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BGLC is used for building BGL scenery or MDL files. BGLC.EXE has built into it (as a resource) all the files needed to make BGL scenery (all the include files, and MASM) so this is the only tool anyone needs to make scenery. It also does not require the input file to be a pure asm file, BGLC will add the proper ASM headers/footers if needed, the input file can just start out with BGL macros. 857K
DP-CLE Coast Line Editor Ver. This program can edit BGL files for coast line in FS2000 folder.Changed functions from Ver.1 to Ver.1.1 1) Can save and load all of the data witch you have edit on the screen with the situation by "Project open" and "Project save" function. 2) Add "Area delete mode" on Tool-bar. 3) Add the zoom function to "Sync mode". by Masakazu Irie. 294K
M98toBGL is a utility designed to convert user designed aircraft model (.MDL) files for FSFW95, FS98 or FS2000 into static scenery source files. Trevor de Stigter. 1.2MB
Scasm 2.04 52K
MAT's Scasm Editor V 1.0 Tool for advanced object designers. Features support f.e. pseudoloops, substitution of bitmap(), Transform_Mat, nested mif/melse, LocalVarbase, library objects and more. It also supports the working with own scasm templates and generating of simple objects for testing. The editor is founding on the knowledment and experiences of Martin Wright, Andreas Klisch and myself. By Ralf-J. Triebel (X_MAT) Mushy Peas Design Group. 977K
NOVA Clocks and events V1.2 program for FS2000 and CFS2. This is an utility to add working clocks showing the FS real local time to your scenery. The program also includes a new set of 5 tools to allow you to create dynamic objects based on a given hour and time of the day, or base on the selected radio frequency COM1 or COM2, as well as dynamic windosocks, flags, fountains, water falls and more. Help files and example macros included. The program requires a prior full installation of the NOVA program. NOVA is a shareware program, this utility is free for registered users, for non registered users this addon will only work in demo mode. Help files and file examples are included.By Rafael Garcia Sanchez. 1.6MB
TBSplit v1.1- Terrabuilder Split Utility. A utility to speed up the process of splitting terrabuilder files into two separate bgl files until a new version of TB is released. by David Glaister. Based on the knowledge of Andras Kozma, Alexander Schmidt and Misho Katulic. 67K
Terrain Model File Documentation Version 0.1 by Christian Stock FS2000 / CFS2 This file desribes some of the undocumented features of the Microsoft Scenery SDK, as well as parts of the binary structure of the tmf files. Hopefully, one day this will be a complete reference to the post FS7.0 terrain scenery. 16K
Flight Simulator Scenery Creator 1.2.12 Upgrade FS Scenery Creator is a freeware scenery design program. Using an easy user interface available in English and seven other languages, users can quickly create scenery for any version of Flight Simulator. This upgrade requires a previous 1.2 installation. By Derek Leung. 557K
FS2000 Utilities Citybuilder Vers.1.0. Application to create Scenery with many 3D-Objects (Cities, Woods) in one Api-Macro.Contains some Scenery-objects. Import of EOD-Apis is possible. Freeware by Jens Wilke. 6.5MB
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