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                  Spartan ExecutivePackage
14.38Mb (4261 downloads)
FS2002 Spartan ExecutivePackage. VC and No-VC models included; Pkg incl Gmax A/C with "hand-flyer" flight dynamics and features a beautiful custom era correct panel and easy-to-read virtual cockpit, photoreal-influenced exterior textures and gauges, matching custom built interior, VC gauge backlighting, specular highlites. Sounds included based on Mike Hambly's great GeeBee sounds. Support website and contact info in documentation. By Milton Shupe, Scott Thomas and Urs Burkhardt. 14.7MB
Posted Sep 8, 2009 23:29 by archive
                  - Fokker S11 "Instructor".
3.86Mb (3269 downloads)
FS2002 - Fokker S11 "Instructor". This is my former Fs2000 of dutch trainer model updated to fs2002. This version of the model shows three different painting schemes sported by aircrafts used by Dutch K.Lu (Koninklijke Luchtmacht) and by MLD (Marine Luchtvaart Dienst / Koninklijke Marine) . The 3rd example is an aircraft painted as an a/c of Forca Aerea Brasilera. The model, made with FSDS from ABACUS features full moving parts with a realistic rendered motion of the sliding canopy, rolling wheels, and sticks moving attached to the ailerons and elevators motions. Panel and model by Massimo Taccoli. Repaint made by Gerardo and Massimo Taccoli. 3.9MB
Posted Sep 8, 2009 23:29 by archive
                  Commander 114 TC
0.34Mb (3975 downloads)
FS2002 Commander 114 TC with full moving parts, transparent windows and pilot figure for FS 2002 Pro/Standard. Designed with FSDS Pro. Features new default style prop, new windshield post and new nav and strobe lights. Flight Dynamics By Michael Verlin. aircraft and FS 2002 Mods by Brian Gladden. 347K
Posted Sep 8, 2009 23:29 by archive
                  ATL-98 Carvair Version 1.0
3.93Mb (4877 downloads)
FS2002 ATL-98 Carvair Version 1.0. GMAX built version of the Classic DC-4 conversion the Aviation Traders Carvair. Four liveries included 2 X British Air Ferries, British United and BUAF representing the Carviar in its intended role as a Car Ferry, later used purely in a Freight role the versatile Carvair saw widespread service world-wide. 2 or three out of the 21 distinctive DC-4/C54 conversions remain operational today. Fully animated model, with reflective and specular textures. By Jon Walton Accurate and original Flight Dynamics by FSAviator. Chief Test Pilot and technical assistance Maarten Brouwer. NOTE:- THIS IS A SPECIFIC VERSION FOR FS2002! FS2004 USERS SHOULD DOWNLOAD jwat98.zip. 4MB
Posted Sep 8, 2009 23:29 by archive
                  RNZAF CT4e Airtrainer,
0.34Mb (2201 downloads)
FS2002 RNZAF CT4e Airtrainer, Pilot Training Squadron, Ohakea Beta 1: - New visual model and flight model. - FS2002 lights and smoke system added - Old doggy FS98 CT4b panel added (needs a heap of work) - Views set for better OTW perspective. - Included are a bunch of old FS98 gauges. I am not sure which are duplicated in the new FS2k2 "nested" gauge sets, so have included all required. - Sound is aliased to the default C182. FSDS Model, Deane Baunton FS2002 mods and Panel, Sean Galbraith. 346K
Posted Sep 8, 2009 23:29 by archive
                  bang (sonic boom) for fighters
0.48Mb (15978 downloads)
Sonic bang (sonic boom) for fighters. With this "easy-install" gauge you can heard now the sonic bang when your aircraft reaches MACH 1. Xmlsound gauge by Bill Morad. Sonic bang gauge by Manolo Machuca Medina. 488K
Posted Aug 24, 2009 06:45 by archive
2.30Mb (7855 downloads)
Thunderbird 1 for FS2002. Version 2 now with enhanced flight dynamics enabling VTOL, animated belly rocket and variable geometry wings without altering the flight dynamics. This craft is from the popular 1960's Gerry Anderson Supermarionation television programme "Thunderbirds". By Ken Bertschy and Brian Douglas. 2.3MB
Posted Aug 24, 2009 06:45 by archive
                  RAAF Fighter Pilot Iraq Mission.
0.49Mb (3220 downloads)
FS2002 RAAF Fighter Pilot Iraq Mission. . Have you ever thought of bombing Iraq before? well here's your opportunity and it only comes once in our life time.This package contains 2 RAAF missions for FS2002 altogether. In order for these missions to function properly you must have the file called RAAFF18B.zip (here). By Michael Pookbooncherd. 505K
Posted Aug 24, 2009 06:45 by archive
                  Damage Enabler V3.
1.91Mb (3211 downloads)
Crash Damage Enabler V3. for FS2002 A small proggie to enable / disable crash damage for any aircraft in FS2002, which Microsoft disabled after the 9/11 terrorist attack. *VERSION 3* and *Pro Version* 03/31/2003: Throw away those old versions!!! This one has New and Better features in BOTH the free and pro version. 1.Added title information about each selected aircraft to confirmation dialogs. 2.Added ? About button. 3.Choice for let "Crash Damage" SEARCH oR let the user BROWSE for the FS2002 Folder. 4.Error Correction while canceling out of search / browse functions. 5.*Pro ONLY* enable / disable crash damage for ALL aircraft on your computer With ONE CLICK. 6.New features are GREAT if you have many aircraft!!! 1.9MB
Posted Aug 24, 2009 06:45 by archive
                  2002 "UFO"
6.54Mb (3235 downloads)
FS 2002 "UFO" Based on the vehicle made famous by the 1970's TV series UFO. This craft make the perfect vehicle for alien sitings over you favourite FS city. The panel and the .air file are borrowed from the default Bell 206B The sound .cfg is only slightly modified. by Stephen (Silver Fox) Daly. 6.7MB
Posted Aug 24, 2009 06:45 by archive