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                  - FuelPlanner V2.0
0.46Mb (675 downloads)
FS98-FS2000-FS2002-FS2004 - FuelPlanner V2.0 This new version have littles aicrafts from CESSNA, PIPER and ROBIN. I give some improvement with more exactitude to give more reality. The time is calculate in "Hour/minute" to be more confortable for the lecture. I have upgraded my programm with "EUROCONTROL" informations and some aircraft designers. 567K
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:17 by archive
                  - FS2K4 FS Real Time v1.77
4.80Mb (4985 downloads)
FS98 - FS2K4 FS Real Time v1.77 is made to keep Flight Simulator's UTC (Zulu/GMT) time and date in sync with the Real World. It can maintain either the current Real Time, or an offset (+/-) so you can fly at any variation from Real Time. This package also includes Dennis Thompson's World Time Zones v3.0 which eliminate many of the time zone errors that shipped with recent versions of Flight Simulator. FS Real Time by Joshua Robertson. 4.9MB
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:17 by archive
0.01Mb (1552 downloads)
Descent Calculator: DescentCalc allows you to quickly calcualate when you should start your descent when either assigned a crossing altitude or flying a STAR without the aid of ATC. Simply enter your current altitude as a Flight Level in the upper box, enter the assigned Crossing Altitude or the altitude indicated in the vertical planning section of the appropriate STAR chart in the lower box, and click "Calculate." The result is displayed in the box at the bottom. Brian Wilbur. 6K
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:17 by archive
                  Manifest & Data System.
1.11Mb (1626 downloads)
Passenger Manifest & Data System. Westair Electro Data Systems Westair Airlines Group This software is stand alone software it is not an add-on or plug-in for Flight Simulator. This software will work with any flight simulator. It is designed to give the virtual pilot a flight manifest on the flight he/she is about to fly. It will give you cargo weight in pounds and inform you of your passenger loading for the flight. To help give a little reality to your flight. Ray Porteous. 1.1MB
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:17 by archive
0.29Mb (1081 downloads)
Flight Calculator V2. With the following features : MPH to Knots Knots to MPH MPH to Mach Alt Ft to Inches and Miles Feet to Meters Meters to Feet Fuel Requirements Pounds to Kilograms Kilograms to Pounds Gallons to Money Average Speed .- Tanner Smith. 293K
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:17 by archive
0.01Mb (921 downloads)
Navigation Log Sheet (Word format).This is a basic nav log to be used to help you plan a trip. I hope you enjoy it. This is free ware and no money is to be made off of it. Also do not use for real navigation. By Vince Uryc. 8K
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:17 by archive
                  Online 2"
0.78Mb (793 downloads)
"Abfluege Online 2" is a program to gather arrival & departure information for Germany, Europe and USA onto the Departure and Arrival access. Consequently, one can access the data fast without having to find the info via the Internet. New in Version 2: - English Interface - User-interface reworked - Arrivals can one now call up by mode shift. By Tilo Klaus. 434K
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:17 by archive
0.00Mb (2003 downloads)
Flight Planner Spreadsheet. Microsoft Works Speadsheet to creat this Flight Planner for the Microsoft Flight Simulator series. Therfore you must have Microsoft Works to use this flight planner. Michael Giuliano. 6K
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:17 by archive
                  FS2002, FS2000 and Combat Flight Simulator Installed Aircraft
0.63Mb (6735 downloads)
MSFS9/2004, FS2002, FS2000 and Combat Flight Simulator Installed Aircraft Lister. Generates a list of installed aircraft in the aircraft directory. Use with , Easily customize the list's field width, padding, and specify a field delimiter and row terminator. The list can be sorted by manufacturer, type, title, or subdirectory. Handy to have when you're looking for new aircraft to download! By John Rahn. 469K
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:17 by archive
0.24Mb (771 downloads)
C++ Editor for Windows9x/NT/2000/XP Product description The C++ Editor is a text editor for C++ programmers. The editor have color syntax highlighting. Editor's main purpose is to edit source code files outside the IDE (Integrated Development Environment) with multiple opened copies of program, when programmer needs to find, replace or compare source code. The program can compile the file using for this purpose the Microsoft VC compiler. Most effectively the editor can be used with a file search utility. The search utility Search&Edit or IDE Helper is available for download on developer's WEB site ( 249K
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:17 by archive