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Post WW2 & Modern Aircraft Page 2

CFS2 F-15C Eagle Boeing F-15C made with FSDS. Features fully moving parts, Moving engine nozzles, Night lighting, Custom weapons & DP. Does not include panel/sound By Kotaro Akikawa (Bonzonie) . 1.9MB


CFS2 F-22 Boeing/Lockheed Martin "Raptor".The sound is aliased to the Lear45. You Must Have The Lear45 folder in your CFS2 aircraft Folder, you can Copy it from CFS1 Or A special CFS2 Lear45 is available. Original by By Kotaro Akikawa. Repainted by Charles Simpson. 3.4MB


FS98/FS2000/CFS1/CFS2 Douglas A-4 Skyhawk VF-1 "Falces do mar" The VF-1 Squadron is the first Brazilian Navy Aerial Unit to operate fighters. It was created October 02nd, 1998, and it is under the command of the Naval air force. The VF-1 duty is to provide and operate aircrafts used for dogfights. Original by Deane Baunton Moving parts, flight dynamics: Lewis Magruder Repaint by Carlos Henrique. 805K
CFS2 F-15C Eagle 493rd Grim Reapers. Boeing F-15C made with FSDS Features fully moving parts, Moving engine nozzles, Night lighting, Custom weapons & DP. Re-painted in the 48th FW 493rd Grim Reapers. Original model by Kotaro Akikawa (Bonzonie) Repainted by Dave Foster. 2MB
FS2000 & CFS 2 Aviat Pitts S-2C US ARMY It's the king of quick combat!!!Bye bye "B", wellcome S-2C! This FSDS design includes full moving parts, virtual cockpit with transparent canopy as well as a instrument panel. Mission included.Armed with guns 7,62mm. Designed by Mikko Maliniemi. Repainted by Jean-Jacques Parel. 491K
FS2000 Vampire F3 Damage Profile Version 1.0 for CFS2 Two DP`s for the Roger Hardy Vampire F3 for FS2000 (here) ,one with authentic or older style weapons,rockets,droptanks and bombs. The other with rockets in a different location,droptanks and low drag bombs. C.A.Foot. 28K

FS2000 & CFS 2 Bell 206b austrian air force 3c-ji v1.1 aircraft to the aaf, the austrian air force. included custom panel and armament, guns, rockets, missiles sidewinder & missiles helfire. new real colors and detail more careful. to read the read-me for weapons installation. complete aircraft. included mission. by jean-jacques parel. 796K

Update mission replace the mission. by jean-jacques parel. 20K

FS98,FS2K & CFS 1 CONVERTION KIT FOR HELICOPTERS for flying under cfs2 with fs98, fs2k & cfs 1 helicopters. very easy installation. by jean-jacques parel. 476K


B-61 Nuke mod for Bonzonie's F-15C available above. This is a Beta I threw together in about a hour this morning to see if I could make my own custom DP and missiles from scratch from my upcoming Mig-21. Brad Parry. 66K

UPDATE: The visual model didn't show up on the nuke mod before because I typed the wrong name in before compiling the scasm source into a .bgl file. I didn't have time to test this yesterday because CFS2 was having some problems loading. This is the fixed version, and the only file you need to replace is the .bgl in the scenery file. Sorry, Brad Perry. 70K


Revised files for Ian Standfast's OH-6/MD500 helicopter (repainted by Gaylen Cates) for CFS2 only. Features realistic flight dynamics and several armament loads. Requires separate downloads (instructions included). FREEWARE by Steve "Humbug" Baugh. 81K




Northrop Grumman E-2C Hawkeye for CFS2/FS2000 US Navy Special Scheme. This is a Repaint of Missi's superb JASDF E-2C Hawkeye. The repaint is a fictional Black and White US Navy scheme. Repaint By: Mark 'Airhead' Walsh- Original Aircraft By: Missi. 834K