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Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk
Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk
10.49Mb (3121 downloads)
X-Plane 9.60+ Lockheed F-117 Nighthawk. The F117 was the first true stealth aircraft released. The unique design of the single-seat F-117A provides exceptional combat capabilities. The twin-engine aircraft is powered by two General Electric F404 turbofan engines and has quadruple redundant fly-by-wire flight controls. By Fabrice Kauffmann.
Posted Sep 15, 2013 05:55 by uploader
Grumman F6F-5 Hellcat
3.94Mb (1354 downloads)
X-Plane 9.70+ Grumman F6F-5 Hellcat v1.0. The Grumman F6F Hellcat was a carrier-based fighter aircraft developed to replace the earlier F4F Wildcat in United States Navy (USN) service. Although the F6F resembled the Wildcat, it was a completely new design powered by a 2000 hp Pratt and Whitney R-2800. Some tagged it as the "Wildcat's big brother". The Hellcat and the Vought F4U Corsair were the primary USN fighters during the second half of World War II. By Fabrice Kauffmann.
Posted Sep 15, 2013 05:49 by uploader
Boeing B-377 Stratocruiser
10.74Mb (1467 downloads)
X-Plane 9.70+ Boeing B-377 Stratocruiser v1.7. The Boeing B377, also called the Stratocruiser, was a large long-range airliner built after World War II. It was developed from the C-97 Stratofreighter, a military derivative of the B-29 Superfortress used for troop transport. The Stratocruisers first flight was on July 8, 1947. By Fabrice Kauffmann.
Posted Sep 15, 2013 05:46 by uploader
Vought XF8U-3 Crusader III
3.01Mb (774 downloads)
X-Plane 9.60+ Vought XF8U-3 Crusader III. The Vought XF8U-3 Crusader III was an aircraft developed by Chance Vought as a successor to the successful F-8 Crusader program and as a competitor to the F-4 Phantom II. Though based in spirit on the F8U-1 and F8U-2, and sharing the older aircrafts designation in the old Navy system, the two aircraft shared few parts. By Fabrice Kauffmann.
Posted Sep 15, 2013 05:46 by uploader
Convair B-58A Hustler
Convair B-58A Hustler
11.90Mb (1234 downloads)
X-Plane 10.22 Convair B-58A Hustler v2.0. The aircraft reaches Mach 2 at 43,000 feet of altitude. Takeoff and approach to the 200. The virtual cockpit does not require much explanation, but do take a look at small PDF included. By depas57.
Posted Sep 15, 2013 05:40 by uploader
Caudron C.450
1.70Mb (413 downloads)
X-Plane 9.60+ Caudron C.450. The Caudron C450 Rafale ("Squall") was a French racing aircraft built to participate in the "Coupe Deutsch de la Meurthe" race of 1934. It was a low-wing cantilever monoplane of conventional configuration derived from the Caudron C.362 flown in the previous years race. In the event, the C.450 took first place, piloted by Maurice Arnoux, and one of the C.460s took third, piloted by Albert Monville. By Fabrice Kauffmann.
Posted Sep 15, 2013 05:40 by uploader
 Mitsubishi A6M2 "Zeke"
 Mitsubishi A6M2 "Zeke"
5.48Mb (1465 downloads)
X-Plane 9.70+ Mitsubishi A6M2 "Zeke" (Zero). The Mitsubishi A6M Zero was a long-range fighter aircraft operated by the Imperial Japanese Navy Air Service (IJNAS) from 1940 to 1945. If you are looking for a more realistic flight behavior, please download EXPERT_SETTINGS_FOR_A6M2_1_0.ZIP and follow the included installation instructions. This patch removes the second invisible propeller. The engine/prop combination has been reworked to get the most out of the engine. By Fabrice Kauffmann.
Posted Sep 15, 2013 05:35 by uploader
John Wayne Airport (KSNA), California
5.35Mb (629 downloads)
X-Plane 10 Scenery--John Wayne Airport (KSNA), California (CA), USA, v1.0. John Wayne Airport, also known as John Wayne Airport Orange County, is an international airport in California and is the only commercial airport within Orange County. Requires Open Scenery and RUScenery. By Rene Bruun
Posted Sep 15, 2013 05:10 by uploader
San Bernardino International Airport (KSBD), California
3.51Mb (416 downloads)
X-Plane 10 Scenery--San Bernardino International Airport (KSBD), California (CA), USA, v1.0. San Bernardino International Airport is a public airport situated about two miles southeast of the city of San Bernardino. Requires OpenSceneryX. By Rene Bruun (Renair).
Posted Sep 15, 2013 05:08 by uploader
X-Plane 10 Agadir Morocco (GMAD)
0.26Mb (388 downloads)
X-Plane 10 Scenery--Agadir Morocco (GMAD), v1.0. This is another 'plausible' airport for XP-10 using 'lego-brick' style. This is really for a longer flight for those using Canary Island airports. This is if you want to do a longer flight then island hopping. It is approximately a 250 nm flight from Fuerteventura to Agadir. Requires Openscenery 2.0 to work. By Rene Bruun (Renair).
Posted Sep 15, 2013 05:01 by uploader