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FSX/P3Dv3,v4,v5 Spitfire Mk9 Longwing
FSX/P3Dv3,v4,v5 Spitfire Mk9 Longwing
29.92Mb (475 downloads)
FSX/P3Dv3,v4,v5 Spitfire Mk9 Longwing The Spitfire Mk IX was originally developed as a stopgap measure as a response to the appearance of the Focke-Wulf FW 190A. It used the Merlin 60/70 series engines in a slightly modified Mark Vc fuselage. Native P3D/FSX mdls by A.F.Scrub
Posted Mar 30, 2022 06:14 by A.F.Scrub
FSX/P3Dv3,v4,v5 Spitfire Mk9 clipped
25.18Mb (347 downloads)
FSX/P3Dv3,v4,v5 Spitfire Mk9 clipped In order to gain a slight improvement in roll rate and about 4 mph at low level, the wing-clipping was done on those models intended (or modified) for low-level. The increase in the rate of roll made it still more competitive with the German FW 190 at low altitude. Native FSX/P3D models by A.F.Scrub.
Posted Mar 22, 2022 06:07 by A.F.Scrub
FSX/P3D JBK Short Solent TEAL Revised textures c.1952
6.10Mb (103 downloads)
This is a repaint of Short S.45A Solent IV ZK-AML 'R.M.A Aotearoa II' in its revised livery. Works in FS2004 too (see Readme for instructions for FS2004) Requires JBK's Short Solent
Required files:
required file
Posted Mar 6, 2022 08:50 by Shanley Stevenson
FSX  Keystone B-6A Bomber
10.96Mb (311 downloads)
The Keystone B-6A was a light USAAC bomber of the late 1920s and 1930s. The Keystone Aircraft Corporation produced bombers that served until 1936. About 10 models were produced in various quantities. This is Paul Clawson's native FSX model, now with highly authentic VC and 2D panels. Smoke and weapon effects added. Credits go to Paul Clawson for the original model and to Jim Marcuson for the additional new texture. New panels and effects by Michael Pook. The model may work in P3D, version3 and in FS2004.
Posted Mar 4, 2022 11:13 by Michael Pook
 JBK Short Sandringham TEAL fleet c.1949 Textures
6.85Mb (120 downloads)
This pack contains textures depicting the Short S.25 Sandringhams operated by Tasman Empire Airways Ltd (TEAL) in the late 1940's. Four liveries are included in this pack. These are: 1. ZK-AMB 'TASMAN' 2. ZK-AMD 'AUSTRALIA' 3. ZK-AME 'NEW ZEALAND' 4. ZK-AMH 'AUCKLAND' This pack is 'Texures Only'. Requieres: Jens B. Kristensen's Short S.25 Sandringham Works on both FS2004 and FSX
Required files:
required file
Posted Feb 17, 2022 08:09 by Shanley Stevenson
FSX Henschel  HS-126 updated
58.27Mb (463 downloads)
The Henschel Hs-126 was a German two-seat reconnaissance and observation aircraft of World War II that was derived from the Henschel Hs 122. This is a major panel update depicting the real HS-126 panel almost 100%. Original model by A.F. Scrub. The package also includes two repaints by Yannis Tsetsas. So all credits go to them. Exhaust smoke added. New VC and 2D panel as well as smoke effect by Michael Pook.
Posted Feb 12, 2022 06:30 by Michael Pook
FSX Henschel  HS-123
48.58Mb (297 downloads)
The Henschel Hs 123 was a single-seat biplane dive bomber and close-support attack aircraft flown by the German Luftwaffe during the Spanish Civil War and the early to mid-point of World War II. Although an obsolete design, it continued to see front-line service until 1944. This is a panel update for A.F. Scrub's original FSX model and to Watchdog22 for most of the textures, so all credits go to them. Panel updates by Michael Pook.
Posted Feb 12, 2022 05:16 by Michael Pook
FSX Tupolev 2 Bomber updated
33.01Mb (431 downloads)
The Tupolev Tu-2 was a twin-engine Soviet high-speed daylight and frontline bomber aircraft of World War II. She was tailored to meet a requirement for a high-speed bomber or dive-bomber, with a large internal bombload, and speed similar to that of a single-seat fighter. Designed to challenge the German Junkers Ju 88, the Tu-2 proved comparable, and was produced in torpedo, interceptor, and reconnaissance versions. This is an FSX update for the FS2004 model designed by Shessi and Chris Lampard of SOH with thoroughly modified VC and 2D panels as well as improved flight dynamics for FSX. Weapons and exhaust smoke added. Credits go the Shessi and Chris Lampard for the original aircraft and to Erwin Welker for weapon configuration, for the new 2D panel configuration and new camera views. New VC design and instrument configuration by Michael Pook.
Posted Feb 12, 2022 04:10 by Michael Pook
FSX/Acceleration Upgrade For Kazunori Ito's Potez 630 WWII Bomber
48.66Mb (315 downloads)
FSX/Acceleration Upgrade For Kazunori Ito's Potez 630 WWII Bomber with animated weapons and four instead of two models. The reworked models comes now in three paintschemes and has now realistic panels as 2D and VC. Kazunori Ito is my idol for twenty years. It is a pity that he was forced to stop to continiue with his great hobby in building an incredible high amount of interesting aircrafts. Honouring his work but beeing afraid that this very rare and special aircraft will be lost for actual or newer simulators I allowed myself to upgrade this pretty aircraft with a VC. Probably the models will also fly in P3dV3 and FS2004 but it is not tested and no guarantee and support ist given. Original model by Kazunori Ito. Virtual cockpit implemantation and animated weapons by Erwin Welker
Posted Feb 11, 2022 12:44 by Erwin Welker
Bristol Bulldog IIA
Bristol Bulldog IIA
30.37Mb (608 downloads)
FSX\FSXacceleration Bristol Bulldog IIA The Bristol Bulldog was a single seat biplane fighter of the inter-war period and one of the most famous aircraft used by the RAF during that time. Upgrade to FSX-FSXacceleration by A.F.Scrub,Seven RAF Sqn's and one swedish air force, all Repaints by Stephen Browning.
Posted Jan 31, 2022 09:53 by Stephen Browning
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