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FSX OS2U-3 Kingfisher HMAS Wyatt Earp
29.52Mb (315 downloads)
Repainted as the Chance-Vought OS2U-3 Kingfisher used by the Australian Navy in its 1947-48 Antarctic expedition. The Kingfisher turned out to be a bit oversized for carriage aboard the HMAS Wyatt Earp exploration vessel, so the float had to be removed from the airplane, then reassembled once the ship reached Antarctica. While the mission was not a total failure it was neither a great success; the ship's scientists noted that a smaller, less cumbersome aircraft would have been better suited for the task. Nevertheless, the Kingfisher was able to contribute to the expedition. This file includes Tim "Piglet" Conrad's OS2U-3 model. Repaint and panel update by R.E. Wyman.
Posted Jul 9, 2023 00:45 by R.E. Wyman
FSX/Steam/P3D3 Nieuport 24bis upgrade multi pack.
FSX/Steam/P3D3 Nieuport 24bis upgrade multi pack.
56.51Mb (445 downloads)
Nieuport 24bis upgrated for FSX/Steam/P3D3 with nose gun effects VC light for night flying,extra camera views and 8 liveries.Royal Hellenic Army N4632 metal painted,Royal Hellenic Army N4613 unpainted canvas ,Italian Air Force N2614(the Horse Figure),French N1532(the Bird),French N1895(Scull & Bones),French N3588("Zigomar 5"The Rooster),Polish Air Force 24(All Black)and Tourkish Army 124.All gauges tested in FSX and included in the panel folder.2D Panel and full VC.Model by Tsyntsar Victor version 2.0.Files in 2048 px DXT3 Format.There are Historical file original 1919 photos also following the liveries,along with instalation instructions.Upgrades and liveries by Hellenic Aircraft/Yiannis Katehis Tsetsas 2023.
Posted May 18, 2023 14:44 by Yiannis Katehis Tsetsas
FSX/Steam/P3D3 AVIA B534 upgrade package.
FSX/Steam/P3D3 AVIA B534 upgrade package.
16.26Mb (370 downloads)
FSX/Steam/P3D3 AVIA B534 upgrade package. Avia B534 (with 4 Nose Guns) upgrated. Nose gun effects,Engine flames and Smoke effects on all 12 exaust pipes and added a VC Light for night flying..All Gauges are originals of the era & tested in FSX and are included in the panel folder. 2D Panel cleared and fully factional as well the Full VC.This is the FS9 original model by Chris Lampard upgraded now.The exterior details are all new with photo-livery style.There are two Hellenic Air Force liveries included in the package and two models.Clean and Bombs.There is a full Historical file and original 1930 photos also following the liveries as usual along with instructions on how to do things for beginers.Upgrades and liveries by Hellenic Aircraft/Yiannis Katehis Tsetsas 2023.
Posted May 14, 2023 16:26 by Yiannis Katehis Tsetsas
FSX Consolidated Vultee XB-46
87.90Mb (436 downloads)
. For the 1944 jet bomber competition Consolidate Vultee (which became Convair) offered their model 109, which featured four Allison J-35-A-3 jet engines slung under the long straight wings in two large pods. Designated the XB-46, the first and only aircraft built made its maiden flight on 2 April, 1947. On a flight to Wright Field the XB-46 averaged 533 mph. Top speed was 548 mph at 15,000ft. The XB-46 could cruise at 439 mph with a service ceiling of 40,000ft. The aircraft was capable of carrying 4280 gallons of fuel and estimated range would have been 2870 nautical miles with an 8000lb bomb load. The XB-46 carried a crew of three, a pilot, co-pilot and bombardier. One of the more unusual features of the XB-46 was its pneumatic system which ran the undercarriage, bomb bay, crew doors, and brakes. No production orders were ever issued for the XB-46 as the Air Force deemed the type obsolete with the advent of the Boeing XB-47.
Posted May 1, 2023 09:23 by virtavia
FSX/Acceleration Junkers A50 Junior Two Seater Sportsplane in two variants
16.38Mb (430 downloads)
FSX/Acceleration Junkers A50 Junior German two seater sportsplane from 1929 with wheels or with floats. It was a whole metal Aluminium plane with a 5-cylinder radial engine and was supposed to become a "Volkswagen" for the skies. Then, the world economic crisis destroyed the plans of Hugo Junkers and only 69 planes were build and only 50 sold. Even so the great plane was sold to different countries including float plane versions. My wheelplane is designed regarding the model I have seen in the Deutsche Museum Munich. The passenger in the front seat can be toggled using Tailhook. Probably the model will also fly in FS2004 and P3dV3 (not glossy textures in P3d!) but it is not tested and no guarantee and support ist given. FSDS model by Erwin Welker
Posted Apr 30, 2023 03:52 by Erwin Welker
FSX P-40B Pearl Harbor Heroes
15.52Mb (280 downloads)
P-40B repainted as the airplanes flown by Lieutenants Taylor and Welch in pursuit of Imperial Japanese aircraft during the attack on Pearl Harbor Hawaii on December 7th, 1941. Includes model by A.F. Scrub, repainted by R.E. Wyman.
Posted Apr 29, 2023 21:21 by R.E. Wyman
114.83Mb (629 downloads)
An upgrade of my previous uploads 10 years ago for DB70 and DB71. As previously, this package is based on the same fs9 aircraft by PLANE-DESIGN updated by me for FSX. Suitable also for FSX-SE. RAF Lancaster aircraft supplied for Training are Type 683: AJ-D and AJ-Q. Type 464: AJ-G, AJ-J, AJ-N and AJ-Q. Flying Ai's in Training: AJ-M, AJ-P and AJ-B. The OPERATION CHASTISE RAID on the Moehne Dam is part of this package. The difficult Eder attack is not. Saved flights for Training (8) and for the Raid (1). Learn some of the history and try your luck at qualifying as a No 617 Squadron RAF Dambuster Pilot and Bombaimer. Hopefully not being sent back to your original Squadron because you could not meet the Dambuster Brief that instructed: "FLY EVERYWHERE AT TREE TOP LEVEL AND +60 ft OVER WATER". Flying at tree top level and +60 feet was a developed skill in 1943 and so it is in the sim. If you graduated from training, could you have breached the Moehne Dam? A Tribute to No 617 Squadron RAF Dambusters, Pilots, Crews, Ground Personnel, Technicians and the UPKEEP designer, Barnes Wallis. Multiple acknowledgments in the pdf documentation. Demo video included. Packaged by Ross McLennan.
Posted Apr 21, 2023 02:58 by Ross McLennan
FSX/P3Dv3.v4.v5 Sea Fury Racer September Fury
FSX/P3Dv3.v4.v5 Sea Fury Racer September Fury
15.32Mb (216 downloads)
FSX/P3Dv3.v4.v5 Sea Fury Racer September Fury The Sea Fury was retired by the majority of its military operators in the late 1950s in favour of jet-propelled aircraft, a considerable number of aircraft saw subsequent use in the civil sector, and several remain airworthy in the 21st century as heritage and racing aircraft. Many were re engined with an american engine, a four bladed prop, modified canopy and bigger spinner. Upgraded Native FSX/P3D mdl by A.F.Scrub
Posted Mar 25, 2023 11:35 by A.F.Scrub
FSX/P3Dv3,v4,v5 SF_corncob_Reno_Racers
19.23Mb (252 downloads)
FSX/P3Dv3,v4,v5 SF_corncob_Reno_Racers Dreadnought and Furias are modified T.20 Hawker Seafury powered by the worlds largest production built piston engine, the Pratt & Whitney R-4360-63B putting out around 4000HP. This engine was nicknamed "corncob" with the spiraled 28cylinder setup. Dreadnought mdl, textures and aircraft.cfg have been modified to the Furias specifications. Upgraded Native FSX/P3D mdls by A.F.Scrub
Posted Mar 22, 2023 13:18 by A.F.Scrub
FSX/Acceleration WWI Floatplane Friedrichshafen 33FFe_Woelfchen
9.26Mb (237 downloads)
FSX/Acceleration WWI Floatplane Friedrichshafen 33FFe_Woelfchen. This is a very rare and special aircraft. It was the boardplane of the famous German raider "Wolf" and so the plane was named "Woelfchen" (little Wolf). Normally the plane was hidden in the hold of the Wolf. That floatplane was one of the first reccon aircrafts worldwide stationed on board of a vessel. Flying recconisance it allowed to see ships in a distance of more than 50 km or 25 nm. When seeing enemy crusiers the Wolf could easily escape into another directions or when seeing cargoships from the enemy the Wolf could persue the other ship to take it as prise. The model has a 2D-panel and a VC. The pilot figure in the VC can be hidden using Waterrudder command. Probably the model will also fly in P3dV3 and FS2004 but it is not tested and no guarantee and support ist given. FSDS model by Erwin Welker
Posted Mar 22, 2023 04:25 by Erwin Welker
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