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X-Plane 11.25+ Horten Ho IVa High Performance Glider
114.77Mb (113 downloads)
X-Plane 11.25+ Horten Ho IVa High Performance Glider 1.0 The Horten Ho IV was a high performance, all wing, competition glider designed to compete with the best gliders of its time. It featured a high aspect wing for optimum gliding performance and a prone pilot position, minimizing drag while providing a unique flight experience. 4 were built in the 1940s and one was used in competitions in the 1950s (taking prizes a number of times). This X-Plane model features: highly accurate model based on historical, research and restoration data, full flying wing aerodynamic model using original Horten airfoils, a bell-shaped lift distribution and custom fuselage airfoils to model the entire aircraft for a realistic flight experience, custom airfoils analysed with X-foil across the Reynolds number regimes of the aircraft, custom flight controls using X-Plane's override_control_surfaces feature to simulate the triple differential elevon and dual drag/dive brake control surfaces of the Ho IV design, plus many more additional features. Documentation included in the package. By Fred Highland.
Posted Feb 1, 2019 00:29 by xplover
Xplane 11 JarDesign A320Neo Sound Pack
158.75Mb (413 downloads)
PW1100 engine sounds , Dynamics , cockpit and weather noises for XPlane 11 JarDesign A320 V3 . Video : www.youtube.com/watch?v=BnBiSGT6uF0
Posted Jan 5, 2019 23:28 by Kairi Akai