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0.45Mb (616 downloads)
WW1 Dogfight. Fly a Sopwith Camel against a flight of Fokker Dr.1 Triplanes and a bunch of Albatrosses. Belgian Spad VIIs will assist in the dog fight. By Ben Wright. 464K
Posted Jun 10, 2008 11:32 by archive
1.19Mb (278 downloads)
Gallandīs Circus! 3 Mission about Jagdverband 44, German elite unit organized by Adolf Galland during last days of WWII and equipped with Me-262 Jet fighters. 2 missions flying for Germans, 1 for Allied. Both Me-262 and FW190D-9 from "Papagei Staffel" aircrafts included. This pack also includes scenery "Ainring" which was the last air base of this elite unit, then the unit had to fly from "autobahn" (German Highways) to avoid Allied air strikes over Luftwaffe air bases. I just modified missions made by other guys, please read respective copyrights. Enjoy! Ricardo Rubio. 1.2MB
Posted Jun 10, 2008 11:32 by archive
            and Typhoon missions
0.40Mb (340 downloads)
Tempest and Typhoon missions for CFS 1 Two short (eight mission) campaigns featuring P. H. F. Burnage and Carl-Olof Sandberg's Tempest and Typhoon pack. While this file does contain one add on aircraft and some scenery, it basically consists of mission files only. You will need to down load the above mentioned Tempest and Typhoon pack (T-N-T zip) from this site. By Richard Steele. 413K
Posted Jun 10, 2008 11:32 by archive
            out a V2 launch site Mission
0.03Mb (313 downloads)
Knocking out a V2 launch site Mission. Remember to save some ammo for the V2 launch site... don't use it all fighting your way in.... Pablo Bauleo. 28K
Posted Jun 10, 2008 11:32 by archive
1.22Mb (685 downloads)
FALKLANDS WAR - ARGENTINIAN SIDE Fight against British flying like you were dancing a "tango" Many thanks to Richard John Steele for sending me the planes used for these missions You can also download my previous set of missions Falklands war - British side here RICARDO RUBIO. 1.2MB
Posted Jun 10, 2008 11:32 by archive
              Wilde Zau missions for CFS1
0.71Mb (216 downloads)
Updated: Wilde Zau missions for CFS1 Defending the Reich from Mosquitoes during the nights of 1944-45! Including 2 aircrafts: "Gelbe 1" from 3./JG300 and Karl Friedrich Mullerīs personal plane when he was Kommandeur of I/NGJ11. You will need "Paderborn-Lippstadt" scenery made by Edmundo Abad. You can download it here. As these planes were used by air units called "Mosquitoes destroyers", this pack includes a new air file for Mosquito aircraft in order to make it more difficult to shoot down; please read instructions how to replace it and its respective copyrights. RICARDO RUBIO. 735K Patch 2k
Posted Jun 10, 2008 11:32 by archive
            OVER KOREA Campaign
1.93Mb (1017 downloads)
SABRES OVER KOREA Campaign USAF Korean War, Mission Pack 2: F-86 Sabre Jet This is a new set of a dozen missions to be played singly or as a campaign. It features the F-86F Sabre Jet Fighter and takes place over an authentic Korean landscape created by Bill Potvin II. A joint project by Mike Eustace and Doug Attrell. In order to play these Missions, you will also need to have downloaded & installed the Korean War Basic Pack ( - details here)) by Mike Eustace and Doug Attrell, available from this site. 2MB
Posted Jun 10, 2008 11:32 by archive
            War 1982 British side
0.86Mb (804 downloads)
Falklands War 1982 British side Including aircrafts, scenery and 4 missions for Sea HarrierīSquadrons 801 and 802 based on HMS Invincible and HMS Hermes Names of pilots are real Please read all respective copyrights Ricardo Rubio. 879K
Posted Jun 10, 2008 11:32 by archive
            II a campaign
2.97Mb (520 downloads)
CRUSADERS II a campaign for CFS 1 This is a long over due update of my crusaders campaign. New planes, more missions. Using what I have learned since creating the original, I have updated the missions from the earlier campaign, and added a couple more. There are now thirty six! The player aircraft have been replaced, and more add on's included. Additional down load of Martin Wright's "East Front V" scenery recommended but not essential. By Richard Steele. 3MB
Posted Jun 10, 2008 11:32 by archive
0.04Mb (216 downloads)
'Ciaos' well this is my non historical campaing "Caos" in this campaing you are going to see a lot of planes explosions and crashes. no boring escorts, or intercepts, only funny dogfights with lot of planes. Mario Recio. 43K
Posted Jun 10, 2008 11:32 by archive