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0.24Mb (644 downloads)
You will be flying from 900 ft airstrips with trees, and with different wind conditions. And from mountain top airfields.. The goals will depend on the Player flying his L-5 to specific points to view the German targets, Each mission will expose the player to different levels and intensity of ground fire. There are Night missions, and daylite missions..They are a challange, and there is plenty of eye candy for all.. The missions will require you to attack/spot various german targets....
Posted Mar 27, 2011 14:23 by HouseHobbit
MAW_Fairey Battle to the Med Mission
0.03Mb (492 downloads)
Fictional single mission for MAW - Strike dug in tanks, North Africa, august 4th 1940.
Posted Jan 1, 2011 15:16 by Led Zeppelin
106.51Mb (651 downloads)
In this file: 1) Fitted the stock Amwerican aircraft with advanced navigation gear. (GPS and Autopilot) 2)Updated the Campaign Mission information to include LAT/LON Location and Runway/Heading information for bases and carriers. 3) Made some slight tweaks to the flight dynamics of the stock planes to make them perform according to spec and made these seperate aircraft from the shipped versions. 4)As a bonus- I created a set of German and British aircraft that represent (in my opinion) the best visual models I could find of these ships, all credits are in the file also. **included in a file marked reference fighters is detailed specs on each aircraft. 5)Another bonus- There is some very detailed explainations of gunstations in a file marked Gunstations Explained. I included this because I made some tweaks to help the wingmen perform better. (F4F-4 only) This was to give you the option of seeing for yourself, then alternately removing from the Wildcat only, or adding this adjustment to all the other planes in this mod. 6) This file contains a detailed "How to" that has step-by-step instructions for installation. (compiled as "program files folder"/all you do is drop.) 7)"How to's" includes: Explanations of changes made to the original planes and the why's. Also a section saying thank you to the originators of the CGI models. 8)'Wildcat Notes' has all my discoveries from my research on it's overall performance. Things such as, range at throttle/rpm settings, speeds at those settings, and mixture settings for every 2000 feet increment up 12,000 feet. There are a total of 10 birds: 3 American/4 British (3 actual but hurri IIB&C)/3 German.
Posted Nov 23, 2010 22:10 by vincent farnham
Night Missions Mod
0.95Mb (604 downloads) contains files which will enhance night missions, without drastically effecting your frame rates. Alternate Object_DPs for the stock *American Willys Jeep "amjeep" ( veh ) and *Tent Round "tent_rnd" ( inf ) will allow you in the Mission Builder to place small 'effect areas' for way finding and/ or to develop large areas simulating urban spaces undergoing a heavy bombing raid. The 'Extra' effects attached to the objects will produce randomly; sized, timed and placed flashes, fires and smoke. By delaying entry times of the ( veh ) object you can determine when they appear in the mission and/or simulate these effects to multiply, spread or merge with others. File set includes; Alternate Object_DPs, completely new ( and very low LOD/res ) effect files, screen shots, demo mission and instructions. Please read the full "read me " file for install inst. and a more detailed explanation of the files. W. Porochnuk Jr.
Posted Sep 1, 2010 22:17 by William N. Porochnuk Jr.
            New Guinea Raid" CFS2 mission
0.07Mb (2318 downloads)
"A New Guinea Raid" CFS2 mission for fun. IJNAF is sending escorted Bettys to bomb Port Moresby. Patrol to intercept bomber groups over the mountains of New Guinea. mission by Peter O'Brien (AAA_psob2). 75K
Posted Jun 10, 2008 11:31 by archive
            Mission collection for CFS2 "The battle of Chishima"
0.30Mb (2202 downloads)
A Mission collection for CFS2 "The battle of Chishima" by Yoshi Japanese air forces were fighting against US air forces in Chishima which was the extreme Japanese northern end in summer in 1943. The battle of this Chishima was reproduced in this Missions. New Scenery is included in this Mission! You can take off from the airports of Japanese navy and Japanese army in Chisima. It will be a wonderful and new experience for you! Yoshitsugu Nagata. 363K
Posted Jun 10, 2008 11:31 by archive
0.38Mb (1673 downloads)
CFS2 MISSION--BOMB RUN ON TSITI TSITI The Americans have captured the airbase, and POW camp at Tsiti Tsiti. We will pay them back for there arrogance. Includes airfile and panel to make the Betty bomber fly. Mission by Marvin Carter. 394K
Posted Jun 10, 2008 11:31 by archive
            Rogers 4, 5, and 6 for CFS2
0.02Mb (1865 downloads)
Jolly Rogers 4, 5, and 6 for CFS2 are more recreations of the action of VF-17 flying F4U Corsairs against Fortress Rabaul on New Britain, based on information taken from the memoirs of Thomas Blackburn, commanding officer of Fighting 17. Since the air war over Rabaul was the peak of Japanese air power, these 3 missions are much harder than the previous 3 (JollyRogers1, 2, and 3). These missions were created by Troy Whigham. 22K
Posted Jun 10, 2008 11:31 by archive
              Defense of Koror" CFS2
0.09Mb (2131 downloads)
"A Defense of Koror" CFS2 mission for fun. Koror is under very heavy Japanese attack. Try to defend the field and fleet nearby. waves of bettys, vals, and kates are coming. 25 to 30 minutes of action. mission by Peter O'Brien. 88K
Posted Jun 10, 2008 11:31 by archive
0.01Mb (2026 downloads)
Jolly Rogers 1, 2, and 3 for CFS2 are recreations of the action of VF-17 flying F4U Corsairs during the invasion of Bougainville. For JollyRogers1, you must sink 2 merchant ships and the barges. For JollyRogers2, not only must you flame the Zekes, but you must also save a RAAF P-40 being pursued by a pair of Zeroes (this mission requires the "In Defense of Australia" free add-on (for the RAAF P-40). The enemy skill level is set to "Rookie", but there's still plenty of danger to keep you on your toes. For JollyRogers3, you must destroy a Nell on final approach and shoot 3 Betty bombers on the ground while dodging ground fire. There's also a rookie Zeke pilot out for a training flight that you can shoot down, but its not part of the mission requirements. 9K
Posted Jun 10, 2008 11:31 by archive
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