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Aircraft Page 74
CFS2 B-25 PBJ-1J 'Bull Dawg' Fictional repaint of the B-25H of the 498th BOMB SQUAD "Flying Falcons" This is the complete aircraft. Panel and sound are included in separate zip files. This is a truly awesome attack bomber. " Quote from: {The Bombers of Magszam, A History of Marine Bombing Squadron 611 by Raymond S. B. Perry}. Repaint and Panel cfg. by: Chuck'Led'Selby (aka) 39th Led Sounds by : Trev Morson, Original aircraft by: ERIC (CAPT_SMIRNOFF) NOVESKEY, ANTHONY (GRAMPS) SULLENGER,CHARLES SIMPSON, GRAHAM, AND KEVIN BACON with help from D WALTER (Deeds). Special thanks to Martin Wright, And to Capt.Smirnoff for his 'Skinning Pak'. 5.5MB
CFS2 Seversky P-35A--Built by Republic This is the complete aircraft. Panel is included in a zip file to save space,and sound is aliased to your stock F4F Wildcat. In the paint scheme of 39th Pursuit Squadron, stationed at Selfridge, Michigan circa 1939. Although this is not 100% accurate, it's close. It was obsolete the day it entered service but, led to the P-43 Lancer and eventually the famous P-47 Thunderbolt. Enjoy! Chuck'Led'Selby. 1.2MB
PV-2 Harpoon This is a re-work of Chris Lampard's Lockheed Ventura V.2 for CFS2. This is the complete aircraft,panel and sounds are included in seperate zip files. This panel has been updated and now contains a fully functional CD player. Presented by Chuck'Led'Selby. 4.9MB
CFS2/FS2002/Fs2004 FIAT G.55 CENTAURO FSDS2.2 multi-reflective model -The best Italian single seat fighter - Aeronautica Nazionale Repubblicana (ANR) Air file: Jerry Beckwith / Model: Ignacio Alfredo Mendive - Textures: Gabriel Miranda Naon. 1MB
CFS2 Messerschmitt Me-P1099A. This advanced design proposal was put forth in January 1944, and utilized the wings and tail of the Me 262A-2a but had an entirely new and considerably enlarged fuselage and undercarriage. The engines were to be two Jumo 004C turbojets and the cockpit held a crew of two. A variety of more detailed proposals were issued on March 22, 1944, and were mainly concerned with various armaments for the Me P.1099A.Fully animated FSDS2 model with transparent textures, detailed skin, accurate FDE's, Braking Parts,Dynamic Glare, Accurate DP, and other goodies. Requires CFS2 Jet base FILE for Jet Sounds (here). By: The Luft'46 Team. 1.5MB
CFS2 Heinkel He 219A7-R2. This is a rework of the He 219A7-R2 that was designed by Gryphon Aviation. Updated by W. Wright. 2.4MB
CFS2 Douglas C-47A Skytrain "OKLAHOMA GAL" Default Textures. This aircraft is in the markings of a C-47 which was previously on display at Air World in Wangaratta, Victoria. Repaint by Daniel Leahy using a template provided by Peter Haley. 651K
CFS2 Stock TBF-1 Avenger Repaint in a light blue TBF-3E Avenger Summer of 1943 Shime. this repaint includes 6 victory flags, the letters U.S.A.G. on the top and bottom of main wings. Robert (y2cool3). 803K
CFS2 USAG PBJ-1D "Hit N' Run". Stock B25 Repaint in a PBJ-1D Shime. this repaint includes 10 victory flags, 8 ground victory markings, the letters U.S.A.G. on the top and bottom of main wings and sides of rear fusalage, Nose text "Hit N' Run",D-Day Markings on the wings. Robert (y2cool3). 555K
CFS2 USAG PB4Y1 Liberator "#9 Speed Ball". This repaint is also a Fractional repaint. the nose art i believe is from a B17 flying in the European Thearter of WW2. this repaint includes 10 victory flags, 16 ground victory markings, the letters U.S.A.G. on the top and bottom of main wings and sides of rear fusalage. Robert (y2cool3). 576K
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