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Campaigns & Missions Page 17
Updated OPERATION TIDAL WAVE Lead 'Killer' Kane's 98th BG against the most heavily defended target in Europe- the refineries around Ploesti in Rumania. Mission pack includes both short and 'round trip' versions of the mission, the 98th BG base at Benina, Libya, custom intercom communications, three other bomb groups, fighters, and Gerstneberg's 'Q-train'. Requires the 'Tidal Wave' bomber pack (km_B24D_Lib_pack.zip - available here)) . By the 'Tidal Wave' Design Team. 2.9MB.
CFS2 Pearl Harbor Attack: You are part of the Japanese attack force of 56 planes from 8 carriers 210 miles north of Pearl, attacking all at the same time. You are assigned to sink one ship and others if you can while other aircraft are droping bombs and ships are on fire and sinking all around you. By Duward Bixler. 38K
CFS2--Flight Quarters-Solomon Islands. This is a multiswap mission designed for online play. The mission contains (2) American carrier battle groups and (2) Japanese carrier battle groups. All carriers are Essex class, suitable for carrier quals or squadron vs. squadron battles. Repair and rearm is available on flight decks. Multiswap and DPswap is required. Mission and flightdeck textures by Corpen. 1.8MB
The Great Patrol At The Dust for May Day -Short Program Category- As this mission that is one of the many mission files produced by the K_Kim73's project is also fictional,so it is funny.Alon s o(=also) at this time It goes without saying that you will search enemies and destroy (the Them) on the south-east coast of Britain.It will be very hard and painful,but I'm sure that when you engage or finish it, you will make your friendly -ship more and more tight through it above all. CFS1's aircrafts(Bf109e,Bf109g,and P51d) are necessary to run this file.Pay your attention. KATSUMI KIMURA . 83K
CFS2 Papua Campaign for P-39. Campaign begins where "Defense of Australia" ends, and chronicles the experiences of USAAF squadrons flying the P-39 in Papua NG. Includes 16 historically accurate missions. Requires aircraft and scenery from DoA. Uses two additional aircraft (1% P-39D-2 not included) and Ki-21 Sally (included). Uses two additional airbases by Maskrider (included). By Matt Ingamells. 6.9MB
CFS2 Dr Doolittles Raid on Tokyo. . Historical mission freely adapts for cfs2 For this mission you need to have: the stock's b25 the CFS2_Bombsite_Panel.zip. 463K
CFS2 Midway Mission. The Japanese and American fleet are very close to each other. The Japs are launching an attack on the US fleet and Midway Airbase.... ....stop them before the destory the base and fleet! by John(_231_Fox2_USN)Workman. 3K
CFS2 STOL mission and scenedb/DeHavilland Caribou's. : A simple STOL (Short Take Off/Landing) airstrip CFS2 mission created to test Jim Jacobson's DHC-4 DeHavilland variants and weapons/supply/paratroops mod. (available here) Includes fictional SE Asia remote airstrip and military airport w/custom scenery (rice fields and villages). By Jim "Rockster" Jacobson. 488K
Torpedo Training Missions for CFS II A three part Training Campaign that teaches you step by step how to sink a ship using a Torpedo. Created by W. Wright. 29K