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Aeroclub Parana, Argentina
17.90Mb (39 downloads)
Aeroclub Ciudad de Parana - Argentina. This scenery have the actual layout of airfield and more accurate profile of runway, with new photoreal ground texture. Unzip in community folder and enjoy.
Posted Oct 18, 2020 15:34 by Javier Rodriguez
La Defense - (Paris) 3D Photogrammetry.
La Defense - (Paris) 3D Photogrammetry.
La Defense - (Paris) 3D Photogrammetry. Just removed ugly defaut La defense to real 3D
Posted Oct 18, 2020 07:04 by Keke92
MSFS Shannon Airport, Ireland
MSFS Shannon Airport, Ireland
Welcome to Shannon... If you're here it's probably because you know how abysmal the out-of-the-box Shannon Airport is in MSFS. This add-on fixes that with tons of improvements such as: Accurate runways and removal of closed runways Accurate taxi-way and apron layouts Added all Gates (including working jetways) & Ramp parking according to the latest IAA data All ground services available
Posted Oct 16, 2020 12:28 by poxbottle
Rafaela Airfield SAFR, Argentina
0.01Mb (30 downloads)
SAFR Rafaela Airfield in Argentina is missing. Just unzip it in Community folder. No costum ground texture but enough to bring life to this 3 runways airdrome.
Posted Oct 16, 2020 09:04 by Javier Rodriguez
BushflyingDelight's Adventures - Ver  2.0
33.70Mb (137 downloads)
Two new tasks have been released with Ver. 2.0. BushflyingDelight is offering you adventures that can be experienced within Microsoft Flight Simulator. It is a scenery package, yes, but the idea is more to offer you adventures that can be experienced within MSFS; SAR, difficult landings for STOL acrobats and some kind of detective story. It is fictional work. If you will like that kind of game experience I would be happy to continue to tell you the story of "Crazy Vince". Everything happens in that beauty of bushflyers paradise: Kodiak Island in Alaska! http://www.ghosting.ch/BfDelight/bfdelight-adv-kodiak-02-00.zip
Posted Oct 16, 2020 06:19 by Dan BushflyingDelight
Matterhorn mountain scenery, Switzerland
Matterhorn mountain scenery, Switzerland
Matterhorn mountain scenery, because the default one looked underwhelming and did no justice to this extremely beautiful natural wonder. Matterhorn, the Swiss and incredibly photogenic giant. Famous around the world, this mountain is a beauty. That's why I took the challenge to "renovate" the original one of the game that looked lacking. Matterhorn figure is very difficult to be interpreted successfully in the sim with low resolution mesh data, it needed a really high resolution model. This is what it is. There are KNOWN ISSUES such as : - May cause severe fps drops on higher resolution displays.(may reduce texture load in a future version) - You can pass beneath the artificial ground of the model because the mesh of the terrain is not accurate ,so no collision for the most part. -There are also some artifacts at the edges of the scenery(i tried to cover up most of them somehow) and my theory is that they were created during the injection of the model in blender. - Also you may experience some "grain" effect with shadows, because the game renders the mountain as an object and not as a part of the actual large scale scenery.
Posted Oct 15, 2020 10:10 by NikPrist
MSFS Hannover Intl - [EDDV]
MSFS Hannover Intl - [EDDV]
This is made with the google maps decoder. All the gates, runways and frequencies work like before. I also added a lot of lightning so at night it looks nice. Known downsides -Google jetways are still here -I had to place the buildings a bit lower so ground textures dont pop out (If anyone wants and can help I will share the file) Unzip the file and drop desnses-hannover into your community folder I will stop accepting requests for now becase I have already too many airports planned
Posted Oct 14, 2020 04:25 by desnses
Snowdonia, Wales, Deforestation Fix
Snowdonia, Wales, Deforestation Fix
While the scenery in Microsoft Flight Simulator is exceptionally good, one thing it has a habit of doing is planting trees where there should be none. This is evident in Snowdonia, Wales, where most of the mountains are bare, but Flight Simulator covers them in trees, especially in areas which are in shadow. This mod removes most of the trees from the mountains to make the scenery look a lot closer to the real thing.
Posted Oct 13, 2020 12:23 by bujin1977
North Palm Beach County General Aviation Airport
North Palm Beach County General Aviation Airport
F45 - North Palm Beach County General Aviation Airport. Description F45 - North Palm Beach County General Aviation Airport in West Palm Beach, Florida Cords: 2650'47.3"N 8013'15.8"W North Palm Beach County General Aviation Airport is 12 nm NW of West Palm Beach, Florida off the Bee Line Highway. The airport is owned by Palm Beach County. North Palm Beach County airport is approx 10 miles from the coast and just under 20 miles from Palm Beach International Airport.
Posted Oct 13, 2020 11:45 by Julysfire
Santos - Brazil
Santos - Brazil
Santos (2358'12.1"S 4621'43.5"W) is located in southeast region of Brazil. Please unzip the files to your Community folder. See on Youtube how to locate the Comunity folder in flight simulator 2020. Enjoy the flight. Leave your comments.
Posted Oct 12, 2020 13:03 by Brazil