sound playing) this package would not exist. By Rob Barendregt. Filename: rcbco-30.zip
FS2004 Gauge: VTOL Update for various aircraft This package updates my FS9 VTOL gauges, for which I have made various versions for specific aircraft. Like several (Sea)Harriers, V22-Ospreys, a F35-JSF and a Jupiter2 spaceship. Pre-install of these previous packages (see Installation) is required. Main improvement: a perfectly smooth VTOL behaviour. By Rob Barendregt. 67K
FS2004 Gauge: VTOL for Helicopters This package contains a VTOL control gauge for FS9 Helicopters, that works around some FS9 limitations and/or incorrect flightdynamics, which makes them sometimes hard to control them; especially at low airspeed and when you have your Realism sliders set above minimum. It provides: - Smooth and stable VTOL capabilities, with pilot-controlled ascent/descent rate, longitudinal and lateral speed, heading, pitch and bank. - Works also in windy conditions. - Automatic activation below 25 Knots IAS, so does not influence the aircraft's flight characteristics in normal flight. - Adds an Autohover/Autopilot function. It requires prior installation of FSUIPC. Fully documented and easy to install in your panel; includes a list of tested helicopters (see README). NOT FOR FSX ! By Rob Barendregt. 36K
FSX Radar Gauge. This radar and modification of the original FSX. You only see the aircraft in flight with their data as their flight altitude, direction etc.. 27K
FS2004 XML-Gauge: 737-400 Autoland version 1.1. The "NO WIND" version. This is a simple xml-gauge you can use to make blind landings with your default boeing 737-400. Instructions can be found in the readme document included in this folder. Willem Sophia. 16K
FS2004/FSX Collins ALI-55 Radar Altimeter. XML stand-alone gauge. By Pierre Fasseaux. 181K
FSX/FS2004 Airport Chart Gauge. The gauge displays an airport layout using data directly taken from FSX so that it will match your actual flying conditions. It displays runways, taxiways, parking, etc. By Holger Maass. 5.7MB

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