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Aircraft Page 49
CFS2/FS2002 ME309V4 version 1.0. This is a repaint of Gerald Lindell's excellent Me309V. It represents a late war model. The textures were resized to allow for more detail and the cockpit textures have been given an overhaul. Included also is a panel based on the microsoft 109G panel,Gerald's original Me309 panel, and my own modifications. T.SimaAn original design by Gerald Lindell. Features full animation including retractable radiator. Fsds2 model by Gerald Lindell, textures by George Lindell and flight model, dp and vc gauges byh Andre van Duin. This plane featured many new ideas such as pressurized cockpit, tricycle landing gear and retractable radiator. There were only four made (V1 and V2) and never made it into production. The BF109G could out turn it and it was judged inferior to the FW190D. If first flew on June 1942. T.Sima. 2.1MB
Kodiak Wildcat. Repainted deafult F4F textures. Steve Martinez. 1MB
Updated: CFS2 FDG P-51D Mustang 403rd Squadron "City of Calgary" Textures. P-51D Mustang 403rd Squadron (Auxiliary) "City of Calgary" Calgary Aberta. (post war sceme) the Mustangs seved with the RCAF since they entered service with the British in WWII, they were kept at home after the war equiping auxiliary and active squadrons throughout Canada and the British commonwealth. Get the complete FDG P-51D model **here** enjoy! Textures: Felipe Belalcazar. 587K
Updated CFS2 FDG P-51D Mustang P51D Mustang 442nd squadron circa 1945 textures only. This is a repaint (textures only) of FDG's P-51D Mustang in the 422nd Squadron (Canadian) circa 1945. Get the complete FDG P-51D model **here** enjoy! Textures: Felipe Belalcazar . 549K
CFS2 Roland C11a "Walfisch". Arguably the nicest looking aircraft to appear during the Great War (yet cruelly nicknamed the "whale"), the Roland was the first serious attempt to address the problem of high drag in early aircraft. The smooth shape of the fuselage and aerodynamic wing struts helped get the best out of the low powered 160hp Mercedes engine. Model includes the following animations Full surface motions and prop plus Animated rockers, valve springs and generator pulley (inside cockpit) on the engine Pilots head moves Joystick Model also includes 4 x 12.5kg Pruefanstalt und Werft bombs. By Stuart Green. 1.4MB
CFS2/ FS2002 Polikarpov I-16 Tip 5 version 2.0 The Polikarpov I-16 Tip 5 painted as: 1.Lieutenant Liu Chi-Sheng, 21st PS, 4th PG, CAF, Wuhan area, China, 31st May 1938 2.Kapitan Gubenko Anton Alexeyevich, Russian Volunteer Group, CAF, China, 18th July 1938 3.Pilot unknown, 12nd IAP VMF-KBF(Baltic Fleet), USSR, August 1937 4.Maior A. Blagoveschenskiy, 22nd IAP, USSR, May-June 1938 5.Manuel Fernandez, Morales y Zarauza, 4a Escuadrilla, Spain, 14th August 1938 6.Pilot unknown, Captured by Spanish Nationalist, Grupo IW, Madrid-Cuatro Vientos, Spain, 1939 The Polikarpov I-16 Tip 5 version 1.0 Required I welcome your comments, Ivan Hsu. 8.7MB
CFS2 FDG P-51D Mustang 402nd Squadron "City of Winnipeg" Textures. This is an update to the repaint (textures only) of FDG's P-51D Mustang in the 402nd Squadron "City of Winnipeg". Re-formed 'City of Winnipeg' (Auxiliary) Squadron on 15 April 1946. On 18 September 1950, the title 'City of Winnipeg' was added to the squadron name. In 1957, the squadron gave up the fighter role and became 402 Transport Sqn (Auxiliary). Get the complete FDG P-51D model **here**enjoy! Textures: Felipe Belalcazar. 599K
OPERATION TIDAL WAVE LIBERATORS Three-plane Liberator package for "Operation Tidal Wave (here)." This file contains "Hail Columbia," a new B-24D Liberator by Krzyzstof Malinowski. Designed specifically for the Ploesti Raid of August 1, 1943. Many new features, with a new, comprehensive panel and new flight model using version 2.82.66 of the Flight Model Workbook. Also includes two AI versions optimized for high frame rates. Gmax, many animated features, RealityX, custom sound.cfg file. By K. Malinowski and J. McDaniel. 8.3MB
CFS2 FDG P-51D Mustang 12th Fighter Bomber Squadron "The Foxey Few" Textures only. 12th Fighter Bomber Squadron "The Foxey Few" Stationed at K-10 Chinhae 1951-1952 It's not listed on KORWALD (KORean War Air Loss Database) so it was probably transfered intact to either the RoKAF or the Philipine Air Force after the 12th FBS converted to F-86 Sabres in January 1953. Get the complete FDG P-51D model **here** enjoy! Textures: Felipe Belalcazar. 770K
F6 F3 "SHOCK @ AWE " Hellcat Textures only for the CFS2 Hellcat. . Steve Martinez. 1.3MB