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            IJN CV Based Aircraft Package
5.13Mb (1459 downloads)
AF=Midway IJN CV Based Aircraft Package Make your stock A6M2_ZERO one from Akagi with Flap lift. AF_B5N2_KATE (Complete Aircraft) from the Hiryu and AF_D3A1_VAL (Complete Aircraft) from the Kaga. Midway Textures, DP's/Payloads (A Multi-Res 800Kg Bomb), Full 360-degree panel sets including Rear Gunner Panels, new airfiles, A/C config files and a level Bombing Sight for the Kate, Roll Damage Fix, Collision Bubble Fix. Every fix available has been built in and then some. From the AF=Midway Project Team. 5.2MB
Posted Jun 10, 2008 11:31 by archive
1.72Mb (1074 downloads)
AF=Midway Aircraft Gauges Package for CFS2 This package covers all of the gauges required by the AF=Midway Aircraft in a single installation. From the AF=Midway Project Team. 1.7MB
Posted Jun 10, 2008 11:31 by archive
0.65Mb (1135 downloads)
AF=Midway Mission Pak 2 - Kido Butai Strikes Back Here's the second installment of the AF=Midway Mission packages. This package picks up right after the first mission package. This package contains 6 extremely detailed missions covering Kido Butai's Counter Attacks on TF-17. It also contains a Custom Sounds package, a fix for the Yorktown's DP and a Val Panel Fix. Missions: AF IJN 5 We, With Hiryu Alone-Val, AF IJN 6 We, With Hiryu Alone-Zero, AF IJN 7 Hope For A Good Fight-Kate, AF IJN 8 Hope For A Good Fight-Zero, AF USN 10 Brassfield's Big Day and the last flight off the Yorktown AF USN 11 Scrambled Thach. As true to the History as we could make them. Requires the AF=Midway USN AC, IJN AC, CV and Gauge Packages. From the AF=Midway Project Team. 670K
Posted Jun 10, 2008 11:31 by archive
            Mission Pak 1
1.37Mb (1348 downloads)
AF=Midway Mission Pak 1 - USN TF-16/17 Morning Attack on Kido Butai Here's the first installment of the AF=Midway Mission packages. Sorry to have to start you in the middle but the new AF Scenery is causing some FPS problems. This package contains 5 extremely detailed missions covering TF-16/17's first attack on Kido Butai. It also contains an Effects Package and a Custom Sounds package. Missions: AF USN 5 Devastating Sacrifice - VT-6, AF USN 6 Thach's Weave - VF-3, AF USN 7 VS-6 Hell Divers! - VS-6, AF USN 8 The Best of Best - VB-6, AF USN 9 Damn Gadgets - VB-3. As true to the History as we could make them. From the AF=Midway Project Team. 1.4MB
Posted Jun 10, 2008 11:31 by archive
            WEISS" campaign for CFS2
10.21Mb (1240 downloads)
"FALL WEISS" campaign for CFS2 by Robert "Robin" Reichert (robin100@poczta.fm) Self-install program by Paul Hauschildt. This campaign is an enhancement pack for previously released "September War '39" (aka "Poland '39") CFS2 campaign, which is available at Simviation. 10.1MB
Posted Jun 10, 2008 11:31 by archive
0.36Mb (524 downloads)
LENINGRAD CAMPAIGN by Dominique Rollin. This is a fictional campaign based on historical events i.e. the siege of the city of Leningrad by the Germans in 1942. Several additional addons required from other sites to enable this campaign to work ! 368K
Posted Jun 10, 2008 11:31 by archive
            In The Solomons
5.03Mb (469 downloads)
Turmoil In The Solomons By: Andre Blanchard This is a collection of fictional missions. You are flying for the Japanese in the Solomons between 1943 & 1944. You will be challenged by various kinds of missions with varying degrees of difficulty. Good luck. 5.1MB
Posted Jun 10, 2008 11:31 by archive
              Spitfire! CFS2 Campaign (v1.0)
1.82Mb (754 downloads)
Malta Spitfire! CFS2 Campaign (v1.0) This is a 15-mission mini-campaign centred around the experiences of a 249 squadron Spitfire pilot, based at Ta Kali during the summer of 1942. All of the missions are historically plausible, and are based on events which happened at the time. Requires the installation of several add-on planes and ground objects. By C Burgess for the Ground Crew. 3.7MB Same file without the sound files. 2.2MB
Posted Jun 10, 2008 11:31 by archive
0.01Mb (154 downloads)
K-Kim: We have almost returned to the base after a practical training was finished.But then the traitors who were led by Colonel.Tom "Much More" Hagen and the other two Japanese-Americans ,and the IJN's pilots who communicated secretly with them were uprising around the base.This mission is fictional and I think this one will be my last for CFS2 perhaps.I hope we will meet on CFS3 later.] Katsumi Kimura. 9K
Posted Jun 10, 2008 11:31 by archive
0.61Mb (516 downloads)
He111H-6 inclusive fullblown KG26 campaign, all required objects included. He111_KG26_GUIDE.zip. Absolutely necessary to download this guide & read it. 629K GC_He111H6.zip the plane inclusive weapons pack and gauges. Weapons and aircraft made in Gmax. 5.9MB He111_KG26cmg.zip all required objects like ships, effects and AI aircraft and of course the missions. Several new ships made in Gmax. 8.5MB GerRadioCom.zip this are some CFS1 radiocalls build into the missions using triggers and events. The mission will work without them, but gives a nice german touch. 1.1MB
Posted Jun 10, 2008 11:31 by archive