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FSX/FS2004 MiG-21 F-13 Texture Pack 2
43.08Mb (95 downloads)
Eight different historical textures for Ivan Jurcaga's MiG-21 F-13 in the colors of Egypt No. 26 Squadron, East Germany, North Korea, USAF 4477th Test Squadron, Czech and Albania
Required files:
required file
Posted Aug 13, 2022 00:53 by Nilsson.J
FSX/FS2004 MiG-19 Texture Package
20.08Mb (93 downloads)
Textures for various Eastern Bloc and Arab countries for Yan Tao's MiG-19. Works in FSX, P3D up to v3 and FS2004
Required files:
required file
Posted Aug 5, 2022 01:33 by Nilsson.J
FSX/FS2004 Iris MiG-29 "Ukrainian Falcons" 1997 RIAT debut  - Textures
2.88Mb (107 downloads)
MiG-29 Fulcrum-C of Ukraine Air Force "Ukrainian Falcons" aerobatic display team in its 1997 RIAT debut colors. Repaint by BAA (First Release) for IRIS MiG-29 FS2004 model. Includes six "101" - "106" tail numbers and one 2017 commemoration livery. Tested in FS2004 and FSX SP2. This release commemorates Ukrainian Falcons 1997 debut performances. Includes distinct textures ONLY - needs original IRIS model and common textures:
Posted Jul 23, 2022 12:17 by BAA
FSX/FS2004 Iris MiG-29 Ukraine Tridents "01" of  Historical 1992 Display Duo Textures
1.23Mb (241 downloads)
MiG-29 "9-13" Fulcrum-C "01" of Historical 1992 "Ukrainian Tridents" Display Duo - Repaint by BAA (First Release) for IRIS MiG-29 FS2004 model (Mig_29_3.mdl 2006-09-01)0 and FSX version. Nice, simple but effective, distinct colorful aerobatic display livery. Includes distinct textures ONLY - requires original IRIS model and common textures:
Posted Dec 21, 2021 01:41 by BAA
Lockheed L-1329 Jetstar 2 FS2004 only
Lockheed L-1329 Jetstar 2 FS2004 only
313.42Mb (730 downloads)
Lockheed L-1329 Jetstar 2 FS2004 only Original RELEASE Community invited to comment and contribute repaints Model donated by Jim Goldman for FREE COMMUNITY PROJECT. Repaired all panels , made Gauges-repaints ... by Gregory Peters READ THE MUST READ REALLY file !!!! klick on seats, door handles, tables, sunshades ---- has many animations Lockheed JetStar (company designations L-329 and L-1329; designated C-140 in US military service) is a business jet produced from the early 1960s to the 1970s. The JetStar was the first dedicated business jet to enter service, as well as the only such airplane built by Lockheed. It was also one of the largest aircraft in the class for many years, seating ten plus two crew. It is distinguishable from other small jets by its four engines, mounted on the rear of the fuselage, and the "slipper"-style fuel tanks fixed to the wings. Read here too: Roland Berger aka thunder 100
Posted Dec 20, 2021 12:35 by Roland Berger aka thunder 100 @ SOH
Update for FS2004 of the F-106A
Update for FS2004 of the F-106A
4.33Mb (156 downloads)
This is an update for FS9 of the F-106A-B by Kazunori Ito. I have given it a different panel; changed the afterburner; changed the smoke effect so it is the correct height; and updated the flight dynamics. Will not work in FSX. No VC.
Posted Dec 15, 2021 08:10 by Bob Chicilo
FS2004 Martin XB-48
14.99Mb (332 downloads)
FS2004 Martin XB-48. The B-48 was Martin's entry into the U.S. Army Air Force's 1944 jet bomber development competition, which was ultimately won by Boeing's B-47 Stratojet. This package includes models of the two slightly different XB-48 prototypes in authentic liveries, plus several fictional skins depicting the type as if it entered U.S. Air Force service. Models, panel, sounds and flight model by David Wooster.
Posted Sep 23, 2021 06:56 by David Wooster
B-47 History Package texture fix
23.52Mb (170 downloads)
B-47 History Package texture fix. This is a set of engine pod textures to fix a pair of flaws in the originals. There is also a vertical tail texture to replace one that was accidentally released in a lower resolution format, and a new copy of the Manual with a minor edit to the legal section. Corrected files are provided for each texture folder and they self-install to the correct texture folders with just a couple simple clicks. Original and corrected textures painted by Mick.
Posted May 28, 2021 02:16 by admin
Boeing B-47 Stratojet Multi-Variant History Package
253.96Mb (635 downloads)
Boeing B-47 Stratojet Multi-Variant History Package for FS9 (FS2004). This package celebrates the service career of the Boeing B-47 Stratojet, one of the most important U.S. Air Force aircraft of the 1950s and 1960s, and the plane that set the pattern for generations of later bombers and jet transports. Included are twenty models, depicting the XB-47, B-47A, B-47B early and late, TB-47B, WB-47B, XB-47D turboprop, B-47E early and late, EB-47E Air Force and Navy, WB-47E, QB-47E, RB-47E, NRB-47E, RB-47H early and late, and RB-47K, three panels, two sound sets, and thirty-four authentic skins depicting the B-47 in the colors and markings of the Strategic Air Command, Military Air Transport Command, Air Training Command, Air Research & Development Command, Air Materiel Command, Air Proving Ground Command, Systems Command and the U.S. Navy. By David Wooster with skins by Mick.
Posted May 2, 2021 12:41 by admin
3.34Mb (219 downloads)
Textures fix for the Be-12 Doson FS9 2021
Required files:
required file
Posted Apr 11, 2021 02:04 by Hunter Biden
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