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X-Plane 10 Lydd / London Ashford Airport. Lydd Airport is located in the south-east of the UK close to the English Channel coastline. Formerly known as Ferryfield it has an interesting history and a possible bright future as a regional airport already renamed into London Ashford Airport. Scenery packages required: OpenSceneryX, ruscenery. By Manfred Muller.
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X-Plane 10 Kiel Holtenau (EDHK), v1.0. This regional airport is located in Germany just north of the eastern Kiel Canal locks on the Kiel Fjord which leads into the Baltic Sea. Presently a rather quiet location but because of the age of the field it is worth keeping it alive, at least in X-Plane. Made in X-Plane v10.20b5 entirely by using objects found in the free libraries: OpenSceneryX, ruscenery and r2_library. By Manfred Muller.
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X-Plane 9 And 10 Scenery--Oshawa Muni. (CYOO). Oshawa Municipal Airport is an airport adjacent to the north end of the city of Oshawa, Ontario, Canada. Oshawa Airport is one of the major general aviation airports in the Greater Toronto Area. It includes two paved runways and instrument approaches. OpenSceneryX required. By Jacques Brault.
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X-Plane 9 And 10 Peterborough Ontario. Includes CYPQ Peterborough, CPJ5 Stirling, CPY4 Norwood, CPS2 Keene/Elmhirsts Resort, CNQ6 Keene/Elmhirsts Resort (water), CNF4 Lindsay, CFG8 Sturgeon Lake (water), CPV5 Head Lake (grass and water). OpenSceneryX required. Note: developed in 8.64 and tested in 9.70. By Jacques Brault.
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X-Plane 9 And 10 Scenery--Ontario Airports 8, Canada. All the airports that surround Lake Simcoe, north of Toronto. Includes CNB9 Lake Simcoe Regional, CNJ4 Orillia, CNV6 Orillia/Lake St-John (water aerodrome), CNA3 Barrie Airpark, CPT5 Little Lake (water aerodrome), CNV8 Edenvale, NE2 Orillia/Mara (closed), CBN7 Beaverton North, CBV2 Beaverton . Note: This is also compatible with version 8 of X-Plane. OpenSceneryX required. By Jacques Brault.
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Ontario Airports, 7, Canada
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X-Plane 9 And 10 Scenery --Ontario Airports 7. A few smaller airfields that you will encounter on your way from Toronto to Lake Simcoe. Includes CCT2 Cookstown, CKF8 Cookstown/Kirby Field, CLA4 Holland Landing, CNY4 Alliston, CPB9 Baldwin (PB9 in X-Plane), CPM5 Tottenham/Volk, CPM7 Bradford, CPQ4 Lefroy, CTR3 Tottemham/Ronan. OpenSceneryX required. By Jacques Brault.
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CYFD Brantford, Ontatio, Canada
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X-Plane 9 And 10 Scenery CYFD Brantford, Ontatio, Canada. CYFD Brantford plus some other airports between Hamilton and Niagara. The package includes the following: CYFD Brantford, CAY5 Ayr, CNC6 Caledonia/Grand River (water aerodrome), CNZ8 Grimsby Air Park, CPF6 Stoney Creek, CCP6 York. The scenery also emphasizes the escarpment that runs along the Lake Ontario from Grimsby to Downtown Hamilton. OpenSceneryX required. Note: runs also in version 8.64. By Jacques Brault.
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CYKF Kitchener/Waterloo, Canada
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X-Plane 9 And 10 Scenery CYKF Kitchener/Waterloo, Canada Five airports in the area: CYKF Kitchener/Waterloo, CZBA Burlington Airpark, CNC4 Guelph, CPE4 Cambridge (PE4 in X-Plane) and CPT3 Rockton. Note: works and tested in XP8 and XP9. May work in XP10. OpenSceneryX required. By Jacques
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Bristol (Lulsgate) Airport, UK
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Bristol Airport, UK, v1.0. Bristol Airport is located at Lulsgate Bottom in North Somerset and is the commercial airport serving the city of Bristol, England, and the surrounding area. It is 7 miles southwest of Bristol city center. Bristol Airport was built on the site of a former RAF airfield and it opened in 1957 as Bristol (Lulsgate) Airport. OpenSceneryX required. Does not include lots of objects in order to keep frames good on lower end machines. I.e.,not as detailed as the author's previous work. By Rene Bruun (Renair).
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Salzgitter-Druette EDVS, Germany
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Salzgitter-Druette EDVS, v1.1. Salzgitter-Druette is a small airport near Braunschweig in Germany. OpenSceneryX and ruScenery are required. By Christer Haberli.
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