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V1 Buzz Bomb for x-plane 4.65
V1 Buzz Bomb for x-plane 4.65
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The V-1 was developed at Peenemunde Army Research Center by the Nazi German Luftwaffe during the Second World War. During initial development it was known by the codename "Cherry Stone". The first of the so-called Vergeltungswaffen series designed for terror bombing of London
Posted Mar 8, 2015 06:00 by Next day plane
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This is f-22A, In this f-22 have thrust vertical but it look like f-35 it can hover. You can see the cockpit from the out side of the plane or follow view. You must carefully to fly it because it has fast acceleration. If you want to follow us-facebook https://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/Next-day-plane/443903069078155?fref=ts Thank you
Posted Aug 16, 2014 11:33 by Pongsathorn Tangtard
NF-104A "Zoom Climber"
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X-Plane 9.70 NF-104A "Zoom Climber". The rocket boosted F-104A's used by USAF Test Pilots School and NASA astronaut candidates to experience weightlessness and practice vehicle control techniques in a near space like environment. NF-104s achieved altitudes of over 100,000 feet using a "zoom" climb technique assissted by a 6000 lb thrust rocket motor mounted in the tail just above the J-79 turbojet engine afterburner. By David Austin
Posted Jun 2, 2014 04:56 by xplaner
US Army DHC-5 Caribou
US Army DHC-5 Caribou
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US Army DHC-5 Caribou. The only changes aside from liveries are the radome and radar display on the panel. Livery for US army is included I have tried to represent a Vietnam aircraft for the C-7, but picture resources were limited. I would welcome more information on the paint job or maybe someone would have the info to produce a more accurate livery. Jack Wilkinson
Posted May 28, 2014 04:49 by xplaner
Alenia C-27J Spartan
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X-Plane Alenia C-27J Spartan. This Alenia C-27J Spartan (MM 62218) has the liveries of 46 Aerobrigata, Aeronautica Militare Italiana, 2007. The C-27J, advanced derivative of the G.222 and called by some the Mini Herc, has fulfilled the specifications of the Joint Cargo Aircraft (JCA) program in the Usa and ordered in 78 units for the USAAF and the Army. The first plane has been delivered last September. This model is fully animated: cockpit, landing gear, surface controls and fuselage doors. By Paolo Matricardi and Don Bush.
Posted Dec 20, 2013 07:10 by xplaner
X-Plane 10 MiG-21M v1.0
X-Plane 10 MiG-21M v1.0
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X-Plane 10 MiG-21M v1.0. Thanks to Norman (SuperFighter2) for permission to upload this update of his MiG-21 M. Everything contained in this package has been originally created by Norman (every 3D instrument, object, .acf file, etc.). This package includes an updated 3D cockpit. Every 3D instruments in the cockpit has been created by Norman. Updated radar (from Norman's MiG-21PFM). Now shows traffic at correct angles. You can also lock targets. Night lighting in the cockpit. Optimised objects with single sided surfaces. Remapped and retextured external model. New canopy (can be opened pressing shift + F1). Three liveries included: Russia, Croatia, Romania. Also includes a paint kit. By Francesco d'Arpa.
Posted Dec 7, 2013 06:43 by uploader
North American Aviation F-86E-6 Sabre 2
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X-Plane 9.70+ North American Aviation F-86E-6 Sabre 2. This plane is based on the Canadair Sabre 6 posted earlier. To convert to a Korean war airplane some changes were made in the model. The wings have a narrower chord. The cockpit is black instead of gray. The engine has been changed to 5200 lb. thrust to represent a J47-GE-13. By Jack Wilkinson.
Posted Dec 6, 2013 02:14 by uploader
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X-Plane 9.70 T-38C Talon II. The T38C features the Avionic Update Program "glass" cockpit and Propulsion Modernization Program (PMP) increased thrust engine. Boeing flight test chase, NASA austronaut trainer, U. S. Navy Test Pilots School, Vance AFB and Whiteman AFB B-2 companion trainer liveries. By David Austin
Posted Nov 22, 2013 03:35 by uploader
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X-Plane 9 F-4G "Wild Weasel", 81st TFS/52nd TFW Spangdahlem AB, 9.50. The "Wild Weasel" F-4G (Phantom II) was designed to seek out and supress, electronically, or destroy with High Speed Anti-Radiation (HARM) missiles an adversaries missile guidance and early warning radars. Apparently worked quite well too. Haven't figured out how to model all that in X-Plane 9 though. By David Austin
Posted Nov 22, 2013 00:40 by uploader
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X-Plane 9 B-1B Lancer v9.50. An updated B1B Lancer (aka the B-One or "Bone"). All the parts, nacelles and fuselage, have been converted into one integrated object with Plane-Maker, reducing their total drag to zero, and gaining back all the supersonic performance lost in the constant "improvements" made to the X-Plane flight model since v9.10. There are now, also, more liveries since the v9.10 file, some fictional. By David Austin.
Posted Nov 22, 2013 00:27 by uploader
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