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Boeing 777-303/ER Air Canada
13.89Mb (940 downloads)
Boeing 777-303/ER Air Canada C-FIUR. Model by Skyspirit. Textures by Luis Mendez.
Posted Aug 28, 2014 04:00 by chris E
China Airlines Boeing 777-300
China Airlines Boeing 777-300
13.15Mb (2170 downloads)
China Airlines Boeing 777-300/ER, registration B-18051. China Airlines' livery painted on it's first 777-300. The textures are saved in 32 bit format for quality graphics. Its features are virtual cockpit, opening doors and cargo doors, detailed textures, accurate paint, dynamic shine and effects, dynamic flexing wings that respond to turbulence, fully independent suspension, trim animation, gear steering, accurate flight dynamics, spoiler animation, crash effects, reflective cockpit windows, crash effects, transparent navigation light lenses and many more. FSX users, will require special instructions in the readme. By Gabriel Guzman
Posted Aug 23, 2014 21:23 by Gabriel Guzman
Airbus A300B4 TACA  Cargo
2.08Mb (1133 downloads)
FS2004 Taca Cargo Airbus A300B4-203F. The new addition to the SGA fleet, the Airbus A300B4-200 is loaded with features, including some new and exclusive features that are unique to SGA. As you have come to expect, this aircraft includes dynamic shine, full animations, opening passenger and cargo doors, full and accurate lighting, and wing views. Repainted by Daniel Halpern.
Posted Aug 23, 2014 12:08 by Daniel Halpern
Boeing 777-300ER China Airlines
54.19Mb (880 downloads)
Boeing 777-300ER China Airlines. Model by Project Opensky. Textures by Britney Ren.
Posted Aug 18, 2014 09:11 by chris E
Tinmouse II Boeing 737-200  SAHSA HR-SHO Textures
Tinmouse II Boeing 737-200  SAHSA HR-SHO Textures
4.01Mb (296 downloads)
Textures for the Boeing 737-200 TinMouse II of SAHSA Airlines. Servicio Aereo de Honduras S.A. SAHSA was the International Airline of Honduras, but ceased operations on January 1994. This repaint represents HR-SHO, a 737-2A3 cn20299.
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Posted Aug 17, 2014 16:46 by Oscar Josue Elvir Vasquez
FS2004/FSX Embraer 170 Lot Polish Airlines - Planes livery
FS2004/FSX Embraer 170 Lot Polish Airlines - Planes livery
21.65Mb (2883 downloads)
This is an Embraer 170 of Lot Polish Airlines, in the special Planes movie colors. Registration: SP-LDH, Repaint by: Mathieu Vos (APSS), Model by: Dreamwings. (also compatible with FSX)
Posted Aug 17, 2014 15:32 by Mathieu Vos (APSS)
FS2004 Qatar B777-300(ER) FC Barcelona Livery
FS2004 Qatar B777-300(ER) FC Barcelona Livery
24.18Mb (1870 downloads)
This is an Boeing B777-3DZ(ER) with the special FC Barcelona livery of Qatar Airways. Registration: A7-BAE, Repaint by: Mathieu Vos (APSS), Model by: Sky Spirit 2012
Posted Aug 17, 2014 05:42 by Mathieu Vos (APSS)
Air Mauritius Airbus A350-900 v4
3.56Mb (796 downloads)
FS2004 Air Mauritius Airbus A350-900 v4. This CamSim version 4 features more Animated Ground Servicing (AGS), featuring trucks hooking and unhooking trailers and static displays. Tilted main landing gear bogies updated. Model design and paint by Camil Valiquette.
Posted Aug 14, 2014 02:39 by camil valiquette
Boeing 767-300 WL ANA Cargo
11.91Mb (678 downloads)
Boeing 767-316F/ER WL ANA Cargo JA605F. Model by Skyspirit. Features ( in depth ): Dynamic flexing wings Nose gear steering under 60kt above 1kt. Rudder lock under 60kt above 1kt. Ground spoiler only works on ground. Low speed aileron locks at high speed. Fully animated control surfaces Fully independent suspension Trim Animation Opening Passenger Doors Animated tilting bogies Rolling wheels Animated thrust reversers Detailed textures Full night lighting Crash affects Ground Service Vehicles when Cargo door open And more. Textures by Stefan Bree
Posted Aug 14, 2014 02:02 by chris E
Airlift International Douglas DC-8-63F textures
Airlift International Douglas DC-8-63F textures
1.40Mb (415 downloads)
These are Airlift International textures for the Historic Jetliners Group (HJG) Douglas DC-8-63F. Airlift International is a cargo airline based at Kotoka International Airport in Accra, Ghana. They currently operate a small fleet of some of the last surviving DC-8's still in service, including this one, 9G-RAC. Thank you!
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Posted Aug 12, 2014 05:13 by Mitchell Green