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110C Upgrade Package
110C Upgrade Package
1.34Mb (1375 downloads)
This package contains a beautiful and authentic BoB skin for the TR_Bf110C by Sopwith (James Peach). Also included is a new MDL file with just a hint of shine that compliments the new skin, as well as a new CFG file to properly identify the aircraft. All of this is the work of Sopwith, for which we are extremely grateful. Installation is simple. Just replace your current Model folder, Texture folder and Aircraft.CFG file with those included in the download zIP. You're done. (You might wish to archive the originals in the event you wish to restore them, but I once you see the new version, I doubt you will.) A NUMBER OF OTHER FINE SKINS FOR TANGO'S 110C, B-25S AND A-20G ARE AVAILABLE HERE: http://sopwithc.wetpaint.com/page/Downloads+Page+2
Posted Jun 24, 2009 12:46 by Tom Sanford
Frigates Serapis &  Acheron
0.65Mb (355 downloads)
This ZIP contains both of the new AI frigates, HMS Serapis and the French Acheron (AKA Archeron, meant to be opponents for the forthcoming Player version of the current US-flagged Sailing Frigate. DPs by PSULLYKEYS.
Posted Jun 23, 2009 22:51 by Tom Sanford
Old Ironsides
0.44Mb (417 downloads)
This is an original AI model of the USS Constitution. Her DP makes it possinle for her to fire on 'player/pilotable' ships. DP by PSULLYKEYS.
Posted Jun 23, 2009 22:46 by Tom Sanford
F4U-4B Catapult Version
4.48Mb (1125 downloads)
This is a conversion of Dbolt's F4U-4C to a Korean War vintage F4U-4B of VMF-214 that has been adapted to use the GreenGhost Gauge/FSUIPC catupult launch system from the USS Sicily, CVE118 - CATAPULT VERSION by Collin Glendinning. The textures are by Kelticheart.
Posted Jun 23, 2009 22:35 by Tom Sanford
F4U-4B Corsair
4.29Mb (2086 downloads)
This is a conversion of Dbolt's F4U-4C to a Korean War vintage F4U-4B of VMF-214 that operated from the USS Sicily and Pusan airfields in the early days of the Korean Conflict. The textures are by Kelticheart. The panel is the standard Corsair panel with the Korean GPS gauge added for navigation purposes. This gauge has a power switch and tuning knob that are mousable. Korean airfields are on channels 1-40. This gauge is attached to the standard Corsair throttle panel.
Posted Jun 23, 2009 22:30 by Tom Sanford
A-20G Upgrade
0.85Mb (1530 downloads)
These are slightly upgraded MDL, AIR and CFG files for Tango's A-20G Havoc.
Posted Jun 22, 2009 11:54 by Tom Sanford
Morane_Saulnier_N "Bullet" version.1
11.70Mb (1567 downloads)
Morane Saulnier N "Bullet" version1. CFS2 only. The fifth in a selection of world war one aircraft, uses new sounds. Complete ww1 aircraft in French Air Service colours. A true Ace's fighter, tricky to handle and tricky to fight. This model (Morane_Saulnier_N version1) was created using FSDS, animated wheels with SDLEdit, it has multi-res mdl. P J Walker.
Posted Jun 20, 2009 18:02 by peter jonathan walker
B-25J Umbrella Girl
3.78Mb (2471 downloads)
This is an original model of the B-25H. The model features breaking parts, has a full DVC and is LODed for higher framerates. The objective being to provide a good mixture of realism and performance. This particular version is skinned by the incomparable Sopwith Chameleon as'Umbrella Girl'.
Posted Jun 17, 2009 19:06 by Tom Sanford
Marine PBJ-1C
3.28Mb (1413 downloads)
Marines do love their Peanut Butter & Jelly. The attached file contains an original PBJ-1C, the Marine version of the B-25C. Textures by Sopwith Chameleon. It is not, however, just a blue B-25. The retractable ventral turret has been replaced by a retractable radome for a surface search radar, and that position can also be occupied by a 300-gallon drop tank for long-range missions. The radome is operated by the EXITS command. The PBJ also had two fixed .50s firing forward in addition to the bombardier's flexible gun, and sported a single .50 in the tail position with the tailcone replaced by flat plexiglass plate. The texture is by Sopwith Chameleon and the Droptank is by Pen32Win. The droptank is included in the download.
Posted Jun 17, 2009 18:48 by Tom Sanford
B-25H Sweet Sue Skin
1.15Mb (804 downloads)
This is an alternate skin for Tango's B-25H by Sopwith Chameleon. 'Sweet Sue' flew with the 1st Air Commando in India.
Posted Jun 17, 2009 18:34 by Tom Sanford