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0.20Mb (215 downloads)
PeiFix by Richard Ludowise PeiFix.bgl and hyp536208a.bgl are 2 LWM BGLs for FS2002 that will correct the absence of Prince Edward Island in FS2002. 201K
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:31 by archive
                  Airstrip (version 1) - New South Wales -
2.30Mb (601 downloads)
Leeton Airstrip (version 1) - New South Wales - Australia for FS2002 This one is for all of you who like flying without an engine! Leeton airstrip is situated in South West New South Wales and a few kilometers North West of Narrandra. Leeton airstrip is a dirt affair with 6 runways and sits more or less in the middle of a large field that is owned by the Commonwealth government. This strip boasts a small glider club and is also is the home of one or two crop dusters who work the surrounding irrigated rice and fruit farms. The 'river'you can see that runs near the western boundry of the strip is actually the Main Canal which feeds irrigation water from the Murumbidgee River to the Griffith irrigation region.This airport was constructed based on memories, a long phone call with Bill Christie who flies his ultralight from here and also a map supplied by the Leeton Gliding Club. Included is a landclass overlay file especially constructed by Ian Thatcher and a Soundscape file. Copyright: Steve James. 2.3MB
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:31 by archive
                  tire-mark effects for FS2002.
0.16Mb (3616 downloads)
Customized tire-mark effects for FS2002. General aviation and smaller military aircraft with single-wheel landing gear can now leave small tire-marks on the runway. Also includes revised tire-mark effects for default 737/747/777 AC that can be customized for other airliners. (All effects include Adnane Bourja's "External-Touchdown-Sound")...easy to install, and default touchdown files are not changed. By Jan Rosenberg. 168K
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:31 by archive
                  Valley Regional Airport (YLTV).
0.96Mb (337 downloads)
Latrobe Valley Regional Airport (YLTV). Latrobe Valley airport is situated near the town of Traralgon in Gippsland, south east of Melbourne, Australia. By Greg Johnston. 985K
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:31 by archive
                  Veld. N.N.Z.C. Glider Airfield Scenery,
2.62Mb (623 downloads)
Nieuwe Veld. N.N.Z.C. Glider Airfield Scenery, Northern Europe. v2.1 This is the second release of the nnzc airfield because we have moved to another field just put into fs2002 addon scenery folder and start fs 2002. Thermals included scenery by Erik Beertema. 2.7MB
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:31 by archive
                  AFB, Nevada Scenery (FICTIONAL).
0.45Mb (565 downloads)
Tonopah AFB, Nevada Scenery (FICTIONAL). Scenery is located north of Groom Lake(Area 51), and east of Tonopah Test Range. The scenery includes two large runways, and one smaller one. The design of the air base comes from a mix of several real air force bases across the country, including Nellis AFB (NV) and Elemendorf AFB (AK). The air base includes several different parking areas, each designed for a certain aircraft, like the B-1B or smaller F-15's. The scenery has full night lighting and taxi-way lines. Matt Magner. 466K
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:31 by archive
0.61Mb (239 downloads)
CavWA2 (Caversham Western Australia, version 2) - Australia for FS2002 This is my fourth WA airport in a series for Western Australia. Situated 13 miles from Perth and under the Perth Airport flight path, the World War II airfield at Middle Swan in Western Australia was only used from 1942 to 1946. It includes three runways, the last race track and correct altitudes for the Swan River, part of the Darling Escarpment and the Avon Valley. Caversham, Maylands and Langley Park are within sight of Perth airport and can be used as a set or separately. A feature of Caversham is the experimental portion of the Darling Range and the correct levels for the Swan River and the Avon Valley. Build 2 includes corrections to altitudes at Pearce and the Darling Range. CAUTION! FLY OVER TO NOTE OBSTACLES ON RUNWAYS (GAS LINE PUMP STATION AND TREES). This scenery was made using freeware Airport 2.9 Build 26 and if installed as instructed will not alter your scenery.cfg. Thanks to Steve James for his advice. Textures if required are included. Made by Alan Blencowe. 628K
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:31 by archive
                    OLBA2002 scenery Beirut International Airport
9.83Mb (817 downloads)
FS2002 OLBA2002 scenery Beirut International Airport - By Lebor (Michel Karam). 10MB FS2002 OLBA2002 Update V1.1 This is an update for OLBA2002 scenery (Beirut International Airport for FS2002). This update fixes many issues in the original release. You will need to have the scenery: olba2002.zip already installed before using this update. By Lebor (Michel Karam). 76K
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:31 by archive
0.03Mb (892 downloads)
AI Traffic Tracks for RAF Brize Norton. AI Traffic Tracks and AFCAD files for Royal Air Force Brize Norton, Oxfordshire, UK. Includes All Scheduled RAF Flights from the base (updated from files released with Brize Norton v3), Refuelling Flights, local flyers, and AFCAD Gates and Taxiways update. Intended for use with nb_egvn3.zip but AI flights will work with default scenery. By Nick Black. 31K
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:31 by archive
0.09Mb (962 downloads)
FS2002 Update for RAF Brize Norton for FS2002. Update 1 for Replacement for the FS2002 default scenery of Royal Air Force Brize Norton, Oxfordshire,UK . Update includes new buildings and objects not in first release. Runway Distance Markers and New Floodlights added. By Nick Black. 95K
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:31 by archive