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FIP 737-8 AP & Trims Consolidated
FIP 737-8 AP & Trims Consolidated
0.62Mb (980 downloads)
This consolidated version incorporates the original package titled plus the two subsequent additions to it...i.e. If you have not downloaded the original version then you need only download this file which incorporates the two updates. Designed for the FSX default 737-800 There are 4 xml gauges, three being formated to operate as one gauge displaying the AP functions with the rotary knobs having multiple purposes. With the set of 3, there is functionality of - AP master/CMD A, ALT selection and Hold, VS selection, HDG selection and Hold, AT Arm, SPD/IAS selection and Hold, CRS (display only), Vor Loc/NAV Hold, Nav/GPS switch, APR Hold, N1 selection (both engines only) and N1 Hold, Auto Brake adjustment, Flaps position indicator, Anti Skid In-Op light, Flight Director switch, MA light, Landing Gear red and green status lights, Speed Ref knob (non functional / eye candy only) and AB Disarm light. The 4th gauge displays the pitch trim, aileron and rudder trim and spoiler/speed brake handle (FIP button 1= off, 2= flight detent, 3= full up) and parking brake (FIP button 6). A light has also been added to show when Auto Rudder/Co-ordination is operative. (FIP button 5)
Posted Nov 12, 2015 23:55 by Robert Budd
Default GPS with 3D Map and AI Traffic Disply
Default GPS with 3D Map and AI Traffic Disply
1.72Mb (5171 downloads)
Modified GPS FSX default "Garmin 295 and Garmin 500". The amendments allow visualization 3D map, then with more terrain detail and the display of air traffic in the disply GPS.
Posted Oct 6, 2015 12:14 by Voyager
737 EICAS Secondary upgrade
0.01Mb (523 downloads)
Soon after uploading the gauge package I realised that with just a little bit more scripting, I could make the gauge work for the 737 but also automatically adjust for other aircraft that operate with much higher pressure in the engine oil and hydraulic systems. Regardless I made the original to be a secondary EICAS screen with Philippe Verhaege's gauge as the 737-8 primary EICAS screen, this upgrade will make the secondary screen work for many other twin engine jets (though still in the 737-8 layout or as least as close as I can make it given the size limitations of a FIP).
Posted Sep 26, 2015 08:56 by Robert Budd
737-8 FSX EICAS Secondary Gauge
737-8 FSX EICAS Secondary Gauge
0.77Mb (938 downloads)
The EICAS Secondary gauge (for FIP) has been created as an addition to Philippe Verhaege's gauges in his gauge package named . This gauge package primarily provides a secondary screen for EICAS. Philippe's background EICAS image is slightly altered by giving it a border similar to a MFD screen and some elements have been moved very slightly as a result. The red arrow head that displays at the bottom of the FIP screen denotes the secondary EICAS screen can be accessed by pressing the down arrow on the FIP. The secondary screen dispays basic primary data from Philippe's original gauge, in the top right corner plus displays rotating or digital data for oil temp / pressure / quantity and vibration and hydraulic info. Fuel data is a replica of Philippe's work but can now be toggled between lbs or gals by pressing FIP button no. 6.
Posted Sep 21, 2015 19:27 by Robert Budd
BB58 AP Fuel Engines & misc
BB58 AP Fuel Engines & misc
1.06Mb (384 downloads)
For use in the Saitek FIP specifically for the FSX B58. It is an update of the BB58 gauge in the package and my package. Using this new package will require having downloaded these previous ones. This package radically re-works the original BB58 gauge. It contains a working auto pilot and fuel gauges similar to the BB58s. The AP gauge functions across two xml files, one primarily to control ALT and VS, the other for HDG with a range of misc features including AP NAV and APR modes. Other features include Nav1 and Nav2 audio buttons which include a small green light when a glideslope frequency is detected. Both LARGEg1 and g2 from have been modified to maximise the screen space of the FIP. The g1 gauge has also been modified by inclusion of a rudimentary glideslope indicator to aid in manual approach well before approach lights are visible. The above AP gauge enables auto flight down a glideslope using Nav1 frequency. The above gauges are designed for three FIPs stacked vertically to provide a layout roughly similar to the BB58 cockpit. The 5gaugeDisplay-2eng.xml gauge was included in the original package to cater for one FIP displaying all engine data. This package provides an updated version B containing the glideslope indicator.
Posted Aug 26, 2015 22:52 by Robert Budd
2.40Mb (1171 downloads)
This set of gauges is for use in the Saitek FIP and has been developed specifically for the Baron 58 and variants but should work with other twin prop aircraft. There are 3 options- option 1. a pair of gauges for displaying on 2 FIPs (layout is similar to the fsx BB58 layout) option 2. One gauge for displaying only on 1 FIP (left and right eng needle on each of the 5 main instruments ) option 3. a pair of gauges for displaying on 2 FIPs with larger diameter gauges and more user interaction than in 1. above. 1,2, & 3 all have the 5 main engine instrumentation ( RPM, Manifild Pressure, Fuel Flow rate, Oil Temp and Pressure, CHT/EGT Temp.) Additional features are added .e.g Marker Beacon indicators plus indicator of left / right fuel tank selected for each engine, NAV 1 & NAV 2 with DME data. Option 1 & 3 also has fuel pump switches, alternator switches, starter buttons, cowl flaps and Amps (total load) gauge, and Battery volts gauge. Option 3 also has additional avionics data and avionics and battery switch buttons. All this enables the aircraft to be started from cold and shut down to cold. The avionics data is useful if you only have one Saitek radio panel. i.e. dont have to keep clicking / rotating switches all the time. This option also gives user ability to alter NAV 1 standby frequency and swap to active. With the 2 gauges in option 3 above plus my earlier FIP gauge containing a working Auto pilot and fuel levels / flaps and landing gear indicators (refer "Saitek FIP-AP Multi Fuel Gauges") there is everything required ( not the primary flight display instruments) for flying a single or twin prop aircraft displayed across either 2 or 3 FIPs.
Posted Oct 10, 2014 11:15 by Robert Budd
Counter Drum Altimeter (v1.3)
0.05Mb (798 downloads)
Digital/analogue counter drum equivalent altimeter. This version address some of the issues with badly implemented code introduced in v1.2. Press the kohlsman dislpay to type altimeter settings via keyboard; settings are updated automatically once typed, but can also be cancelled/reset. Should work fine in a VC.
Posted Sep 29, 2014 04:09 by Kit
FS2004/FSX Engine Monitor Gauge
0.27Mb (1248 downloads)
FS2004/FSX aircraft engine monitor XML gauge for single engine aircraft. Resembles digital panels by JPI, EI and Insight which replace several analog gauges. Includes horizontal and vertical layouts, with versions for fixed-pitch and constant-speed props, turboprop singles, and the Aviatt Husky. Add it to any panel and as a popup. Instructions included. By Bob Kellogg
Posted Sep 10, 2014 05:53 by Nicolas Neveu
Flypad Gauge Version 2.0
4.00Mb (1493 downloads)
Flypad Gauge Version 2.0 This gauge has been developed on Win7 for FSX Flight Simulator SP2 or SP1.It should also work with Acceleration, but this is not guaranteed by the author. The gauge is a little extra addon based on the design of a smart phone and provides 9 different displays which are different from all of the standard gauge displays on a regular aircraft panel. It is mainly helpful for the user flying small propeller aircraft, and old timer aircraft. However, the displays are as well attractive for sim pilots flying modern jet aircraft. Use it as if you just grabbed to your smart phone during a flight and check on the status of your aircraft, or how the terrain awareness situation looks like, how the AI traffic on the radar is, while you proceed with your flight plan. Enjoy the new design of a simple aircraft attitude display during an ILS approach. A new screen for LAT/LON coordination control and distance/bearing calculation has been added to this version in addition with a number of improvements. For credits look at the pdf documentation inside the zip file. By Dietmar Loleit
Posted Aug 5, 2014 06:06 by uploader
Saitek FIP-AP Multi Fuel Gauges
0.75Mb (817 downloads)
This set of 3 gauges is for use in the Saitek FIP and is an extension to my FIP gauge . That set of 3 gauges was designed to complement the Saitek AP/Multi panel and primarily showed the selected AP Altitude and Vert Spd whilst the Saitek AP/multi panel was displaying HDG. The second main part of those gauges were the Fuel Level displays, each gauge displaying a different combination of fuel tanks to suit the aircraft being flown and thus offered functionality for all types of aircraft. This set of 3 gauges is designed for the same purpose but now encompasses a working AP that allows you to select HDG, ALT and VS values and activate the HDG and ALT mode (and AP master switch) to enable auto-pilot flight (for those who have a FIP but not an AP/multi panel). For those who have an AP/multi panel, it gives the appearance of a backup AP in your build/rig ('appearance' because it all works off the same FS telemetry). The combinations displayed are those that suit my choice of aircraft, however it is easy to re-configure gauge Elements (fuel tank names) and artwork (fuel gauge titles) to suit the combination you prefer. These gauges also retain the gear, flaps and light indicators, auto rudder on/off button plus rudder and aileron trim capability that were in the previous gauges. An additional feature is the battery switch will now turn off the AP display and fuel levels. The artwork in these gauges has also been upgraded a bit and a template artwork is included to assist in customising.
Posted Jul 23, 2014 01:20 by Robert Budd
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