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Grey Bf109e Textures
0.19Mb (112 downloads)
Grey textures for the default Bf109e.
Posted May 24, 2012 02:48 by Howard Abilas
Bf109e White/Yellow Textures
0.15Mb (137 downloads)
Bf109e White/Yellow Textures for the default CFS1 BF109E. By Howard Abilas.
Posted May 22, 2012 13:35 by Howard Abilas
Hawker Hurricane Black Textures
0.27Mb (149 downloads)
Hawker Hurricane Black textures pnly for the default CFS1 Hurricane.
Posted May 22, 2012 13:26 by Howard Abilas
White Bf109E JG77 for CFS1
0.20Mb (188 downloads)
Here are White Bf109E Winter Textures for a White Bf109E from JG77 for CFS1. By Howard Abilas.
Posted Nov 22, 2011 22:01 by Howard Abilas
Westland Wapiti
0.18Mb (263 downloads)
CFS1 - The Westland Wapiti The Westland Wapiti was a two-seat general-purpose biplane and as requested by the Air Ministry, incorporated in its design, several de Havilland D.H.9A component parts. The prototype Wapiti first flew in March 1927 and was awarded an initial order of 25 production Mk I included one that specially modified with a more luxurious rear cockpit for the Prince of Wales to fly in. Mk I was powered by a 425hp Bristol Jupiter VI engine, but subsequent Mk II and Mk IIA had 450hp Jupiter VI and 475hp Jupiter VIIIF or similar engines. There were a small number of lengthened Wapiti Mk V and some unarmed Mk VI trainers which brought the total produced for the Royal Air Force to 501. The Westland Wapiti also served the Air Forces of Australia, South Africa (where Wapitis were built under licence), Canada, India and China. Les Stone 1st Dec 2010
Posted Oct 5, 2011 06:53 by Les Stone
Scottish Aviation twin Pioneer
1.62Mb (349 downloads)
CFS1 Scottish Aviation Twin Pioneer The Twin Pioneer first flew on the 25th June 1955 and went on to serve will several small airlines. The largest customer was the Royal Air Force who put 39 examples into service as a light to medium Transport and Liason aircraft. the Twin Pioneer could carry 16 passeners in airline service or 13 troops or 11 Paratroops or an equivalent load of cargo in military service. The aircraft is all my own work and the restriction on my files are that you may not upload to any payware site or make any money from the files. The Twin Pioneer flies fine on my PC but the air file could do with some improvemnts. If you think the files may have harmed your PC in any way then tough! Please enjoy this aircraft Les Stone 2011
Posted Oct 5, 2011 06:52 by Les Stone
Fairey IIIF
0.17Mb (227 downloads)
CFS1 - The Fairey IIIF The Fairey IIIF was first flown in March 1926 and was soon to become the most numerous aircraft in british military service, the Hawker Hart, Demon, Audax, Hardy, Osprey and Hind were all different aircraft so don't count. Powered by a Napier Lion, the flying of the IIIF was refered to as a gentleman's pursuit as it was so well behaved. Les Stone 14th April 2011
Posted Oct 5, 2011 06:51 by Les Stone
Avro Manchester
1.91Mb (802 downloads)
CFS1 Avro Manchester Mk1 The Manchester was known for two things, the first was that it was the forunner of the Avro Lancaster and the second reason was that because of the engines fitted it was notoriously unreliable. The Rolls Royce vulture engines were underdeveloped when placed in production and as a result any aircraft fitted was doomed to fail. The Rolls Royce Vulture used the four cylinder blocks from the Rolls Royce Peregrine arranged in an X layout, a simple idea to produce a high power engine but it needed a lot of development at a time when the main priority was the increased production of the Rolls Royce Merlin. There were several other problems which included lack of stability around the yaw axis, this was rectified by a larger tailplane and larger fin and rudders resulting in the Mk1A. Another problem was the poor reliability of the hydraulics with several aircraft lost due to the feathering controls being faulty. The Manchester had an exceptional airframe, hence the decision to mount four Rolls Royce Merlins to produce the Manchester mk3 or Lancaster. Avro Manchesters were allocated to squadrons, which they served well until the advent of the Lancaster when they continued in service in the bomber squadrons in the training role being an ideal conversion aircraft for the Avro Lancaster. They were finally used in OTU squadrons until struck of charge during 1943, there are no survivors. The aircraft is all my own work but the panel and the sound files are a result of others hard work and as such their original restrictions apply. As for my files you may not upload to any payware site or make any money from the files. The Manchester flies fines on my PC but if you think the files may have harmed your PC in any way then tough! Please enjoy this aircraft Les Stone 2011
Posted Oct 5, 2011 06:49 by Les Stone
Shorts 184
0.13Mb (191 downloads)
CFS1 Shorts 184 The Shorts 184 was first flown in 1915 complete with a 14" torpedo weighing some 900lbs. The aircraft was powered by a 225hp Sunbeam Mohawk engine although when it went into production there were various other engine used as well. These were apart from the Sunbeam Mohawk, were Sunbeam Maori mks I, II and III up to 260hp, Sunbeam Gurkha of 240hp and a Renault of 240hp (this engine was a copy of a captured Mercedes and was often referred to as the Renault-Mercedes). The last engine was well liked by the 184 pilots as it was slow revving and above all more reliable than the Sunbeams. Some aircraft were built with one engine and fitted with another later on in life so standardisation was something not bothered with. Even though the 184 was designed to be a torpedo bomber it rarely carried torpedoes, mainly because if you carried a torpedo you didn't carry a gunner. There were examples of successful torpedo attacks but the usual offensive load was 4 X 65lb bombs or 4 X 100lb bombs. The 184 was used as a patrol and an anti-submarine attack aircraft and possibly did sink a U-boat, it definitely damaged many. The main problem being the speed of the 184, the pilot was very lucky if he could get 70mph out of his aircraft, this gave the U-boat Captain ample time to submerge and elude his stalker. The reliability of the engines also played a part in the non-successes as there were several pilots and gunners captured by the U-boat crews when the aircraft engine failed at a most important time. The aircraft flies well on my PC, even though it is very sluggish. Please enjoy this aircraft Les Stone 2011
Posted Oct 5, 2011 06:48 by Les Stone
De Havilland Vampire mk1
1.64Mb (743 downloads)
De Havilland Vampire F Mk1 for CFS1 The DH100 Vampire was the second jet fighter designed for service with the Royal Air Force but was too late to see service in WW2. Powered by a DH Goblin 2 it could fly at over 500mph Les Stone 16th February 2011
Posted Oct 5, 2011 06:47 by Les Stone
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