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Scenery Disassembler v2.0 for MSFS/CFS. SCDIS can disassemble BGL files, which are MSFS/CFS scenery files, and convert them into SCASM/FreeSC source files. By Takuya Murakami. 57K

FS2000/CFS/FS98/FS95/FS5 runway generator utility. Creates runways using a simple interface. Requires Windows 3.0 or higher. By Chuck Dome. 436K

FreeSC Beta 4 FreeSC is powerful scenery compiler for MSFS/CFS, and has compatibility with SCASM. FreeSC has many features: user defined function, preprocessor, control structures etc. FreeSC is free and open source software. You can use it not only for freeware but also commercial purpose. By Takuya Murakami. 477K
Flight Simulator Scenery Creator 2000 Beta 3 FS Scenery Creator is a high-level graphical scenery creator. The program allows for the creation of local scenery (airports). This program does not require a previous installation. FreeSC is now included as a scenery compiler. Several files, including MSVBVM50.DLL and SCASM.EXE required, but not included. By Derek Leung. 835K

"GroundMaker beta1" A ground scenery design package for the advanced scenery designer. Lets you draw multiple shapes into one RefPoint() and add multiple levels of complexity to your ground scenery. Requires all 3 files to be unzipped to the same directory. Comes with SCASM239. FS2000 compatible only. Freeware by Vincent Koch. 3 part download.

Part 1 2.1MB

Part 2 1.9MB

Part 3 2.5MB

FS2000 Thermal Soaring Scenery Editor A Windows based program for making thermal soaring scenery for FS2000. Thermals are marked with textured 3D cumulus clouds. Requires SCASM by Manfred Moldenhauer and Visual Basic 5.0 SP3 runtime libraries not included in this download. Freeware by Ed Dumas Sr and Claude Vermonet. 211K
FS2000 DP-CLE Coast Line Editor Ver. by Masakazu Irie Thank you for downloading my DP-CLE program for Scenery Creator. This program can edit BGL files for coast line in FS2000 folder. 225K
SDL Editor for use with FSDS and FS2000 Now you can add several pre-compiled aircraft and scenery variable macros together to make one SDL for your FSDS project.Build your own custom timers included. Written in Visual Basic 6.0 All files included.No knowledge of Scasm needed. It does it all for you. By Mike Crosthwaite. 2.8MB
FSUIPC Developer's Kit, . This is the first release of the Developer's Kit for FSUIPC. You will need FSUIPC.ZIP as well, with at least FSUIPC Version 2.1. The current version is 2.2. Network users will need WideFS version 4.01 or later(all here). The current version is 4.2. Peter Dowson, with thanks to Pelle Liljendal and Chris Brett. 1.3MB
SCASMFront is a windows front end for the SCASM scenery assembler. SCASM _is not_ contained in this package, the latest version can be obtained from www.scasm.com. The first time you use this program it will try to locate SCASM.EXE, it will save this location in the registry, so that you can use the program the next time without this inquiry. As a first step you will have to "open" the source code file, then you can compile it as often as you want as long as you do not change its location or name; so you can reedit the source code if SCASM reports any errors. 1.5MB
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