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3 FIPs for FSX Beech B58
2.30Mb (245 downloads)
These FIPs consolidate some of my earlier FIPs for the default B58, into a cluster of 3 FIPs which together, will provide most of the interactivity for flying the default B58. Engine gauges, fuel pumps and other switches are contained within 1 FIP, another provides the avionics and the third has the AP, fuel gauges, landing gear lights, flaps indication lights and some electrical gauges. The engines gauge also has fuel tanks selector needles and a basic glidescope indicator included for use with NAV1.
Posted Jun 24, 2018 02:51 by Robert Budd
FlyPad 2 Gauge
FlyPad 2 Gauge
4.00Mb (1121 downloads)
FSX, Flypad Gauge Version 2.0 This gauge has been developed on Win7 for FSX Flight Simulator SP2 or SP1.It should also work with Acceleration, but this is not guaranteed by the author. The gauge is a little extra addon based on the design of a smart phone and provides 9 different displays which are different from all of the standard gauge displays on a regular aircraft panel. It is mainly helpful for the user flying small propeller aircraft, and old timer aircraft. However, the displays are as well attractive for sim pilots flying modern jet aircraft. Use it as if you just grabbed to your smart phone during a flight and check on the status of your aircraft, or how the terrain awareness situation looks like, how the AI traffic on the radar is, while you proceed with your flight plan. Enjoy the new design of a simple aircraft attitude display during an ILS approach. A new screen for LAT/LON coordination control and distance/bearing calculation has been added to this version in addition with a number of improvements. For credits look at the pdf documentation inside the zip file. By Dietmar Loleit
Posted May 12, 2018 07:28 by Dietmar Loleit
Airbus Gauges - A319FD-FMC.CAB and VCRain.CAB
0.94Mb (991 downloads)
Airbus A319 revised cockpit missing gauges. This file contains missing gauges for the revised VC by Bjoern Kesten. A319FD-FMC.CAB and VCRain.CAB. Simply unzip and put files into panel folder of your aircraft.
Posted Apr 27, 2018 09:42 by uploader
Simple Ramp gauge
Simple Ramp gauge
0.94Mb (335 downloads)
Activation with a klick: Exits 1-4, Tailhook, Wing fold, Jetway, Pushback (left, straight and right) Only tested in FSX & Acceleration!
Posted Apr 22, 2018 06:35 by Andiroto
Simple APU/External power gauge
Simple APU/External power gauge
0.99Mb (451 downloads)
Intended for aircraft, which have in real an APU but was not simulated in FSX or for smaller aircraft that they have at least external power! Please take a look into the "Read me" file before installing! Tested only in FSX + Acceleration!
Posted Aug 27, 2017 05:57 by Andiroto
Touchscreen GPS
Touchscreen GPS
1.21Mb (4221 downloads)
If you ever wanted to have something similar to the Garmin GPS in the cockpits of the A321, 737, 747 or CRJ700 then this addon is for you. What this addon does is add a touch screen gps right in the virtual cockpits of some of the default aircraft in FSX. This is good if you want to be able to view the GPS route in your 3D virtual cockpit without opening the 2D GPS panel and blocking part of your screen. This addon only supports aircraft with a multi function display. Airbus A321 Boeing 737-800 Boeing 747-400 Bombardier CRJ700 It replaces the useless navigation display with a fully working gps!
Posted Jul 19, 2017 19:27 by Mightylink
FSX GPWS Callout gauge
2.08Mb (3607 downloads)
This package contains all necessary files to add a GPWS callout (500, 200, etc) sounds on an existing aircraft. Please Follow instructions in the readme.txt file.
Posted Feb 9, 2016 06:58 by Philfly
2.93Mb (2328 downloads)
This is a tutorial that explains how to create a gauge for Saitek FIP, 75 pages. The file contains all Key events to manage buttons and knobs.
Posted Dec 6, 2015 12:17 by Philippe Verhaege
Helo engine FIP Gauge
0.13Mb (559 downloads)
This gauge for FIP provides engine torque and rotor power turbine for turbine powered helicopters.
Posted Dec 6, 2015 07:09 by Philippe Verhaege
FIP 737-8 AP & Trims Consolidated
FIP 737-8 AP & Trims Consolidated
0.62Mb (922 downloads)
This consolidated version incorporates the original package titled plus the two subsequent additions to it...i.e. If you have not downloaded the original version then you need only download this file which incorporates the two updates. Designed for the FSX default 737-800 There are 4 xml gauges, three being formated to operate as one gauge displaying the AP functions with the rotary knobs having multiple purposes. With the set of 3, there is functionality of - AP master/CMD A, ALT selection and Hold, VS selection, HDG selection and Hold, AT Arm, SPD/IAS selection and Hold, CRS (display only), Vor Loc/NAV Hold, Nav/GPS switch, APR Hold, N1 selection (both engines only) and N1 Hold, Auto Brake adjustment, Flaps position indicator, Anti Skid In-Op light, Flight Director switch, MA light, Landing Gear red and green status lights, Speed Ref knob (non functional / eye candy only) and AB Disarm light. The 4th gauge displays the pitch trim, aileron and rudder trim and spoiler/speed brake handle (FIP button 1= off, 2= flight detent, 3= full up) and parking brake (FIP button 6). A light has also been added to show when Auto Rudder/Co-ordination is operative. (FIP button 5)
Posted Nov 12, 2015 23:55 by Robert Budd
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