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Aircraft Page 46
P-38F Lightning "Truly American". ~S~ All! This is My Final Version of the "Truly American" Series The P-38F Lightning w/ Polished Metal Texture and My Trademark the American Flag ripping through Metal. With all thats happening in the world Around us today..... My way of saying I am "Truly American" and proud of it Default aircraft Repaint By Robert "Hawk" (BDS Hawk) 1.7MB
Grumman FF-1 The FF-1 was the first of a long line of Grumman biplane fighters. This FSDS2 project has moving parts including an accurate canopy motion, transparent glass, pilot and gunner figures and a specular shine.It is painted for the first section flight leader of VF-5 assigned to the Lexington in 1933. A .dp file is included. By Paul Clawson. 711K
FMA Hawk 75-O. The FMA Hawk 75-O was an aircraft produced with Curtiss licence in the FMA of Argentina. It has fixed gear and four madsen 7.62 mm machine guns. Model by Ignacio Alfredo Mendive. 867K
F6F3 Hellcat "Truly American". I'd like to thank Everyone on the "Zone" for downloading my "Truly American " Series of US Planes by presenting this special edition Hellcat done in Metal textures to match my previous models. And I'd especially like to thank CAF_Lucky1 (Steve Renner) For sharing his expert advice to make these paints possible Repaint & detailed Rivets done By Robert "Hawk" (BDS Hawk). 1.7MB
FS2002/CFS2 Grumman XF5F-1 Skyrocket Repaint- textures only. This a repaint of the XF5F-1 Skyrocket by Paul Clawson - previous page. The textures are meant to represent natural metal.. You need the aircraft in order for this repaint to work. Repaint by W. Wright. 262K

Supermarine spitfire mk.14e in the colours of well known Canadian spitfire MK.XVIE 'sl721' For CFScfs2 only! Important: this aircraft requires the separate download 'griffon' sound file, below, in order to run on your pc. SPITFIRE CREATED BY: Andrew C Wai Alessandro Biagi CANADIAN SPITFIRE 'SL721' TEXTURES BY: E.Snoad. 1.1MB


CFS2 Rolls-Royce griffon sound file for spitfire MK:14E 'sl721' Cfs2 compatible only! Installation: Extract the file to your desktop & place in the main aircraft folder of your spitfire mk.14e Griffon sound copyright Ralph Pegram. 1.5MB
Curtiss P-40e v.2 for CFS2 P-40E-1 of 11th FS, 343rd FG Kiska , Aleutians 1942 G-max model, full animation, 2D-panel, 3D virtual cocpit, multi-res,"shiny" textures, custom drop tank by Krzysztof Malinowski. Flight Model by Jay McDaniel. 1.9MB
CFS2 Grumman XF5F-1 Skyrocket PTO Operational Colors The Grumman Skyrocket was developed just before WW2 and was the first twin engine Navy fighter. It had awesome performance for its day, it was fast (exceeded 450mph in a dive) and could outclimb a Corsair. Carrier pilots loved it because the contra-rotating props eliminated torque effects on takeoffs and landings. Unfortunately, the Navy thought it was too heavy for carrier ops and opted to mass produce the single engine F4F. This FSDS2 Project includes full moving parts (tail hook, canopy, ailerons etc...)custom panel and specular shine, repaint based on a "what if" the navy had chosen this aircraft instead of the wildcat....the rest is history. Textures: Felipe Belalcazar Panel: Roger Gilmore Model: Paul Clawson. 2.4MB
CFS2 HE100-D version 1.0. An original design by Gerald Lindell. Features full animation and breaking parts. Fsds2 model by Gerald Lindell. Download and installed folder creates two planes in cfs2 with one texture done by George Lindell and the other by Phanis Sima. flight model, dp and vc gauges byh Andre van Duin. 2-D panel by Lobo da Silva. This This pleasant looking fighter was another failed attempt by Ernst Heikel AG to compete against the Bf 109. It was capable of doing 416 mph in 1939 in a fighter version after a prototype version set the new world speed record of 464 mph. 3.8MB
Royal Aircraft Factory SE5a for Combat Flight Simulator 2 Multi res model made using Flight Sim Design Studio 2 by Stuart Green Regarded as one of the great fighter aircraft of WW1, the SE5a had a reputation for strength and as a stable gun platform. Model depicted here is Hispano Suiza powered SE5a B189 No. 40 Squadron Spring 1918 dp file by Fred Green Sound files Mike Hambly. 2.4MB