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22.06Mb (1504 downloads)
Here is the ATR-72-600 with the working cockpit of the CJ4 for MSFS2020, this Addon was made by virtualcol for FSX and converted to MSFS. This Item will be constantly updated and improved. To install these files you will need to drag and drop them into your MSFS Community Folder. Anyone who wants to make liveries for this aircraft is granted the permission to since there are only a limited amount of liveries that already come with this aircraft. This Addon was made by virtualcol for FSX and converted to MSFS. The interior cockpit features where made by Simviation. Permission to upload this fix file was obtained by virtualcol. Enjoy!!
Posted Dec 9, 2022 00:45 by uploader
25.43Mb (103 downloads)
This is an up to date and adaptation to MSFS of fsx lfpa scenery by Benoit Gaurant and Dan Guimbert.
Posted Dec 7, 2022 01:09 by Benoit Gaurant
0.46Mb (99 downloads)
This mod requires the PayWare version of the SWS Kodiak 100. With these changes, the aircraft is now capable of cruising at 12,000 ft @ >160 knots (results may vary with your payload and weather) as well as climb to it's service ceiling with the payload listed above. Furthermore, the aircraft's ability to takeoff and land at small airfields with a full payload is significantly better. Also, in my opinion, it's not overpowered, which is what I was going for with this mod.
Posted Oct 18, 2022 01:09 by TruNorthSim
375.28Mb (813 downloads)
In 1977 the NASA acquired a beautiful Boeing 747-100 and turned it into a SCA: Shuttle Carrier Aircraft. In 1990 they did that again with another 747-100. And that's it. That's all. That's how rare this aircraft is. And if you wonder, in 2012 they said: "Let's stop the Space Shuttle program and keep these Boeing on the ground from now on". Compiled by LordFrites
Posted Oct 7, 2022 10:10 by gamr101
MSFS2020 EGKK Gatwick Airport Scenery, England
1401.47Mb (144 downloads)
MSFS2020 - EGKK Gatwick Airport Scenery, England V.10.8.11 [4K]. Magvar changed to 0.5 degrees East for ILS localiser line up. Continuation of taxiway lines. Parking Centre lines. Custom IRL Taxiway signage.
Posted Sep 22, 2022 05:40 by Quasimodem
MSFS PMDG Boeing 737-800NGXu - UTair Textures
73.36Mb (329 downloads)
MSFS2020 PMDG Boeing 737-800NGXu in UTair Aviation livery. Textures only for payware PMDG model. Repaint by Sergey Gleba aka serg09. Description and instruction in the archive. Link to my products on SimMarket: http://secure.simmarket.com/paintsim.mhtml
Posted Sep 5, 2022 10:04 by Sergey Gleba aka serg09
0.31Mb (85 downloads)
The purpose of this mod is to simplify the seating options in the SWS Kodiak 100 to just 'Passengers', 'Baggage', and 'Cargo'. This mod requires the Payware version of the aircraft. I personally use this mod for my own aircraft. It makes it much easier to load my aircraft with the correct weight in accordance with FSAirlines when flying for my virtual airline without exceeding CG and MTOW. The default pilot and copilot weight is also change from '170' to '200'. Don't forget to visit my Facebook @TruNorthSim to leave a comment or request support!
Posted Aug 7, 2022 20:34 by TruNorthSim
MSFS2020 Hotwheels Snow Explorer
226.67Mb (297 downloads)
This is a fictional aircraft based on a toy sold under Hot Wheels and MatchBox brands. I am not a pro developer, this was done entirely by myself, 3d modeling, coding and texturing, all for the sake of fun and learning. The interior/cockpit is all fruit of my imagination. The flight model is more accurate than real-life (in real life it doesn't fly haha). Make sure you spawn on the snow for a better sense of realism. By giba720
Posted Jul 30, 2022 04:48 by gamr101
Bell Nexus
92.41Mb (773 downloads)
The Bell Nexus is a autonomous electric air taxi concept (known as an eVTOL). It is designed to take off and land vertically - six tilting electric ducts provide lifting power for quick takeoff, and nimble flight. TIny mod of Pelican hovering aircraft, an attempt to bring something more suitable for MSFS concept of realistic simulator. Only exterior model replaced, it still has Pelican's cockpit - Nexus cockpit contains of two screens and extremely boring. TouchingCloud
Posted Jul 15, 2022 02:41 by uploader
Bombardier Global 6000 / E-11A
252.18Mb (1859 downloads)
The Bombardier Global 6000 is a third-generation Bombardier Global Express business jet, designed and manufactured by Bombardier Aviation. The E-11A, a heavily modified Bombardier Global 6000 business jet, acts as “Wi-Fi in the sky.” It is used heavily in Afghanistan, connecting troops on the ground, communications systems, and radios. This is a freeware FSX model converted to native MSFS. I did not model this, only converted, made the animations and coded. The cockpit is not an actual Global 6000, but it's what was shipped with the FSX model. I added G3000 screens, animated, coded and made some textures. It's not accurate but functional and unique. Model by IRIS Simulations (2013 easter egg), textures by S. Petersen, Chris Evans, Antony Oakland, Quincio van Henningen and Dylan Agbagni. Converted and assembled by giba720
Posted Jul 10, 2022 07:05 by uploader
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