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A320 Real Flap sounds
1.82Mb (6175 downloads)
This is a real recording of an A320 flap sound during pushback.
Posted May 20, 2009 11:54 by Immanuel
FSX Modified version of Mr.Mike Maarse awsome A32X Series CFM56-5 Soundset
43.82Mb (5889 downloads)
Based on permission by Mr.Mike Maarse via electronic mail. Here is an awsome Jet sound that can be used with just about any aircraft or engine type, be it Boeing or airbus two engine or four engine jets especialy 737-800 A320 A310 767...I would recommend (NOT) to use them with rear mounted jets (DC-9 - 727-Md-x) but they can be used with MD-11 and DC-10 They are originaly truly immersive sounds that comfortably capture phases of flight including start up...taxi .take off and cruise...I have manipulated the org sound and replaced some of the originals with various sound files which i believe create a comfortable and realistic flight environment and u can really feel and hear the engines working i have manipulated the outside sounds and u can truley enjoy engine and wing views in a comfortable way maintaining the feel and power of engines.. These sounds truly compliment any virtual cockpit I have also manipulated the org sound cfg and removed speed restrictions (set to max cruise speed and red line 600 KTS) so no overspeed warnings Enjoy...Ali Zied Amman Jordan
Posted May 12, 2009 03:58 by Ali Zied
FS2004/FSX Rolls-Royce Trent 800 Soundpack
FS2004/FSX Rolls-Royce Trent 800 Soundpack
15.71Mb (16048 downloads)
This is probably the most realistic Trent 800 soundpack ever! This is an ultra-authentic soundpack created for the Boeing 777. I spent 6 months on this one, and here is the result! One authentic, high quality soundpack! It comes with APU, Startup, Shutdown, Electronic and other sounds. The engines have the distinctive spool-up sequence of the real Trent 800. Works perfectly with any 777 fitted with RR engines! Be sure to see the "Readme Please!" file for instructions. By Ismail Zayan.
Posted Apr 22, 2009 05:22 by Ismail Zayan
Bell Huey B205/204 Sound Pack
11.90Mb (5534 downloads)
Sound System for Bell Huey (204 / 205) V2.0 I use in this package sounds recorded from real Huey. The result is very close to real one. To correct shutdown, press Ctrl+F1 to slow down RPM them cut fuel (real procedure). Sounds are in ADPCM 44kHz for best quality and low size. **Real startup time sequence - see readme file** - Edited by Martoni. Adriano Martoni
Posted Mar 16, 2009 16:51 by Adriano Martoni
fs2004/2002/98/fsx/2000 airbus like boeing 767
26.24Mb (1802 downloads)
i decided all of you cool people to make a nice sound pack just for you. It sounds like an a320, but it is actualy a 767. I don't know why, but maybe it has some cfm56's? Try it out. I would do anything for you if you just write me some comments. Try it out!
Posted Jan 30, 2009 18:37 by Daniel K
FSX/FS2004 Stall Horn Update
0.57Mb (1666 downloads)
This is the stall horn update pack for FSX and FS2004, but can be used for earlier versions. The sound pack is designed for stall warnings, but can be used for overspeed warnings by modifying the file name of any of the two *.wav files. The stall horn pack is only designed for the FSX and FS9 jetliners, but can also be used for small aircraft or other addons by again, modifying the file name of any of the two *.wav files. This sound was recorded from the Nintendo's Entertainment System's game, "Hogan's Alley," when the gang was missed by the player's fire, to make the stall horn more half realistic and half non-realistic, though no copyright infringement intended. Note for FS2004 users: The stall horn volume may be lower than expected. This is normal. Sound created by Victor Vu.
Posted Dec 17, 2008 18:11 by Victor Vu
7.24Mb (4473 downloads)
Realistic sound for any military twin-jet aircraft. Credit to Kirk Olson and Pierre Marchadier. Michiel Odendaal
Posted Dec 16, 2008 07:54 by Michiel Odendaal
5.83Mb (5082 downloads)
This sound is a replacement for the AI FSX/FS9 Default MD-83 aircraft. The sounds are recorded from the Boeing aircraft but this aircraft is part of the manufacturer, Boeing. By Victor Vu
Required files:
required file
Posted Oct 20, 2008 21:31 by Victor Vu
0.00Mb (3591 downloads)
This is to fix the error of not giving an addition text for the 747 in FSX. Please download this for FSX or you'll be stuck without the PW sounds!!! By Ismail Zayan Shakeeb.
Required files:
required file
Posted Aug 7, 2008 01:42 by archive
FS2004/FSX Boeing 747-400 sounds
FS2004/FSX Boeing 747-400 sounds
25.36Mb (24468 downloads)
This soundpack is designed for use with any FS2004/FSX Boeing 747-400 series. This includes the following sounds: -General Electric CF6-80C2B5F -Pratt and Whitney PW4062 These were recorded from a real Boeing 747-400 and are extremely authentic. Please download this for FS2004 or else you'll be left with the original boring sounds! CF6-80C2B5F sounds by Emil Serafino Jr. PW4062 sounds by Ismail Zayan Shakeeb.
Posted Aug 6, 2008 00:03 by archive