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Aircraft Page 47
CFS2/ FS2002 Polikarpov I-16 Tip 5 version 1.0 The Polikarpov I-16 Tip 5 painted as: 1.Lieutenant Liu Chi-Sheng, 21st PS, 4th PG, CAF, Wuhan area, China, 31st May 1938 2.Kapitan Gubenko Anton Alexeyevich, Russian Volunteer Group, CAF, China, 18th July 1938 3.Pilot unknown, 12nd IAP VMF-KBF(Baltic Fleet), USSR, August 1937 4.Manuel Fernandez, Morales y Zarauza, 4a Escuadrilla, Spain, 14th August 1938 5.Pilot unknown, Captured by Spanish Nationalist, Grupo IW, Madrid-Cuatro Vientos, Spain, 1939 I welcome your comments, Ivan Hsu-archi. 12.5MB
A6M2 "Dragon" Dedicated to the Finest SQN in CFS2..... The 231st Kokutai Dragons. Known best for their "Honor" & Prestige. the C/O _231_Andrew_IJN and _231_Acid_IJN Great friends of Mine have shown nothing but a positive attitude and further demonstrated what this "Sim" should be (a fun game with a challenge). the weapon of choice for the 231st is the A6M2 Zero always under--estimated can be very deadly in the right hands of a "Zero Ace" and almost always used in "Pack Hunter" Tactics. Repaint By Robert "Hawk" . 1.6MB
Roland C11a "Walfisch" for CFS2 by Stuart Green Arguably the nicest looking aircraft to appear during the Great War (yet cruelly nicknamed the "whale"), the Roland was the first serious attempt to address the problem of high drag in early aircraft. The smooth shape of the fuselage and aerodynamic wing struts helped get the best out of the low powered 160hp Mercedes engine. Model includes the following animations Full surface motions and prop plus Animated rockers, valve springs and generator pulley (inside cockpit) on the engine Pilots head moves Joystick Model also includes 4 x 12.5kg Pruefanstalt und Werft bombs. 1.4MB
George "Better Duck" This stock George repaint is entirely ficticious, for a start most captured aircraft were painted silver and never released to Army or Naval fighter squadrons. This information can also be accessed in the game by opening the George's Checklist then clicking on the Notes tab (SHIFT+C) Originally Painted Green w/ Sharks teeth for the VF-19 By RAAF453_Knox I decided to go with the True Silver Paint as Noted above and named the plane "Uh,oh Better Duck" Any modifications or uploads to any other sites must have my permission ( I most likely will say yes) Repaint By Robert "Hawk" (BDS Hawk) Detailed Rivets By BDS Raven. 1.4MB
Fokker DSVII for CFS2 by Stuart Green This multi res package includes 2 colour schemes Model includes the following animations Full surface motions and prop plus Animated rockers and valve springs on the engine Pilots head moves (and scarf) Joystick and rudder bar internal cockpit view. 1.7MB
A6 M2 Pink_Dragon_inc. "Tribute to the Girls of CFS" This 1 goes out to Pink_Dragon_inc Co founder of Dragon_inc SQN in CFS/CFS2 also My 1st friend on the zone. Long over due for this dedication simply because she is one of the best Painters on the zone I've ever seen, and I couldnt come up w/ a Paint scheme to impress her until now. Pinks weapon of choice is the A6M2 zero which makes her deadly as any USN Jock. A Big ~S~ goes out to You Pink and hope all will enjoy this paint as much as I did Painting it. Re-paint by Robert "Hawk" . 1.4MB
CFS2 FDG P-51D Mustang "Miss America" This is a repaint (textures only Get the complete FDG P-51D model below ** - P-51D Model representing Miss America. Miss A had an accident last season, she was badly damaged and it is likely that she will not fly this year for the annual Reno Air Races. Model: FDG Team Textures: Felipe Belalcazar. 827K

CFS2 FDG P-51D Mustang Jane's WWII Fighters textures only. This is a repaint (textures only) of FDG's P-51D Model representing the default Jane's WWII Fighters P-51D Mustang. Get the complete FDG P-51D model Get the complete FDG P-51D model below **. Textures: Felipe Belalcazar. 786K

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CFS2 FDG P-51D Mustang "Knock Out" textures only. This is a repaint (textures only) of FDG's P-51D Model representing the default CFS3 Mustang. this repaint was done based on a picture i found at the Microsoft CFS3 Insider site. this file ason includes the effects to get a smoke trail from the guns when fired : Get the complete FDG P-51D model below **. Felipe Belalcazar Effects: Nanni. 785K
**FDG P-51 D. Original Aircraft by the Fightertown Design Group. 2MB
Felixstowe F2a for CFS2 and FS2002 by Stuart Green Colour scheme N4297, based in Felixstowe November 1918 Model includes usual moving parts, sliding doors but also includes different flight models and config files for CFS2 and FS2002 courtesy of James Banks and a dp file by Fred Green. The air equivalent of a "slow boat to China" this graceful craft proved to be of great worth for anti-submarine patrol and reconnaissance in the Great War. 2.1MB