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Project Airbus A319 light fix
0.02Mb (1131 downloads)
For FSX only, Project Airbus A319 only light fix! The orginal lights were not working in FSX. I'm sure the Effects are default with FSX, but just incase I've included them. Copy and past light section in to your Aircaft CFG's. OVERWRITING OLD LIGHT SECTION!
Posted Feb 26, 2011 23:59 by T.Marson
Boeing 747-400 Montreal Canadiens Textures
6.94Mb (682 downloads)
Montreal Canadiens Team Plane Textures for the default FSX B747-400.
Posted Feb 26, 2011 20:34 by groach10
Boeing B727-200 Advanced Package
Boeing B727-200 Advanced Package
42.54Mb (31772 downloads)
727-200 ADV model for FSX only. Comes with 2D panel plus virtual cockpit in two liveries. New VC models plus Pax and Freighter externals. Needs SP1 or SP2. All mdls are multiplayer compatible by default. Includes also lots of updates for the 727-100 package. By Thomas Ruth
Posted Feb 26, 2011 10:52 by Thomas Ruth
FSX Zero G Boeing 727-200F
4.38Mb (4188 downloads)
Zero Gravity Corporation (Zero G) textures for the Vistaliners B727-200F. FS2004 aircraft with 2d panel only. No VC. Model by Vistaliners/Eric Cantu. Repaint by Johnny Mitchell. Complete aircraft.
Posted Feb 26, 2011 00:13 by Johnny Mitchell
Boeing 737-700 Air Slovakia
Boeing 737-700 Air Slovakia
6.20Mb (1851 downloads)
Boeing 737-700D Air Slovakia. Project Opensky FS2004 model using the default FSX B737 sound and 2d panel. No VC.
Required files:
required file
Posted Feb 25, 2011 05:01 by slovak
FSX Northern Air Cargo A300-600F Textures
FSX Northern Air Cargo A300-600F Textures
4.54Mb (843 downloads)
Fictional Northern Air Cargo textures for Thomas Ruth's FSX A300-600F (tom306f.zip Required). Textures are in DDS format. Needs SP1 or SP2. Not tested in FS2004 or DX10. By Johnny Mitchell.
Required files:
required file
Posted Feb 23, 2011 03:07 by Johnny Mitchell
FSX Thomas Ruth 727-100 and 727-200 engine smoke effects fix
0.55Mb (3508 downloads)
FSX-SP2/ACC (probably SP-1 as well) engine smoke effects fix for the Thomas Ruth Boeing 727-100 and 727-200, which you must have previously installed in FSX. If your computer is like mine and displays Tom Ruth's engine smoke as opaque very black smoke or opaque black polygons spinning through the air behind the jet, this fix may be right for you. Easy installation. By Tom Tiedman
Posted Feb 21, 2011 21:59 by Tom Tiedman
737-800 FlyLo Airlines Texture
8.54Mb (936 downloads)
This is a repaint of the default Boeing 737-800 in BBC's comedy 'Come Fly With Me', FlyLo Airlines Textures. This is a quick model, so it is a little bit scrappy - plus it is my first repaint. Great British Air and Our Lady Air on it's way soon - with a better version of the FlyLo Textures.
Posted Feb 21, 2011 10:32 by Adam
Default Bombardier CRJ 700 Reworked and added views
Default Bombardier CRJ 700 Reworked and added views
0.08Mb (1534 downloads)
Original views reworked and additionnal views ( defined by camera definitions in the aircraft.cfg file ) for the beautiful Bombardier CRJ 700 by Microsoft. 10 cameras pointing at the aircraft. No new views inside but reworked. See Read me.txt file for very easy installation procedures. Also included is a text file that contains the new camera definitions and a pdf file that presents tables telling your where you can find the various "camera definitions projects" I have posted until now. Enjoy !
Posted Feb 20, 2011 19:46 by Marc Renaud
Boeing 737-700 Jetblue Textures
5.62Mb (2170 downloads)
This is A fictional repaint of a Posky Boeing 737-700 in JetBlue colors. Textures only. Repainted by Brody Carlson
Required files:
required file
Posted Feb 20, 2011 16:47 by Brody Carlson