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                  Peewee Flyer RC Aircraft
0.09Mb (1082 downloads)
FS2004 Peewee Flyer RC Aircraft. The Peewee Flyer is a real remote controlled aircraft, made flyable in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004. Mastering this aircraft is a challange and takes an experienced pilot to keep stable. By Mike Thurman. 96K
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:32 by archive
1.79Mb (4932 downloads)
FS2004 Yaw Damper Solution If you are one of those that still flying with the Yaw Damper system NOT working... here's the solution. By Ioshen / Josť Antonio Moreno. 1.8MB
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:32 by archive
                  Shuck Falcon Video
4.93Mb (721 downloads)
Black Shuck Falcon Video A video of a brilliant F-16 Falcon displaying at RIAT 2002. All timed to the tunes of The Darkness' song Black Shuck. The Video is actually timed to the song. Original film taken by Anthony Hicks and edited by P.Saverux. 5MB
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:32 by archive