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0.01Mb (468 downloads)
This single mission for MAW is 'what if' based on historical context (locations, units and dates are historically accurate).
Posted Oct 5, 2011 15:41 by Led Zeppelin
ETO_Defiant Days
ETO_Defiant Days
0.03Mb (646 downloads)
This mission pack of 9 missions highlight the Boulton Paul Defiant action as a day and night interceptor from 1940 to 1941. For ETO V1.40 or higher.
Posted Sep 8, 2011 02:58 by Led Zeppelin
ETO BOE  1941-1945 Mission set HH 300
0.07Mb (563 downloads)
These Missions are meant to challenge the flier and your ability to fly against heavy odds.. There are missions set in 1941-45' various types of missions, several "Furballs" where you fight hard just to survive. Including, several Italian Missions for the RA..And some Me 262 missions set in 1945.. A package that requires Two downloads, Links included. Thanks to The ETO/PTO Team for this wonderful expansion And to Regs Hanger, and to Italian Wings/isoliti4gatti..
Posted Jul 31, 2011 23:25 by HouseHobbit
ETO TOW Night Fighter Missions 1943-1944 HH 200
0.53Mb (633 downloads)
You Must fly from a flight plan, Beacon to Beacon.. Fly By instrument and comp headings in the briefings ** the mission plans One base mission by O1-Driver ( Nine Hobbit missions with way points and without way points) ** Mosquito NF, Ju 88 NF, Me 110 NF and Do 217 NF aircraft** And missions with way points for those who would like them to practice with Based on methods that used by the Luftwaffe and Allies during the war.. Thanks to O1-Driver and Nachtpiloten And to the ETO/PTO Team Many Thanks for the Great ETO Expansion Sim
Posted Jul 31, 2011 23:22 by HouseHobbit
MAW Gee Bee Race HH 300
1.32Mb (433 downloads)
MAW Gee Bee Races 1933 These Races are meant to challenge the flier and your ability to fly Low and Fast, without missing turns, or objectives.. MAW Gee Bee Race No.1 Cairo HH 301 MAW Gee Bee Race No.2 Athens HH 302 MAW Gee Bee Race No.3 Rome HH 303 Run to your Aircraft, and get flying!! The race is on as soon as you pass through the Race Gate.. Stay at tree top level and always keep to the outside of the pylons, when you make your turns.. Lots of eye candy for those who enjoy this..
Posted Jul 16, 2011 14:40 by HouseHobbit
MAW Tuskegee P-47 Italy HH 300 Aircraft and Mission Package
22.42Mb (1170 downloads)
Mission and aircraft package. You Fly P-47's provided by Foo Fighter and Wildbat..Five P-47's included.. Along with aircraft by Jaycee, One (B-25) Included.. You will have to download TK_Dornier D0-217 Pack zip by Nachtpiloten Link included.. "FW190-A4 MAW" By Major Magee Link Included
Posted Jul 11, 2011 16:57 by HouseHobbit
CFS3 Mission - Sub Hunt
CFS3 Mission - Sub Hunt
0.00Mb (1364 downloads)
This is just a mission for CFS3 I made for fun where you are flying in the North Sea destroying a group of U-Boats.
Posted Apr 16, 2011 14:34 by Matt "P51" D
0.01Mb (412 downloads)
For ETO V1.40 or higher. This single mission depicts action of II./JG26's FW190D-9s during Operation Bodenplatte, the last Luftwaffe daylight offensive of the war.
Posted Apr 5, 2011 17:01 by Led Zeppelin
BOB Mission set (Pat Pattle's) Anniversary expansion BOB
0.02Mb (556 downloads)
These missions are for the BOB Annviersary BOB expansion Built By Pat Pattle and team.. These missions were to be part of the download, But a mistake on my part prevented them fro being uploaded with the set.. There are 9 missions in this set for the BOB anniversary expansion.. Place in the Missions folder(historical/what-if) your choice.. I hope all enjoy these, and I Apologise for the mistake to Pat and the Team..
Posted Mar 27, 2011 14:38 by HouseHobbit
ETO I-16 and I-15 with LA-5 Mission Set HH 080 finals
2.02Mb (426 downloads)
This is a set of missions using stock aircraft from ETO 1.40 W/hotfix. Set on the Eastern front you will defend one of three bases.. Using the I-15, I-16 and La-5 Stock Russian aircraft.. You will attack using the Bf 109F ETO German aircraft.. There are 12 missions in the set.. All Items needed are included.. Check the Read me included Thanks to the ETO/PTO team for this Great Expansion
Posted Mar 27, 2011 14:33 by HouseHobbit
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