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            Razor's Edge I Helicopter Ops!
0.53Mb (1055 downloads)
CFS1 Razor's Edge I Helicopter Ops! Fly your Blackhawk in formation with other helicopters, conduct a helibourne raid on terrorist insurgents, locate and destroy a weapons cache with a precision rocket strike, then rescue hostages and fly them home. includes Captain Slug's UH-60 Blackhawk modified for CFS & 2 AI aircraft. requires add-on scenery: AxisAllies.zip (CFS Scenery for Multiplayer Use) and islea3-b.zip (Isle AAA Base) both available here: http://www.simviation.com/cfs1scenery10.htm CFS mission package by DSM. 544K
Posted Jun 10, 2008 11:32 by archive
            1 Missions Battle of Britain, The Movie.
1.81Mb (1807 downloads)
CFS 1 Missions Battle of Britain, The Movie. "Battle of Britain", is, without doubt one of the best films about world war 2 ever made. And the recent release of the special edition D.V.D. has inspired me to create this nine mission campaign that gives you the chance to fly the (British) missions presented in that film. As an added bonus you get to fly them in the aircraft used during filming. Four aircraft included. Richard Steele. 1.8MB
Posted Jun 10, 2008 11:32 by archive
0.72Mb (1152 downloads)
CFS 1 Missions Pacific Warriors; Pacific Hawk You live in a tent, your airfield is a muddy jungle clearing, and the enemy have better planes than you. Welcome to Seven Mile airstrip and Port Moresby. Thirteen mission campaign showing a small part of 75 squadron R.A.A.F.'s defense of the Port Moresby area in 1942. Local scenery and some aircraft included, (see read me for credits) but requires aircraft from the "Pacific Warriors" base pack. Richard Steele. 736K
Posted Jun 10, 2008 11:32 by archive
            campaign: Pacific US, part 1 : Defeat at Pearl Harbor
3.49Mb (2497 downloads)
CFS1 campaign: Pacific US, part 1 : Defeat at Pearl Harbor You are there, a young pilot, getting his baptism of fire in one of the most famous airbattles in history. You successfuly take off in your Wildcat fighter to defend your base and the ships based at the harbor. You fly 10 missions and if you survive, you'll be able to take part in the next campaign to come, part 2 : "The US revenge", while based at Midway. All scenery, aircraft and missions included. By A.F. Scrub. 3.6MB
Posted Jun 10, 2008 11:32 by archive
            Dambuster Tribute R2.
1.42Mb (1532 downloads)
CFS1 Dambuster Tribute R2. : Replaces release 1 but uses the same base files. Introduces the Lancaster Dann bombsight and the borrowed Lancaster story. Requires Roger Lowery's RAF662 Lancaster and Keith Clifford's Lanc15 AJG Dambuster aircraft. Scampton is by Terry Baldwin. Panel revision contains briefing maps based on Paul Levesque's CFS v1 map. Dam attack maps included. A simple navigation panel. Thanks to Chuck Dome for the navigation GPS gauges, to Scott Macmillan for the program to produce continuous recording FS98 engine gauges for AJG. Revision also includes two 617 Sqd bombing missions for my free fall bombsight. Package by Ross McLennan. 1.4MB
Posted Jun 10, 2008 11:32 by archive
              A campaign for CFS 1
2.82Mb (699 downloads)
BARBAROSSA A campaign for CFS 1 This is barbarossa seen from the soviet side. Taken by surprise by the German invasion, and kept off balance by their rapid advance, the summer of 1941 could well have been the end of the soviet union. But the Russians managed to hold on until the arrival of winter and reserves from the east. 17 missions that take you from the first days of the invasion of the Soviet Union to the defense of Moscow. Five aircraft included, incorporates C Burgess's Crimea scenery. Richard Steele. 2.9MB PATCH FILE FOR THE BARBAROSSA CAMPAIGN Responding to E mails concerning problems with I-16 as a drone, I have rewritten the early mission files so that the entire campaign can be flown with the Lagg-3. Richard Steele. 50K
Posted Jun 10, 2008 11:32 by archive
            Tank I - Endurance Time
0.12Mb (370 downloads)
Flying Tank I - Endurance Time CFS 1 Campaing covering the ordeal of a fictional squadron of Thunderbolts during the summer of 1943, from their first deployment on England up to the bombings of October '43. Even when the campaign is fictional, it follows closely the actual events. No scenery nor aircraft download is needed. All default CFS stuff. Made with Mission Editor 3.0.3 by Cor Dickland. This is the first campaign of a series to come. Pablo Bauleo. 126K
Posted Jun 10, 2008 11:32 by archive
            TO PEENEMUENDE"
1.37Mb (329 downloads)
"WELCOME TO PEENEMUENDE" (mission for CFS1) Author: Paolo Davide Anghinelli. 1.2MB
Posted Jun 10, 2008 11:32 by archive
              STORM. A campaign for CFS 1
2.44Mb (383 downloads)
AUGUST STORM. A campaign for CFS 1 The final Soviet offensive of world war two was not directed against Germany, but against Japan. Follow the First Far Eastern Front in it's advance into Manchuria from it's bases around Vladivostok. Includes ten missions, seven add on aircraft, and a limited amount of scenery. Richard Steele. 2.5MB PATCH FILE FOR AUGUST STORM CAMPAIGN. Scenery patch file, replaces some of the original scenery of the "August storm" campaign removing the low altitude problems (flying into unseen objects ect) of the original. Richard Steele. 22K
Posted Jun 10, 2008 11:32 by archive
            Seine Bridges.
0.09Mb (299 downloads)
CFS-1. Seine Bridges. Another fictitious raid by the USSTAF and the 9th AF targeting the bridges over the river Seine to disrupt German communications immediatly prior to D-Day. Fly a P47d to make your attacks, a P51 and a Me109g to defend your interests. 3 missions concerning the same action. By Terry Baldwin. 91K
Posted Jun 10, 2008 11:32 by archive