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10.75Mb (61 downloads)
Online fun, a package .zip containing a He111Z towplane and Me-321 that you can fly and tow together in multiplayer.
Posted Sep 12, 2022 00:46 by flightgear
Focke-Wulf Fw 58 floatplane
11.79Mb (47 downloads)
Kit bashed from a couple FG models, The FW58 Weihe as a float ambulance/trainer. YASim FDM, detailed 3D cockpit.
Posted Jul 10, 2022 10:11 by LesterBoffo
2.31Mb (15 downloads)
What happens when you graft a PT-6 turboprop engine into a Storch? It's quite different. GPLv2 EULA
Posted Jul 10, 2022 10:01 by LesterBoffo
9.12Mb (58 downloads)
From an Alphasim conversion combined with YASim's excellent float physics and engine handling coding, Presenting the well known German WWII Naval patrol floatplane the Arado-196. features include a detailed cockpit with many 3D gauges, mouse clickable panel functions and loadout drop down box for extra fuel and bombs. Steers in water at slow speed too. Interior and gauge details from AlphaSim and FG artist Detlef Faber, Creative Commons AA CY Eula
Posted Jul 6, 2022 15:38 by Lester Boffo
H-Farman-22 Floatplane
6.95Mb (43 downloads)
A WWI waterplane rarity. French and Belgium Naval patrol HF-22, with joystick trigger operated engine ignition coup and realistic couped Gnome Lambda-Lambda twin row, 14 cylinder rotary engine sounds.
Posted Jul 6, 2022 15:12 by Lester-Boffo
Bristol Scout
14.07Mb (30 downloads)
Ported from a Fighter Squadrons WWI 3D file. A complete make over and new functions in YASim FDM. File and textures are Freeware Creative Commons AA BY
Posted Jul 6, 2022 13:39 by Lewis "LesterBoffo"
P-51D Mustang
3.55Mb (824 downloads)
P-51D Author: Jim Wilson Version: v20100227
Posted Sep 11, 2010 04:06 by flightgear