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            War part 3; Northern Seas A campaign for CFS 1
1.00Mb (477 downloads)
Pilots War part 3; Northern Seas A campaign for CFS 1 Welcome to 1942, a world of powdered eggs, rationed soap, and national service. Fly with the R.A.F. as they escort the first American raids on Europe, and battle for control of the sky's over the North Sea. Scenery and four aircraft included. Aircraft pack from "Pilots war part 2" required. By Richard Steele. 1MB
Posted Jun 10, 2008 11:32 by archive
Peenumunde Attack & Defence
4.92Mb (362 downloads)
Peenumunde Attack & Defence My tribute to Flt/Lt Mike Allen DFC-2Bars whose career in night fighters accounted for 12 enemy aircraft. This enactment of one of his missions is in a Beaufighter protecting bombers on the way to Peenemunde Rocket Research Base. The second mission represents the Luftwaffe's point of view, in this you fly a Ju88g to defend Peenemunde. This is one for the trigger happy, never a dull moment, very busy, but refined. Beaufighter, Bf110g4, Ju88g, Lancaster and Wellington included. By Terry Baldwin
Posted Jun 10, 2008 11:32 by archive
            ATTACK a mission for CFS 1
0.13Mb (512 downloads)
DAWN ATTACK a mission for CFS 1 Inspired by such films as "633 Squadron" and "Mosquito Squadron" this is a low level mission that is intended to be flown for the most part in "real time". This mission presents you with multiple intercepts, and plenty of flack round the target. Flyable Mosquito included. By Sue Steele. 132K
Posted Jun 10, 2008 11:32 by archive
1.04Mb (172 downloads)
CFS1-Campaign-Secret base Made with CFS mission editor version 3.03 By A.F.Scrub 15 sept 2001. email; af_scrubbypc@hotmail.com This action packed Campaign is made of 4 missions German side and 4 missions US side. During your last mission in each campaign, you'll fly the highly modified Longnose and Apache against each other...fasten seat belts ! You'll need the scenery "Battle Island", designed by Paul Harmon. 1.1MB
Posted Jun 10, 2008 11:32 by archive
0.07Mb (640 downloads)
CFS1 Campaign of France (may-june 1940) Eight historical missions consecrated to the campaign of France of 1940, french side, for CFS1. The Campaign of France, which lasted from the 10th of may to the 24th of june1940, was, for the Armée de l’Air, and despite the deplorable conditions in which it had to fight, a chapter of glory : 935 planes of the Luftwaffe were destroyed by the fighters (against 428 downed in action for the Armée de l’Air). It also paid a heavy price : 166 fighter pilots died (on 752). CF1Fr. First alert at Laon, on the 10 of may 1940, with the arrival, at dawn, of a formation of 40 Dorniers 17, with the task of destroying the airport and the railway station. The Phoney War was definitely over. Gérald West. 62K
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1.88Mb (448 downloads)
CFS1 Pilots war; Part two; Siege. INTRODUCTION In this campaign, the missions cover the year 1941, all from the point of view of a fighter squadron based in southern Britain. You may find that some of the missions are a bit "samey" with lots of fighter sweeps over France. But this is the type of mission flown at the time, which probably explains why historians seem to have written so little about them. The only missions here that make any pretense at being historic, are PW-34 and PW-35. The others are, as with "Pilots war part 1" simply typical of the period. (Please read the historical notes) Pilots war part 3 is now in preperation. Richard Steele. 2MB
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0.04Mb (353 downloads)
Four historical missions for CFS1 consecrated to the Campaign of France, german side, by G.West. CF1All. 11/5/1940. Mission of the I/StG2 (Ju87B) against french defenses at Sedan. CF2All. 21/5/1940. (Fictive) mission under command of oberleutnant H. Philipp, against the plane of general Weygand, on inspection tour (real) in the north of France. CF3All. 1/6/1940. Escort mission of the He111 sent to Dunkirk to bomb the allied convoys on their way to England. CF4All. 3/6/1940. Escort mission of the Do17z sent for a bombing mission on Villacoublay airport, on the 3rd of june, during ‘Paula Operation’. These missions need, besides CFS planes, the following aircrafts, all to be found on Simviation and other sites : Curtiss Hawk75a by B.Duffort et C.Johnson on CFS France (Specific name : « BR Hawk 75A vichy ») Bloch 152C by B.Duffort et P.Didier on Simviation(Specific name : « BR Bloch MB-152C ») Amiot 354 by H. Devred on Maiquarante (Specific name : « Amiot 354-1 ») MS406 by J-M Mermaz on CFS France (Specific name: « MS406 ») Warning : the aircraft conceivers may have several models of the same planes, or may have change the specific names of their planes (the names that appear in the ‘Briefing of the mission’) : check that there are the same when downloading. . Gérald West. 42K
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2.66Mb (895 downloads)
WINTER OST FRONT (EASTERN FRONT) CAMPAIGN for CFS1 By Jacek Poltorak, Billy "Pak-Rat" Irle, and Gorale Greetings Everybody! Although CFS1 doesn't get as much attention as CFS2, we realized that some of you would still prefer the snows of Russia to the blue skies and waters of the Pacific. This, our final campaign in the CFS1 realm, is the conclusion of our Eastern Front/Ost Front series. Encouraged by very positive feedback, we have attempted to create a set of winter missions for CFS1. We decided to build this campaign around what was probably the most heroic and yet tragic chapter in the history of Luftwaffe... Stalingrad. The entire plot is fictional, but some missions are actually based on historical events. We tried to incorporate as much realism as possible, but as in all our work, continued to stress playability over realism. 2.7MB Scenery files for this mission. 5.6MB
Posted Jun 10, 2008 11:32 by archive
            Pilots War; part 1; Early Days
1.75Mb (711 downloads)
CFS1 Pilots War; part 1; Early Days A twenty two mission campaign for CFS 1 running from the outbreak of war to the end of 1940. Seven aircraft included, an additional download of Mike Rennie's ABBA Duxford scenery is recommended but not essential. By Richard Steele. 1.8MB
Posted Jun 10, 2008 11:32 by archive
            Campaign of France (May-June 1940)
0.16Mb (439 downloads)
CFS1 Campaign of France (May-June 1940) Here are two missions dedicated to the pilots of the campaign of France 1940. They can be played as a campaign with the CFGB folder. CF1B: Mission of the english Blenheims, from England, against the boat-bridges built on the Meuse by the germans on the 14 of may. CF2B: Defense of Dunkirk, on the 1st of june, against the attacks of the Luftwaffe, during the reembarkment of the allied troops. Blenheim Mark IV is by Hervé Devred and Glenn Mc Donald, other aircrafts are from CSF1 aircraft's . All can be found on Simviation's site. Good hunting! 'Freeware Copyright G. West. 168K
Posted Jun 10, 2008 11:32 by archive