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Control surface droop for POSKY 777v2
0.00Mb (3172 downloads)
Control surface droop for POSKY 777v2 This file contain the modified xml files required to make alierons, flaperons and elevators droop after both engines are shut down on ground. Tested in fs2004 on 777-200s, supposed to work with the future -300 releases as well. To install this, you need to have POSKY 777v2 installed properly first. Then unzip the content of this file to replace the existing xml files found in panel/posky777 folder. ** Always backup your original files first ** For details about how to install POSKY 777v2, please refer to the instructions in 777v2 package. xml files originally designed by Project Opensky modified by Matthew Lue.
Required files:
required file
Posted Aug 8, 2008 13:49 by Matthew Lue
Fs2004 Moller M400 Skycar
2.75Mb (9765 downloads)
Fs2004 Moller M400 Skycar, This is the complete correct skycar(the dynamics and how it handles) this was requested to be made by me and others(maybe others 2) for this complete correct model the other models created by fans are not that realistic to what and how it reacts to when flying includes the .gau file that gives the vtol action(NOT FOR FSX) fsx version will come out on september a said in moller.com(note: i will also post on september 2008 for the fsx version, this version cannot run the .gau file, and cannot handle the vtol properly to takeoff. By Rob Barendregt and Stephen Vernava
Posted Aug 3, 2008 04:33 by archive
Early XIX century Frigate
12.49Mb (2637 downloads)
FS2004 Early XIX century Frigate. Lots of moving parts ( winch, dinghy, anchor, gun scuttles, flag...) Either available with US, French, British or NL flag. Just press 'shift+E' to hoist the right flag. Sound included
Posted Jul 14, 2008 16:42 by archive
                  High-altitude contrail 50 miles long.
0.09Mb (7595 downloads)
FS2004 High-altitude contrail 50 miles long. Use w/ default AI aircraft. High- altitude contrails are now enabled by MS for use on each aircraft, jet or prop, single or multi-engine, by using the FS9 version of the aircraft.cfg "EFFECTS" section to specify them. The temperature below which the contrails occur can also be defined in aircraft.cfg by the user. Included in d/l are new AI contrail, and revised aircraft.cfg w/folder structure to make a extra "AI" copy of default AC. This allows default(or other)contrail to be used for "hand" flying same aircraft. Easy manual installation with all new filenames. By Jan Rosenberg. 92K
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:27 by archive
                  FS Flight Tracker V7.1.0.
7.76Mb (2038 downloads)
FS2002/2004 FS Flight Tracker V7.1.0. More than a log, automatically record: a/c type, a/c reg number, airline + flight number , out, off, on, in times + fuel, aircraft weights. block time + fuel, flight time + fuel, origin and destination ICAO airport codes + names, weather. Report time in local or Zulu (GMT). Report fuel in lbs, gal or kg. Shareware with ten use evaluation period ($14.00 US registration). By K. D. Lovell. 7.9MB
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:27 by archive
                  2002 "Cool Effects":
0.18Mb (6301 downloads)
FS2004/ 2002 "Cool Effects": This file is a multi effects pack for aircraft on fs2004/2002. By Thomas Moger. 188K
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:27 by archive
                  Gerry Anderson's Supercar v4.0
1.59Mb (7242 downloads)
FS2004 Gerry Anderson's Supercar v4.0 A craft from the 1960s TV show which can travel over land, in the air or under the sea. Supercar design by Reg Hill. Gmax FS model by Brian Douglas and Austin Tate. 1.6MB
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:27 by archive
                  Kneeboard Web Browser.
2.83Mb (5600 downloads)
FS2004 Kneeboard Web Browser. Use you in flight kneeboard as a jump to the Net as something to do during those long flights. 2.9MB
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:27 by archive
                  Visual Damage . V2
0.13Mb (26519 downloads)
FS2004 Visual Damage . V2 of this File Includes Visual Damage update to all of the FS2004 so now you will see fire and wings and tail and other parts of the plane coming off. . Files updated by Eric Busseau AKA Snake Man. 133K
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:27 by archive
                    - Container Ships (Sail/Fly Versions)
5.68Mb (5914 downloads)
FS2004 - Container Ships (Sail/Fly Versions) This File includes Five (5) Liveries of my Container Ship as well as a set of Master Textures for Repainters. Includes Detailed 3D VC (By Bill Holker) Detailed Textures (By Garry J.Smith, Bill Holker & Ian Thatcher), Animations, Smoke Effects, Wave Effects and Much More. Also includes a Full "AI Version" with Low Poly Count and Textures.Ian Thatcher http://fs-shipyards.com 5.8MB
Posted Jun 23, 2008 14:27 by archive