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FS2004/FSX Boeing 777-200 Textures
FS2004/FSX Boeing 777-200 Textures
18.92Mb (1237 downloads)
FS2004/FSX Boeing 777-200 Textures for the Project Opensky Boeing 777-200ER. Scoot airlines is a Singapore-based low-cost long-haul airline. It operates flights on medium and long-haul routes from Singapore, initially to Australia and China, using Boeing 777 aircraft obtained from its parent company, Singapore Airlines. Photoreal textures in 32 bit format for the model freeware Project Opensky Boeing 777-200 Version 2 (model not included ). Repaint be Manuel Jose.Contact Ground.Happy flights.
Posted Oct 26, 2012 21:56 by Manuel Jose Larrahondo Burgos
Airbus 319 IAE US Airways
Airbus 319 IAE US Airways
22.80Mb (2798 downloads)
Airbus A 319 IAE engines in US Airways livery. Complete aircraft included. Model by Project Airbus.
Posted Oct 26, 2012 20:29 by LUIS CASTRO
Airbus 319 114 US Airways
Airbus 319 114 US Airways
22.76Mb (1306 downloads)
Airbus A 319-114 IN "US Airways" livery. Complete aircraft included. Model by Project Airbus. Textures by Luis Castro.
Posted Oct 25, 2012 19:39 by LUIS CASTRO
Royal Star Aviation Fairchild Dornier 328 Jet
Royal Star Aviation Fairchild Dornier 328 Jet
25.44Mb (4180 downloads)
PREMIER AIRCRAFT DESIGN Royal Star Aviation Fairchild-Dornier Do328JET for FS2004 (FS9). A 32 seat twin turbofan regional airliner. All new model with full moving parts, doors with airstair and animated pilots. Accurate and pleasant flight dynamics. Fully modelled interior. Full documentation including manuals and check/ref lists. Custom panel and VC with digital (glass cockpit) gauges. Complete package for FS2004. Copyright 2010 by Premier Aircraft Design Email contact: Model & Master Textures: Jean-Pierre Brisard Panel design and XML gauge programming Jean-Pierre Brisard Flight Dynamics Bob May Royal Star Repaint Gerard G. Olvis Pushback/taxi speed gauge Rob Barendregt Multi Function Navigation Dispay Ken Mitchell Various gauges Steve Southey & Doug Dawson File packaging & PAD webmaster Bob May Visit: Royal Star Aviation commercial aircraft (helicopter & fixed wing) charters. They secured their Certificate of Public Conveyance and Necessity from the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) on October 6, 1995 and Air Operator Certificate on September 15, 1998. Based in Ninoy Aquino International Airport (RPLL), General Aviation, Pasay City, Philippines.
Posted Oct 25, 2012 03:42 by Gerard G. Olvis
FS2004 Skyjet BAE 146-200
FS2004 Skyjet BAE 146-200
30.82Mb (5757 downloads)
FS2004 BAE 146-200 Skyjet Airlines Phil. CAAP REGISTRY: RP-C5525 Operates daily from Clark (RPLC) 0500H LT via NAIA (RPLL) to Mactan (RPVM) daily RPLC-RPLL-RPVM V.V. Magnum Air (Skyjet) Inc. is a premium domestic airline in the Philippines; it started its operation as a special chartered flight service on March 2012 from Manila to Batanes, using the British Aerospace (BAE-146) series 200, a 94 seats jet-aircraft that connects the passengers from Manila, an hour flight to Batanes. Aircraft model by Jon Murchison Bae-146 Regional Jet Soundpackage By Aaron R. Swindle Aircraft Panel made by Horst Paetzold Aircraft Repaint by: Gerard G. Olvis
Posted Oct 21, 2012 17:19 by Gerard G. Olvis
FS2004 Space Shuttle Tribute
FS2004 Space Shuttle Tribute
46.05Mb (4891 downloads)
(FS2004) Omwings Fokker F28 Mk-4000 Fellowship Package. This is a repaint of the Fokker F28 in the NASA Space Shuttle colors. I created it as a tribute to the Space Shuttle program and it's ending in 2011. This is a fictional repaint. includes a readme file for install. I also resaved all common textures in DXT3 (No Mips) format, So the VC textures are sharper. This is the complete package. Aircraft by: Omwings Repaint by: Dwayne Frye (Blaze)
Posted Oct 21, 2012 03:14 by Dwayne Frye
Cirrus Vision SF 50
1.71Mb (5102 downloads)
The Cirrus Vision SF50 is a single-engine, low-wing, seven-seat, very light jet aircraft under development by Cirrus Design. The aircraft was initially developed under the project name "The Jet", but Cirrus announced the final marketing name of "Vision SJ50" on July 9, 2008. In March the aircraft was redesignated as the "Vision SF50". The prototype aircraft was first shown publicly at the annual Cirrus Migration on June 26, 2008 and first flown on 3 July 2008. The SF50 is intended to be a step up aircraft for pilots who have flown the Cirrus SR20 and SR22. Model by Kazunori Ito. Textures by Zach Gloss.
Posted Oct 19, 2012 15:08 by Zach Gloss
Japan Airlines "Ghibli Jet" Boeing 787-8 v4
3.46Mb (974 downloads)
FS2004 Japan Airlines "Ghibli Jet" Boeing 787-8 v4. This CamSim version 4 features an improved aircraft wing root design, new wider pax doors with revised window shapes, additional animated air ducts, additional comm and satellite antennas, increasingly more Animated Ground Servicing (AGS), including additional animations featuring trucks hooking and unhooking trailers and static displays. Model design and paint by Camil Valiquette.
Posted Oct 19, 2012 08:39 by Camil Valiquette
Boeing 747-8F V4B  Korean Air Cargo
19.38Mb (1314 downloads)
Boeing 747-8F V4B Korean Air Cargo. Model by Project Opensky. repaint by Mathieu Vos
Posted Oct 19, 2012 07:39 by Chris E
FSX/FS2004 Airbus A320 Tam Textures
FSX/FS2004 Airbus A320 Tam Textures
10.87Mb (2243 downloads)
Tam is a Brazilian airline, the largest in Latin America and one of the 20 largest world. Is a leader in passengers carried across the southern hemisphere. Photoreal textures in 32 bit format for the freeware Project Airbus A320 v2.1 (model not included). Repaint be Manuel Jose.
Posted Oct 14, 2012 14:19 by Manuel Jose Larrahondo Burgos