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1.66Mb (1201 downloads)
NAV: A Flight Simulator scenery file viewer and flight planner. NAV is a Microsoft Flight Simulator (versions 5, 95, 98, and 2000) compatible scenery file (BGL) viewer and flight planner. NAV will show (and print) a map of all the navigational aids, runways and airports in your scenery files, let you measure distances between places, search the files for specific items, create a flight plan showing navigational aid frequencies and distance, fuel, and estimated time between references points, link to Flight Simulator to show your map position updated in real time, and control your autopilot to help you navigate. 1.7MB
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                    Nav Aids
0.12Mb (430 downloads)
U.S. Nav Aids now includes Alaska, New York, Northern Pennsylvania, Northern New Jersey, Central and Western Connecticut, Central and Western Massachusetts and Vermont. U.S. Nav Aids was made with Paint Shop Pro. Some of the maps require you Rotate the map 90 degrees to print the full size map. The Cities on the map are Navigation Points, but most of them have airports as well. All maps display VOR's, NDB's and Elevations. All maps are the latest versions with additional Nav Aids or corrections. Created by Bob Baker. 121K
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1.20Mb (107 downloads)
Wetter 2000 will create enroute weather with departure and destination airports, weather for enroute waypoints and destination airports and start at the location of a saved flight file, world weather for pre-defined areas (Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, Ocean weather), world weather for your own desired areas, weather from a FS2000 flight plan, following the waypoints, changing weather, even if you stay in one area, real weather, if you want to use METAR or SAO files. The weather is created depending on your current location, season, time of day. You may preset special weather settings or create random weather. By Klaus Prichatz. 1.2MB
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                    Flight Log
0.19Mb (368 downloads)
Excel Flight Log - Internationl Version A very simple freeware logbook that is perfect for flight simulation. All you need is Excel. In this version you can input hours and minutes, the standard for log books for ICAO. By: CJ Starr. 193K
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0.25Mb (493 downloads)
Italy Airport Navigation ILS Data - text format . Update database for RWYINFO (By FIGLIOLA Francesco) This is my first work about fs2000. the file in this version included all Italian airport with relatives ils (where available). 256K
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                  - ChartViews V1.0.0 (beta)
2.66Mb (1274 downloads)
FS98/FS2000 - ChartViews V1.0.0 (beta), ChartViews is a small 'stand-alone' Windows utility for Flight Simulators allowing a number of airport charts to be stored and available on screen whilst still flying. The programme can load up to 8 files, 4 each of either .pdf files or picture files. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. by Alex Hyett. 2.7MB
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0.01Mb (515 downloads)
CP 737 for FS2000: CP 737 is my first attempt at writing an add-on for FS2000. It is supposed to lighten your workload as a pilot by monitoring some of the systems for you while you 'look out' and fly the airliner. On take off it will make the necessary speed calls to get you safely into the air and on approach will monitor your speed and situation, advising flaps, gear and speedbrake settings, making height calls as you approach the threshold. Finally as you slow to a stop the speed calls will tell you how well your brakes are doing! Ian Niblo. 3 files CP737 7K Sound Files (required for either 737 or 777) 1MB 777 Alternative 8K
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                  1.0.11 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000
1.14Mb (692 downloads)
FSManager 1.0.11 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000. What is FSManager?FSManager is designed to improve the realism and enjoyability of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2000 by allowing you to view current weather information and forecasts (METAR and TAF files) in a clear and easy to understand format before each flight. After reading the weather reports and forecasts, you can then launch to a specific location and in the aircraft of your choice. This allows you to avoid the time consuming process of having to change location and aircraft once you are in Flight Simulator 2000. FSManager is also able to display the flight time that you have logged in Flight Simulator 2000 to allow you to easily keep track of the amount of hours that you have flown. Copyright 2001 Spade Applications and Chris Monson. 1.1MB
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1.67Mb (572 downloads)
FS-Fault: FS-Fault is a new utility, allowing maximum control over your aircrafts' reliability settings. You can select individual settings for the Avionics, Control, Electrical, Instrumentation and Engine control systems. FS-Fault even replicates unique scenarios such as runaway trim and rudder hard-over. Freeware.(MR) Added: 5-Mar-2001 File has been downloaded: 1 times Author: Ray Sotkiewicz. 1.7MB
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                  - Minimum Sound Package for ACSAGSFP version 2.X.X
5.39Mb (866 downloads)
FS2000/FS98 - Minimum Sound Package for ACSAGSFP version 2.X.X This package contain the minimum sound files, required to fly an ACSAGSFP 2.X.X compiled adventure. The included batch file will build all required sound structure automatically from this set of sound file. But this configuration will feature only one controller voice and no distinctive ATC per center type (all ATC are built from a set of 80 files in all). Installation instructions included. Author: Alain Capt / ACSoft Productions. 5.5MB
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