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Wilco Augusta/Bell 609 Marine One textures
0.84Mb (2556 downloads)
This is a repaint for the Wilco Augusta/Bell 609 as Marine One. The current VH-3 helicopters used by HMX-1 are aging and in 2002 the VXX competition was started to find a replacement. The helicopter selected was the Lockheed Martin VH-71 Kestrel, a derivative of the AgustaWestland AW101. In April 2009, the VH-71 program was cancelled due to cost overruns. In February 2010, the Navy issued a request for information to the aviation industry. The V-22 Osprey is also being considered and as the Augusta/Bell 206 is being released for Commercial use in 2010, hopefully it will too. Repaint by L.T. 'patchz' Davis.
Posted Aug 22, 2010 07:53 by L.T. 'patchz' Davis
Overland FS2004/FSX Etihad Airways Airbus A340-500
Overland FS2004/FSX Etihad Airways Airbus A340-500
9.22Mb (5765 downloads)
FS2004/FSX Etihad Airways Airbus A340-500, registration A6-EHC. Includes textures only for both the Commercial Level Simulations (CLS) and Overland payware A340-500 models. Repaint by Tom Collins.
Posted Aug 21, 2010 09:21 by OBIE BARRY
Overland FS2004/FSX Thai Airways Airbus A340-500
8.90Mb (4492 downloads)
FS2004/FSX Thai Airways Airbus A340-500. Textures only for both the Commercial Level Simulations (CLS) and Overland A340-500 models. Repaint by Tom Collins.
Posted Aug 21, 2010 09:12 by OBIE BARRY
Flight Deck EA6 Prowler Red Devils Textures
1.14Mb (414 downloads)
This is for a Flight Deck 5 aircraft and is my fist outing at texturing an Aircraft! This is my Red Devil paint. Created by J.Abbey and Artificial Horizons
Posted Aug 19, 2010 15:54 by Jim Abbey
Tronquenec for France VFR
0.74Mb (696 downloads)
This scene has been designed as a complement for France VFR FSX Britany. It adds ruins of the castle of Tronquenec. Closest airport LFRO Lannion Just copy and paste the scenery and texture folders the usual way, then declare the scene. It should have a higher Priority than France VFR FSX Britany. All the elements were developped in the "instant scenery" library framework, so you can modify the scena as you wish. For feedback use the france vfr forum (english tab) http://www.francevfr.com/forum/index.php and contact me ( alias Etien ) From the same author: France VFR FSX Britany Complements: Ouessant, Fort Cigogne, Fort de la Latte, Tour Solidor, Concarneau, Palais,Trevarez (including Guilguiffin Nessay and Largoet), Bienassis.Fly Tampaa Grenadines complement: Savans island
Posted Aug 16, 2010 02:01 by Etienne V
 Level D Boeing 767-300 UPS Textures
 Level D Boeing 767-300 UPS Textures
1.07Mb (1371 downloads)
Textures for the payware Level D Boeing 767-300 ER.
Posted Aug 13, 2010 15:50 by Gaspar
A2A B-17G Scheherazade Textures
A2A B-17G Scheherazade Textures
16.19Mb (777 downloads)
B- 17G-5-BO 42-31225 Scheherazade of the 709th BS/447th BG, Rattlesden, Spring,1945 Scheherazade is credited with flying 126 missions without a single mechanical abort, second highest in the 447th - and was one of only three original aircraft of the 447th to survive the war and return to the US . Skin made by Tom Weiss.
Posted Aug 12, 2010 23:21 by Tom Weiss
Mississippi Queen Textures Aerosoft DHC-2 Beaver Amphibian
2.30Mb (386 downloads)
This is a fictional repaint for the Aersoft DHC-2 Beaver Amphibian, based on the riverboat, Mississippi Queen. Repaint by L.T. 'patchz' Davis.
Posted Aug 11, 2010 06:20 by L.T. 'patchz' Davis
Aerosoft DHC-2 Floats Nuttin Textures
1.95Mb (199 downloads)
This is an update for the fictional texture Nuttin' Special for the payware Aerosoft DHC-2F Floats 8 seat Beaver. I left out the thumbnail for the Selection screen in the first upload. This is the same file but with the thumbnail added to the texture file. Repaint by L.T. 'patchz' Davis.
Posted Aug 11, 2010 02:07 by L.T. 'patchz' Davis
FSX Iris F-20C RNLAF Textures
2.20Mb (317 downloads)
The Northrop-Grumman F-20C in a fictional Netherlands Antilles based RNLAF livery. Despite the fact the F-20 never became an operational fighter it could have been an option for a low cost multi-role fighter for small countries, in addition for a more "all round" fighter fleet, especially in a more low risk environment. For such ordeal, the F-20 could have proven usefull for the RNLAF, ideal for remote areas such as the Netherlands Antilles. You need a copy of the payware F-20C by IRIS for FSX in order to use this repaint. Enjoy!
Posted Aug 10, 2010 16:23 by Rene Spaan