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FS2004                       Pre War USS Lexington Carrier.(CV-2)
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FS2004 Pre War USS Lexington Carrier.(CV-2). This FSDSv2 project has a hardened deck suitable for take offs and landings. It is located in Long Beach, Ca., close to the Queen Mary. The .fsc file for the carrier and XML file for the hardened deck are included so it can be moved to other locations. By Paul Clawson. 128K
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Visual                       Index for FS2004 Scenery Objects
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Visual Index for FS2004 Scenery Objects This list of objects is designed to supply the FS2004 scenery developer with an easy reference to view some of the objects in the Microsoft FS2004 SDK, and particularly Roger Mole's excellent scenery design package. Covers 197 basic objects. Simply click on an object to view. Microsoft Excel required. Kevin Ryan. 8.5MB
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'Trees' Object Libraries for FS2000/CFS SDK Module The SDK for the new 'Trees' series of static object libraries for creating trees in FS2000 scenery. Contains documentation and 24 macros in API format for use with Airport 2.60 and similar scenery design programs. Also requires Module 0, the basic object library containing a set of generic tree types (see TREES_0.ZIP). By Gerrish Gray. 424K
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Gerrish's                           Trees Library for FS2000/2 Release 3
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Gerrish's Trees Library for FS2000/2 Release 3 - Updated Version FS2000 & FS2002 Scenery / Scenery Design. This is my complete Trees Object Library, updated and re-issued as a single package. (Not to be confused with my series of Autogen tree replacements for improving the default trees in the FS2002 landscape, see the separate downloads GTL_AGEN.ZIP, MSTREES.ZIP, and MSTREES2.ZIP). The package includes the Trees Library file itself and all required textures, with simple instructions for use with any sceneries, old or new, that state that they need "Gerrish's Trees Library". The textures come in two versions: the original set designed for FS2000/2 and an updated set for use with FS2002 only. Also included is a revised version of the SDK for scenery designers for the creation of sceneries incorporating these high-quality trees. The library provides 20 different styles of tree (including deciduous types, conifers, and a couple of palms), each available in a range of shapes and with various patterns of seasonal behaviour for use in different parts of the world, giving a total of 1600 variations, each of which can be used at any desired size, from a 1-2m high bush to giant, 100m tall, forest firs. The 24 different API macros in the SDK allow the trees to be placed either as individual specimens or in various realistic groupings. 3.2MB
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