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T45C Splash Screen FSX
0.68Mb (1438 downloads)
this is my second try at making a splash screen for FSX, A BIG Thanks to Bob Hedgelon for his splash screen templates and Dino Cattaneo for his Boeing T45C Goshawk, aircraft depicted is the Boeing T45C Goshawk.
Posted Nov 16, 2008 18:00 by PJ.Pugh
Mig 29 Splash Screen FSX
0.33Mb (10801 downloads)
A Splash screen for FSX using Bob Hedgelons templates and the Abacus payware Mig 29.
Posted Nov 16, 2008 17:57 by PJ.Pugh
FSX Splashscreen Liberty Statue
FSX Splashscreen Liberty Statue
1.19Mb (1169 downloads)
Standard FSX splashscreen with the liberty statue and a WB-57F with Nasa textures.
Posted Oct 23, 2008 07:44 by Jetneth Productions
FSX/FS9 United Airlines Flight 232 Splash screen
0.81Mb (1075 downloads)
This is the FS9 United Airlines DC-10 used in FS2004, made by SGA and repaint by Damien Thomas. This splash screen has shot to see moments before the flight crashed into the closed runway, killing 111 people on board. Special thanks to those people who tried to land this DC-10 without hydraulic power. By Victor Vu
Posted Oct 20, 2008 21:36 by Victor Vu
FSX SPLASH SCREEN Air Jamaica Airbus A340
0.68Mb (1965 downloads)
This an FSX splash screen of an Air Jamaica A340 at Norman Manley Intl, Kingston, Jamaica.
Posted Oct 19, 2008 06:23 by Captainwell
FSX Frontier Virtual Splashscreen
0.83Mb (1908 downloads)
Frontier Boeing 737-800 Splashscreen for FSX
Posted Sep 22, 2008 21:07 by David Rosentur
Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker Splash Screen for FSX and FS9
0.74Mb (945 downloads)
This is the KC-135 taken at Ohio when my family and I stopped by for fast food to go home from NYC and then suddenly, I saw an aircraft flyby. I took a photo and then I discovered it was a Stratotanker.
Posted Aug 15, 2008 23:07 by Victor Vu
Photoreal Airliner Splashscreens package for FSX and FS9
8.07Mb (1508 downloads)
This airliner splashscreen pack includes 8 airline splashscreens like AirTran Airways, American Eagle, Continental Airlines, Delta Airlines, Northwest Airlines, United Airlines, and US Airways.
Posted Aug 15, 2008 23:06 by Victor Vu
NYC Helicopter Package for FSX and FS9
7.16Mb (1674 downloads)
I have took those pictures when I was on my way to NYC for my family's vacation. Therefore, the helicopters have been so many, I can't verify the helicopter's brand name. You may need to go to wikipedia to find out more. Enjoy.
Posted Aug 15, 2008 23:06 by Victor Vu
FSX Hughes 500D-Flying in the morning
0.62Mb (1839 downloads)
Here is a splashscreen based on my FSX Hughes 500D in FSX colors. Made by: Brandon Filer
Posted Aug 3, 2008 13:51 by archive